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iGlitch Demo

“What’s your glitch !!!” Famous catch phrase that came from the 90s movie, “Reality Bites” !!! Today I’m going to explore an app where you can apply glitches on your photos. What’s nice about this app is it’s FREE and tons of potential to grow. The app I called iGlitch – Glitch Camera for iPhone.

Camera Roll-4484

So I loaded up iGlitch and went right for the settings to adjust the resolution save. It’s really important to do this when you first use an app. The res isn’t high one full but I’m not going to complain when the app is free. Plus you have about 5mp and you can use Big Photo to push your pixels and get that high res output. Now you have a choice in editing your photos. You can take a picture or load a photo from your photo library. The camera button is taking the photo and the 4 square buttons is how you load the photo from your library.

Camera Roll-4485

Next you can adjust your glitches by tapping on the slider button. You can see it turn red on the left hand side. There’s a lot of different combinations. What I like is you can control the out come if what the glitch will look like before you save. Play with the feed back slider for more glitch adjustments too. Tap on the big center button to play with your combination of glitches. I recommend you play with the glitch settings. When you’re done with your edit just arrow down button to save or share your glitchy creation.

iGlitch Edit Demo - 2

Here’s my edited from iGlitch, this was a black and photo turned colour glitch.

Camera Roll-4482

I wanted to talk about the button on the right. That’s is your blend modes for overlaying your glitches. You have Overlay, Screen, Subtract and Devide and an Overwrite button onto the Blendmodes. You can adjust the brightness too. Tap on the big center button until you find the right blend mode overlay. You can spend lots of time messing around with the settings.

iGlitch Edit Demo - 2

This is my second demo edit done with iGlitch. Came out pretty cool !!!

iGlitch so iWalk

Overall iGlitch is a great app to have in your collection, the only real con is the resolution but I’m sure that will change with future updates. I’m also hoping for iPad support in the future too. This app will get better over time. How to make these updates a reality are writing reviews in the App Store or contacting the developer. Feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism are the things developers need to know in order to make these changes happening, telling me isn’t going to happen. I’m only one person. You can pick up iGlitch for FREE at the App Store.If you have any questions please leave comments or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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2 Responses to Combo Apps/iGlitch

  1. imapurrson says:

    Pretty nifty app! Like your edits with it. Thanks for always letting us know about the cool new apps that are out there! Another really cool glitch app is Glitché.

  2. Thanks for the tip! Nice post. Liked the edits with it!

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