Combo Apps/Glitch Wizard and other GLITCHES !!!

Today is the official debut of GlitchWizard in the App Store. This is a really cool app that sets itself apart from other Glitch Apps because it does GIF video formats with your glitchy edits. You can also save still image edits too. So let’s get started with how the app works…

Camera Roll-4635

First you load up the app and you have featured Glitches to favourites to loading or taking a photo. You can also make your own Glitch Gallery. What I’m going to do is tap on the camera button.

Camera Roll-4636

After you tap on the camera button, you can take the photo or tap on the small box photo and load your photo. I will tap on the small photo box.

Camera Roll-4637

Now I’ve loaded my photo for the demo. Yes it’s a mushroom. You will see you have a play button, gear wheel and different glitch filters and editing tools.

Camera Roll-4646

When you tap on the gear wheel, you will see a menu pop up. This menu has play feedback speed, clear all and playback styles (linear and ping-pong). The playback style is your video loop. I can’t really see the differences in the loops but you have two options. You have 3 playback speeds, slow, medium and fast. Clear all is how you start over with your series of glitch edits. What I would like to see in the future is clear one added in a future update. Clear all is nice but you have to start over again. You also have 4 editing glitch folders, BLADE, SOUNDBLEND, PNG-RGB and ONE-HIT.

Camera Roll-4642

I highly recommend you play with the TRIP glitch because the slider is really cool to play with. You can make your glitch as trippy as possible.

Camera Roll-4643

After you’re done picking all your glitches, the tap on the NEXT button on the top left hand corner.

Camera Roll-4649

Toy have two different ways to save, still or animated. When you save a still it will save the glitch you made. So if you plan to save your glitch stills just do one or two glitches. The animation saves, I say go crazy with the glitches. The animation loop is 10 seconds saves, so you can load them on Instagram or anywhere else you want to post you glitchy creations. You can also save + finish your glitches in your gallery. I just save mine on the camera roll.

Here’s my Glitch Wizard creation. You can pick up Glitch Wizard at the into price of $.99 but the app will go up to $1.99. The app is universal to the iPad 2 or higher. Overall if you want something different then get this app !!! I know this app will improve and grow overtime.

Now speaking of other GLITCHES !!! I’ve also compiled a list of other glitch type apps. So check these other apps out to add them to your collection.

Decim8 – $1.99
iGlitch – Glitch Camera for iPhone – FREE
Glitchr – $.99
Databender – $.99
Glitché – $.99
swutits – $.99 iPad only
Pixelish – $.99
Omohide Breaker – FREE
Glitch .Simply – FREE
Glitch Lab Pro – $.99
GlitchCam – FREE
Glitch – FREE
Glitchee – $.99
Satromizer – $2.99
Luminacer – $1.99
Crazy Camera – FREE offers in-app purchases
PixiVisor – $2.99
Bugshots – FREE
IGM.R – $.99
Pixel is Data – FREE
Belowrez – Pixel Camera – $.99

If you have any questions about this post, leave comments or email me Go out an get GLITCH WIZARD and the other apps listed and create cool mobile art !!! I want to thank Alan Lavell for giving me a copy of Glitch Wizard. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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12 Responses to Combo Apps/Glitch Wizard and other GLITCHES !!!

  1. I didn’t know that we had so many “glitches” apps to choose from… Interesting apps!

  2. Danny says:

    Great review! The app looks very interestin. Do you prefer decim8 overthis?

    • ashcroft54 says:

      They are both good apps. Glitch Wizard does GIF loops, so the app has it own right. You can’t really compare them. But having both apps in your collection, pushes your creativity.

  3. Johnny says:

    Looks pretty dope. Can’t wait to try it

  4. I just saw this earlier today too, I was debating buying it but I really wanted it to be able to glitch on videos.

  5. Nanashi Satori says:

    Nice review and thanks! Haven’t tried this or decim8 yet

  6. Jose arbulu says:

    I would like a code please !

  7. Kimberly says:

    Cool app! I love playing with decim8 but this looks like u have more control. Nice!

  8. imapurrson says:

    Looks interesting! I never realized there were so many different glitch apps. Thanks for listing them all. Some of them I’m familiar with. Others are new to me. You really are a wealth of information! 👌😊👍

  9. rvgram says:

    Looks like pretty well thought out app so far! Great review, Tina!

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