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There’s are hundreds of reviews about PureShot but I know the readers out there want to know what I really think and my opinions. Most of you know my thoughts on Camera+, that the Clarity editing tool doesn’t make a camera app awesome. I primarily use ProCamera 7 for shooting straight photo without edit but this might change. There are some things I really like about PureShot and the results of the photos I’ve taken with my iPhone. It does have a pureness simplistic quality to the app and your capture.

Camera Roll-4717

I was really impressed on the layout design and functionality of this camera app. It’s runs really smooth and the buttons makes sense of how a digital camera should operate. The design feels like you’re using a real digital camera.

Camera Roll-4724

The functions of the buttons are standard to digital cameras on the market. You can also hide the camera function bar too.

Camera Roll-4719

When you tap on the “i” button, you can get the instructions on how to operate PureShot. I know for some people this might be an advance camera app but after you understand how the app operates. You’ll be a mobile PRO with this app.

Camera Roll-4723

What else I like about the app is the developer has gone out of it’s way to make external hardware work with the app. You can see the settings menu for the external hardware devices you can use with PureShot. This way you have peace of mind that you can use other devices with PureShot. You can even use 3rd party cable release and Bluetooth shutter remotes with PureShot, Pro 645, 6×6 and 6×7.

Camera Roll-4726

Just to let you all know, make sure you ENABLED the Hardware shutter releases to get your 3rd party cable releases and Bluetooth shutter remotes to work with PureShot. If you don’t do this then these devices will not work at all, this is very important that you do this.

Olloclip 7x Macro Set

Olloclip 7x Macro Set

Olloclip 14x Macro Set

Olloclip 14x Macro Set

Olloclip 21x Macro Set

Olloclip 21x Macro Set

All of those macro photos was taken with PureShot on my iPhone 4S. The reason why I’ll switch to PureShot over ProCamera 7 is the fact PureShot has better AE (auto-exposure). I can get better exposed photos with this app, rather than using my finger to find the exposure on the screen. I get better details with my photos and they don’t look flushed out or under exposed. No more over exposing or under exposing my photo again. This is really important to me as a mobile photographer in getting the best photo quality without using filter or apps to fix my photos. Overall PureShot is worth it’s weight in gold, I highly recommend this app to all mobile photographers. PureShot is universal to the iPad and is $1.99 in the App Store.You can check out prices and other app made from Jaggr below.

App List:

PureShot – $1.99
Pro 645 – $3.99
6×6 – $.99
6×7 – $.99
FeildCam HD – $1.99 iPad only

I want to thank Michael Hardaker for letting me review PureShot. If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me Have a great weekend and see you soon !!!


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22 Responses to Combo Apps/PureShot

  1. Pablo says:

    Really cool post Tina!!!

  2. Nanashi Satori says:

    Thanks! … I was hesitant to purchase this since I have many paid camera apps but still mainly use the default camera … But I may give this one a try 👍

  3. imapurrson says:

    Always heard good things about this app. Don’t own it yet. Your pics are amazing! 😍

  4. pgc2 says:

    Thaks for this great review, Tina! I switched from Camera + to Camera Pro 7 last year sometime. I also use 6X6 and 6×7. But based on your review and recommendation I’m going to get PureShot and play around with it. I really prefer a camera app that produces a straight, clean image, which this seems to do. Then, if I want to do some post processing I can.

  5. Ithalu says:

    Thank you Tina for the review.

  6. Kimberly says:

    Good info…I’m using (& loving) ProCam but guess I’ll have to switch now!👏👏👏

  7. eucalyptha says:

    Thanks. Was not sure if I should get it but you changed my mind.

  8. rjllane says:

    Hello Tina.

    PureShot is my camera replacement app of choice (for now). As you said, it provides good feedback on a well laid out screen. And it provides excellent control. A feature that you didn’t mention was the bracketed triple exposure mode. In this mode, you get 3 exposure points on the screen that can be individually selected and moved around to suit. I move them to a typical lighting point, a dark point and a bright point. The 3 images are captured rapidly (in burst mode) with different exposures. I then use Mobile HDR to combine the 3 images into a true HDR image. Sensational, and easy.

    But what I can hardly wait for is iOS 8. It is rumored that app developers will be given much greater manual control of the camera functions. Developers such as Mike Hardaker will no doubt be able to (quickly) upgrade their apps to bring these new tools to us. My #1 desire would be for a manual focus slider. What chance of this do you think?

    … MomentsForZen

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I didn’t know about the bracketing with photos but I just got the app. I’m lucky to be able to take macro photos. It’s hard for me to keep my iPhone steady to take pictures. I use the Shoulderpod a lot to help me take photos and do videos.

      If I do any HDR photography I’ll have to get a tripod. I told the developer about the Grip&Shoot and he’s going to look into it. Mike wants to sync as many hardware devices to his app and give the best experience to the mobile photographer.

      iOS 8 is made for developers, for us (the common user) it’s fixing iOS 7 bugs and continuity. I know the SDK on the camera has changed and a lot of developers are having troubles with making the change work.

      • rjllane says:

        Hello again Tina.

        I have the same issues with holding my iPhone steady. I have found to my pleasure that Mobile HDR is VERY VERY good at automatically aligning images when form the HDR composite. Hence, I don’t need a tripod for the 3 shots. Of course, a tripod helps (by reducing the errors in the alignment process, and in reducing the resampling required during alignment), but it is not essential.

        I’m deflated now about iOS8. But I will hang on to a small hope that the developers get the camera functionality sorted out. 🙂

        … MomentsForZen

  9. pgc2 says:

    I got PureShot but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to activate the 3 exposures for an HD image. Nothing I have seen has indicated HOW to get it setup to begin with, only what it looks like AFTER it has been activated. Can someone please show me how? Thanks a million!

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Tap on the “i” button and go to page 9 and 14 in the tutorial book. The pages will have Bracket Exposure POI (page 9) and Shutter settings and Shutter fires (page 14). This should tell you how to do the 3 burst shots. I hope this helps !!!

  10. Yogi says:

    ITs my favorite (and most powerful) camera app – but it is SOOOOO sluggish (even with “spartan” settings) , and maybe even worse with the new updates – that it has become borderline unusable – especially for “capturing the moment” … :/

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Here’s some tips with PureShot, when you shoot TIFFs the app will run slower. I don’t shoot TIFFS because not a lit of apps can handle files that size yet. I just shoot MAX JPEGs. Make sure you turn off all you apps in the background. That will take up RAM and slow apps down when you run too many apps in the background. It also helps to turn off your iPhone once a week. Then turn it back on, this helps with performance of your iPhone.

    • rjllane says:

      What iPhone do you have? I have an iPhone 5s and have never found it to be “sluggish”. Nor was it slow when I had an iPhone 4s a year or so ago.

      Like Tina, I save MAX JPEGs. I think that TIFFS from an iPhone camera are an overkill – it doesn’t quite have the level of performance to justify them. Its a different matter with the better Micro 4/3rds / APSC / Full Frame sensor cameras.

      … MomentsForZen

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