Combo Apps/Kinomatic Video – Editor & Camera

What is Kinomatic ?

Kinomatic is ‘Serious Fun’ video – it combines the power and control of serious pro video and the lightness and speed of a fun app.

Kinomatic is all-in-one – both a capture and edit tool. The sleek interface and speed of the app was developed and refined over a year with a mix of filmmakers, journalists and everyday people.

With powerful manual camera controls for exposure, focus, audio gain and more. And an editor that freely lets you combine and trim video, audio and titles.

Kinomatic is the ideal app for people who are serious about their videos, but want to have fun making them.

Camera Roll-5181

How does the app work ?

The app opens in camera view, you can record clips of any length in portrait (the editor will use the center square) or landscape. There are extra controls for focus, exposure, white balance and stabilisation. You can also set the zoom speed (5S), audio levels and monitor the sound.

Camera Roll-5185

Once you’ve finished filming, tap ‘Edit.’ All your clips are already edited into a film. Reorder, trim or add clips from your roll. Add an audio track, change the sound levels.

Camera Roll-5184

Add multiple titles anywhere in the film. The color, font, transparency and size of titles can be changed.

Camera Roll-5182

Go to your library to view all your films. Share straight to Facebook, Vimeo and more. Or save straight to your camera roll.

Camera Roll-5183

Kinomatic Features Seamless

• Shoot a series of clips – they’ll be automatically edited together for you into a film
• Sleek interface that gets out of your way so you can capture great footage fast
• Editor tested and refined over a year to create a new fluid editing workflow
• All on your phone – no manual downloading, digitization or conversion needed
• At any time flick your phone to landscape to experience your film full screen

Powerful Manual Video Camera Controls

• Auto focus, focus-at-a-point, lock focus
• Auto exposure, exposure-at-a-point, lock exposure
• Adjust white balance
• Camera stabilisation
• Light on/off
• Front/back camera
• Grid to help level shot
• Monitor sound levels and adjust audio gain
• Zoom and set zoom speed (iPhone 5+ only)

Fluid Workflow

• Re-order clips
• Trim clips – with smart preview
• Add an audio track
• Adjust audio levels of video clips and audio track
• Beautiful titles to help tell your stories
• Design titles by changing font, transparency, color, alignment and size
• Place titles anywhere in the film you want; Anywhere on the screen and anywhere on the timeline
• Add as many titles as you like, even multiple titles in one screen – up to 3 at 1 time, each with their own timings and settings

ReliveYour Stories – a Library ofYour Films, Documentaries & Life

• Go back in time and view all your films in your library
• Share anywhere you want – share straight from the app to Vimeo, Facebook and email. Or save to your camera roll and share anywhere else from there.

Camera Roll-5191

If you would like to know more about Kinomatic check out the website for more information. There’s a future update to go along with up coming iOS 8 update. They will be some fun features in both the camera (more control over capturing) and editor (helping people finish films faster). What I’m also hoping is iPad support, because I’d like to use Kinomatic on my iPad to edit video clips. Over all one of the best video editing apps I’ve seen and played with thus far for the price of $1.99. You want a great mobile video and video editing app without all the in-app purchases then get this app.

App List:

Kinomatic – $1.99
Tiny Planets – $.99 with in-app purchases
Q&A Diary – Roller Journal – $1.99 with in-app purchases

If you have any question please leave comments or email me I want to thanks the Kinomatic team for letting me try their app. I plan to use it heavily in the future. Have a great day and see you soon.



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  1. Ithalu says:

    What do you think about iMovie?

  2. I don’t know yet about Kinomatic, but I have both other apps from this developer and like them very much.

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