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Kaaren Malcolm - 11

I’ve had the privilege of talking to Kaaren Malcolm. When you talk to Kaaren, she’s very articulate and has an intelligent way of putting things into perspective. She’s a private person who has incredible series of mobile art work. Kaaren’s double exposed imagery are about the world that surround her. It’s a world of expressing the challenges that happens in our lives. Cathartics at it’s best. I consider myself very lucky to able to share her work with you all. Because Kaaren doesn’t do this with just anyone but understands I like to share the process of other people’s work.

Kaaren Malcolm - 3

Kaaren’s Bio: I am from London, England, and now live in Australia, with my daughter. I work and study in the field of Criminology, I’m half way through a PhD in Laws/Criminology. Most of my working life has been spent working in this area, for me it’s the analysis of understanding the motivation of why people commit crime As you can imagine there are not many accolades in this kind of work, and the feedback from people when they find out what I do is usually tempered by their favourite crime show on the television.

Kaaren Malcolm - 10

I started taking and posting pics with my iphone around two years ago, mainly of things that caught my eye. This was through EyeEm, when it was really just starting up. I found people to follow based on what interested me and asked questions about apps. I like the interaction with people, sometimes its about finding out more about them, and their motivation for style and type of picture.

Kaaren Malcolm - 1

Could you tell us the story of your double exposed art ?

I like straightforward pictures mainly black and white, but developed an interest in blending pictures. I like the idea of putting two together, which may not necessarily be similar, rather like crossing the border into art, or tricking the eye. For me its what appeals to me, its about celebrating difference, which probably says more about me. Anyone can take a good picture, it can be there right in front of you, but its about taking it one step further, altering it, making it unique.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to appear in Shooter Magazine and the British Journal of Photography (online) In addition Ive had an exhibition and sold some of my pictures, which is an amazing feeling, that someone wants something you have produced on their walls.

Kaaren Malcolm - 5

Does environment influences your art work ?

Environment certainly influences my style, I prefer winter here, for the changes in weather etc…endless summer days are fine, but I want drama I think and short of a shipwreck, every day here is pretty much the same. Winter is when the wild things come out.

Kaaren Malcolm - 2

Are you philosophically or psychologically drive in creating your art ?

It’s a humble feeling when people comment on your work, positive or negative. I am 50/50 in regards to psychological/philosophically driven. Sometimes its about sending out a message from the heart, or just from the head. I don’t overthink the picture though it just has to appeal to me. Sure it would be great to always get good feedback, but it can be a lonely existence if you are constantly waiting for the applause. I don’t need that, and I am aware that there is a lot of competition in this area. As long as the feedback is done from a good place, it is equally well received…I’ve developed some fantastic links with people on Facebook, EyeEm and Instagram, all of whom, one day I will meet.

Kaaren Malcolm - 4

What does mobile art mean to you as an artist ?

The subject of mobile art is probably contentious as far as people who use cameras to take their pictures. It’s the convenience of having my phone with me, plus because I ask if I can take pictures of people, it means explaining my motive for taking the pictures. I have done pictures of people where they have been unawares, but I prefer the up front approach of talking and gaining permission. It’s provides endless opportunities to take shots and interact.

Kaaren Malcolm - 6

Who are your inspirations an influences ?

I’ve gained a lot of insight into understanding people by their pictures and interaction. The guys from New Era Museum are just phenomenal and people like Andrea Bigiarini, Andrea Pritchard, Roger Guetta, Mark Peterson, Brett Chenoweth and Meri Walker to name just a few from there have become friends, confidantes and all round supporters as I think I am of them.

Women like Montse Abad, Molla Eveline, Carmelina Pascoe, Eva Alavez, Lene Basma Horsnell, Patricia Peterson Gayer, Alessandra Pace and her partner Fausto, Jeanette Vazquez, Anna Craig, Nikki Viatos, Robin Diakhate and the phenomenal Paula Gardener (Jahsharn) have provided constant stimulus and the desire to learn more from them is always immense. The friendship of women is without doubt a true joy….there’s has to be transparency there.

As for guys Nei Cruz is one of the best supporters of people in all the different social networking sites, he is usually the first to illicit support for a cause or something that touches his heart. Sebastien Pelegrin has been around since I first started posting and he is great at giving support along with Luis Torres, Raffamuffin, Luis Rodriguez, Dilshad Corleone, Kickin, Matias Garcia, Paul Gatter, Rob Pearson-Wright, Milos Kalvin and many more who I apologise if I have not named but not from an oversight. More recently Spyro Zarifopoulos with his group of technically brilliant photographers has been an influence, to push the creativity that one step further. Coming into contact with these people, you really get to understand the passion for photography.

Kaaren Malcolm - 7

What are your top 10 apps ?

I’ve culled a lot of apps down to a handful only because I got a bit carried away and I have learned to temper the pictures produced (or I try) of these my favourites would be Hueless, Huemore, Noir, Handy Photo, Snapseed, Filterstorm, Cropulator and 645 Pro.

Kaaren Malcolm - 8

How far are you willing to go down the rabbit hole ?

How far would I go for a great picture, there is nothing I wouldn’t explore I don’t think, apart from producing endless pictures of myself. There is usually a fear which is evident when I do the selfie, the jaw becomes rigid and there is a look of abject seriousness which is so totally removed from my normal persona. Am I addicted…hell yeah…I know a bleh day can be changed completely by the taking of a great picture.

If you like Kaaren Malcolm’s work, you can find her on Instagram @jinx97. Have a great day !!!



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4 Responses to Combo Apps/The Mysterious Kaaren Malcolm

  1. An excellent article and the art of Kaaren is most interesting. Considering her photographic work and her profession, I definitely see a correlation between the two. Crime is not clear cut and there are always hidden truths, just like with Kaaren’s creations.

  2. Kaaren says:

    Egmont van Dyck – thank you so much – you are so right when you talk about my work in connection with art…there are many facets to the human psyche as there are with art

  3. Mark Car says:

    Great stuff – hope to visit one of your exhibitions if I get chance

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