Combo Apps/Hyperlapse from Instagram

Yesterday I posted this video from an app called Hyperlapse from Instagram. Basically it’s a handheld time lapse video app with different speed settings to save your high speed videos. The video remind me of the old Charlie Chaplin movies I watched when I was a kid.

Camera Roll-4447

The app is very simple to operate, all you do is press a button and record your video. The default settings is always at 6x speed. You can adjust the speed to go faster or slower. I keep it at 6x because I like the results of the videos. I usually do video recordings under a minute and half (1:30) so I can load them up on Instagram for the 15 seconds. The videos are wide16x9 format. Video speeds are 1x up to 12x times, you have your choices of sharing your videos. I just like to save them on the camera roll and post them later.

Super Wide and Shoulderpod

What else I like to use to shoot videos are a Super Wide Angle Lens and a Shoulderpod to shoot these videos. The Super Wide Lens is great so I can make the video crop into a square to post them on Instagram. The Shoulderpod helps me hold my iPhone a little more on the steady side because my right hand is weak. Both items are shown up above.

Here’s the video I shot of the tree leaves blowing in the wind. Over all the videos run really smooth for handheld and has really great stabilisation built into the app. Just about anyone can use this Video app and look like a PRO !!!

When I was waiting for Vida to get out of school. I was sitting on the bench and saw the shadows of a Pepper Tree on the cement. I thought what a great video abstraction, Hyperlapse brings out video creativity in me. Hyperlaspe from Instagram is only on iOS at the moment and works on the iPhone/iPad.

The last video is called “Vida in Real Life” and what this is about is how I see Vida in my point of view. She has so much energy in her and does things at high speed. So I did all these segements and put them together with an app called VideoBite by Adobe. It’s worth the pick and it’s FREE. You don’t have to buy into the in-app purchase to get all the video tools and for the iPhone only.

Apps and Products List:

Hyperlapse from Instagram – FREE
VideoBite – FREE
Super Wide Angle Lens – $15.05
Shoulderpod – $34.90

If you have any questions please leave comments or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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4 Responses to Combo Apps/Hyperlapse from Instagram

  1. Nanashi Satori says:

    Nice work on Vida in real life! I’ve been loving hyperlapse on clouds … Shadows also looks very cool to try … Videobite also is an awesome app and great companion for hyperlapse for quick edits … So far loving both apps so thanks for keeping us in the loop of these apps … SUPER appreciated!!

  2. I really loved Hyperlapse. I never was able to make a timelapse video before! 😉 Have to try Videobite yet, but nice to now they work well together.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Good ideas here Tina! Thank you!!

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