Combo Apps/30 Days of Hipstamatic with Jim Perdue

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For most people Hipstamatic is the corner stone of apps that introduces you to mobile photography for iPhone enthusiasts. But not everyone starts or have this love for Hipstamatic, in fact Jim Perdue never bought or used the app. He was happy with the photo apps he was using until his students asked him many questions about Hipstamatic. Jim even made a post on Facebook asking people if he should buy Hipstamatic and invest into the Hipstapaks. Eventually Jim gave in and bought Hipstamatic and most of the Paks, deleted all the photo apps off his iPhone and shot 30 days straight in the month of July of 2014 with only Hipstamatic app on his iPhone.

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A lot of the photo Jim shot was at his job at Monetary Bay Aquarium and in and around places in Monetary CA. So sit back and read the interview about the Jim’s experiences with Hipstamatic.

Jim’s brief bio: Jim is a mobile technology evangelist and award winning mobile photographer. He is the founder of App Lab iOS photography community.

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1. Where did you get the idea of doing a month long project for Hipstamatic ?

Last year I did a series of iPhone photography workshops for educators. One of the most commonly asked questions was “What is your opinion of Hipstamatic?”. Since I had no experience with the app, I was never able to give an informed answer. The idea of “30 Days With Hipstamatic” was really about immersing myself in the world of Hipstamatic. In order to get a real sense of the app, and to fully explore the creative possibilities, I removed all of my regular editing apps from my iPhone and installed Hipstamatic as my only photo app.

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2. What did you like about this project?

I always like trying out new apps, but the thing I liked the most about “30 Days With Hipstamatic” was the amount of encouragement and advise that I received from fellow iPhoneographers.

3. Do you feel your iPhoneography is complete because of using Hipstamatic ?

I don’t know if my iPhoneography will ever be complete, but as an artist and a teacher I certainly feel more informed.

Jim Perdue Hipstamatic - 4

4. What were your favourite combos with the film and lenses ?

I love John S lens with Blanko BL4 film. I really like the blurring and the vignetting effect that the combo creates. I also like Wonder lens with W40 film because it has a bit of a soft focus and kind of an overexposed look that was nice for some shots.

5. Did you try the random shake settings ?

I did, by accident for the first 30 minutes. Then, I figured out what was going on and I turned that feature off.

Jim Perdue Hipstamatic - 7

6. What were the best paks ?

Well, I think that it’s a completely subjective thing and each person will have their own opinions. Personally, I really like the Tintype Snappak. The Tinto 1884 lens with either D-Type Plate or C-type Plate film yielded some really amazing results. Photos from this combo tend to fall into one of three categories: surreal, hilarious, or terrifying. But, the results are always entertaining. Other Paks that I liked were the Portrait SnapPak and RetroPak Five.

7. What were the worst paks ?

Oh boy. Again, It’s purely subjective but for me, The District HipstaPak was the least productive. I really wanted to like this Pak because I saw so many other people getting great results from it. Sadly, I couldn’t get anything decent out of it. It’s not that it’s a bad Pak. It just didn’t suit my particular style.

Jim Perdue Hipstamatic - 8

8. After the project ended how did it make you feel ?

Shooting on a daily schedule was something new for me. That, combined with learning a new app on the fly was a lot to take in. When the project was over, I found that I had taken nearly 3000 photos or roughly 100 photos a day. I really needed some time to decompress and just step away from the camera for a few weeks.

9. Do you feel complete as an iPhoneographer after using Hipstamatic ?

I don’t know if I feel complete, but as an artist and a teacher I certainly feel more informed about what can be done using Hipstamatic alone. Overall, I found it to be a really thought out and highly useable app.

Jim Perdue Hipstamatic - 5

10. What does the future hold with Hipstamatic on your iPhone, will it stay or go ?

I’m keeping it for sure. Hipstamatic creates effects that would be difficult to reproduce using my standard workflow. At this point, it’s going to be another tool in my toolbox. Having purchased every film, lens, SnapPak, HipstaPak, and RetroPak, I’m pretty heavily invested in it now. I’m going to keep it around.

Jim Perdue Hipstamatic - 1

I hope you all enjoyed the interview of Jim’s point of view experiences with Hipstamatic. If you want to follow Jim Perdue and check out his iPhoneography, you can follow Jim on: Instagram: @jimsiphone, EyeEm: jimperdue14 and Twitter: @Jimm_perdue.



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  4. What a great idea! I haven’t shot with Hipstamatic much either and I have nearly all the paks! Not sure if I could make it for a whole month, but maybe I’ll try an entire photo walk or weekend!

  5. Nice interview. Great idea for a project.

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