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Roll World Demo - 1

Roll World, it’s not just any ordinary typical Tiny Planet type of app. Roll World is Tiny Planets on STEROIDS with very cool curvy tools with video and iPad support. There’s so much going on with this app, that’s it sets a new standard in it’s editing genre.

The top image was edited with Roll World.

Demo Photo

This is the photo I’ll be using in the Roll World demo. It’s a fisheye shot of Boyce and Vida.

Camera Roll-5216

Now here’s these are the basic operations of how the app operates. It’s pretty easy but I still like to know how to work the app in case I forget or if something is unclear to me. You have no idea how many apps I’ve come across that don’t have tutorials out there. When I’d write about other apps I didn’t know you could do a certain effect because the developer didn’t put in a tutorial on how to operate their app. It’s important that apps have tutorials no matter how easy the app is, there are always going to people that don’t know.

Camera Roll-5217

Here I have the photo loaded up and used the slide tools to manipulate my plants edit. Since my photo was taken with a Fisheye, the photo can be really heavily contorted. I really love how simples the tools operate and the fact you have endless possibilities of making your own Roll Worlds.

Camera Roll-5218

This is the part I’m really excited to share is the resolution save. You can save up to 3000×3000. Now the 3000 save crashes on my iPhone 4S but works with my iPad 4. So if you have an iPhone 5/5S/5C, you should have no problems with the high res 3000 save.

Camera Roll-5212

Here’s my Roll World save, it’s pretty cool !!! I love how Vida and Boyce look in this photo. I’ve also talked to the developer, there will be a huge update 1.5 with Roll World in the near future and two more after this update. This really excited me because the app now is already AWESOME and probably the best I’ve seen in the App Store. Stay tuned for future updates with Roll World !!!

Here’s my Roll World Video called “Chalk Spin” and Vida loves the video.

Roll World Demo - 2

Roll World is FREE in the App Store, there is an in-app purchase to go video with this app for $.99. This weekend (September 6th & 7th) only to get the video for FREE, for more information just follow Roll World @rollworldapp on Instagram. If you do have the app please hash tag your photos with #RollWorld #RollWorldApp and #RollWorldVideo. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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7 Responses to Combo Apps/Roll World

  1. It is a pretty cool app. Wish I had the video function too.

  2. Ithalu says:

    I have the app Tina. I will tag my pic. Thank you.

  3. Nanashi Satori says:

    This looks really good! I love the edit you did with Boyce and Vida 👍 … I missed out on the video save for free … It is charging 99 cents now … Looks neat nevertheless … As always thank you!

    • Nanashi Satori says:

      Last night the video purchase did not work for free but this morning I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try again … And I was delighted to see it worked! Thanks Tina for always keeping us in the loop 🙏 This app looks very configurable … Now to find a good subject to capture 😊

  4. Ozan says:

    How to make 360photo animation with android? For android app?

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