Combo Apps/Flood Filter for Water Reflection

Before and After Demo

It’s all about flooding your photos with Flood Filter for Water Reflection by Flaming Pear. Flood is originally a Photoshop Plugin program (Mac and Windows) for adding water reflection effects to your photos. Now there’s an app version of the software program. The top photo are before and after edits using the Flood app.

Camera Roll-5087

I’m going to post screen shots of the app to show you how to operate the app. You want to make sure you set your dots up first before you start doing water ripples and mess with the reflection.

Camera Roll-5088

Camera Roll-5089

These are how the buttons work on the app.

Camera Roll-5084

They also have a random edit button which I love to play with.

Demo Photo - 1

This is the photo I’ll be using in the demo.

The Boyce Demo

As you can see I have my yellow dots to set where the water line should be at or to your liking. You can only so straight lines, diagonals, verticals and horizontals. What I would like is another dots added so I can do a V or the ability to have a curve water line. Other than that this app is really awesome and goes beyond the niche for a water reflection app because you can go beyond the horizon line.

Flood Demo

This is my finished edited photo using Flood.


Here’s another type of edit where you can go beyond the niche. You can do a mirrored water reflection effect vertically. Which will make your images look really cool and pretty mind blowing. Overall this app is really awesome with the details of messing and applying the water line to messing with the water ripples. What else is great, Flood is only $.99 and universal to the iPad. It’s the best value app of it’s kind.

If you have any questions please leave comments or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!


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5 Responses to Combo Apps/Flood Filter for Water Reflection

  1. Nanashi Satori says:

    I have this app and it was the best reflection app I’ve used … But I haven’t tried color lake or the one brain fever is working on which looks quite exciting … I’m curious to hear your take on these apps at some point since you have used all 3 … Great edit on the train … Had to do a double take look on it 😄

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I did write about Color Lake just type it in the search bar. Click on the latest post and you can read it. Color Lake has video and that’s what makes it different beside the color tint of the water.

      • Nanashi Satori says:

        Thanks … Just read it and it does sound quit customizable and the video effect really sounds cool and sets it apart … The rain effect sounds neat too 😊 … I’ll wait and see how the reflection app is before making any further purchases

  2. imapurrson says:

    Nice review, Tina! Flood is one of my favorites! Had it for a while, and it never disappoints. It’s always on my phone! 😊👌

  3. I use all the best three reflection apps of the moment. Each one has its specificity. They have all – in the same niche – a unique feature that sets them apart of the other. Flood is in this segment because of the level of control we can have, but you have to get use to it. In the beginning is kinda difficult, I think.

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