Combo Apps/Square Jellyfish Jelly Flashlight Remote

Jelly Flashlight Remote

Today I’m going to be talking about the Jelly Flashlight Remote by Square Jellyfish. It’s a Bluetooth shutter remote with flashlight and works with iOS and Android devices. It’s a simple 3 button remote with iOS and Android switch inside the remote where you replace the battery. This is what the remote looks like with packaging.

Jelly Flashlight Remote - 1

It’s small and fits in your hot little hand. You can even put the remote on your keychain.

Jelly Flashlight Remote - 2

Up at the top is where the flashlight is at, the flashlight comes in handy when your in dark places or taking night photos. It’s an LED yellow light, so you don’t blind yourself or others around you.

Jelly Flashlight Remote Functions

These are the functions of how the remote works.

Jelly Flashlight Remote - 3

Before I show you how to pair the remote to your mobile devices. I need to show you this important tip. When you get the remote pop it open with a small flathead screwdriver or a fingernail file. If you look closely, you’ll see a switch, iOS or Android. You want to make sure you switch to proper format before pairing your remote. I had to use a magnified glass to click to the right system. Make sure you don’t force the switch to hard because you can pop off the switch and break the remote. This remote takes one AAA battery, where you can find anywhere.

Camera Roll-4436

When you pair the remote and device, make sure you turn on the Bluetooth and connect the remote and device by pressing the circle button below the camera button. After it says connected, you’re ready to go and start taking photos.

WARNING !!! Do not use the remote to wake up your iPhone. Enter your pass code before using your iPhone. Go to the website for more information.

Camera Apps List:

ProCamera 7
Video Editor
ProCam (original)

Any iOS camera app the had a “trigger volume control” will work with the Jelly Remote. Android camera apps you will have to test out because I don’t have an Android Device to test this out on camera apps to see what works.

Even though the shutter remote doesn’t have that many buttons, don’t let that fool you. It’s still a power tool to have with you at all times with you. It’s sleek and you don’t have to worry about battery drain because if you’re not using the remote. Then it’s always turned off. It’s only on when use the remote or flashlight.

The Jelly Flashlight Remote sells for $29.99and order them on Amazon, Adorama and B&H. These are trusted retail sellers and you have to check what the refund and shipping policies are on each site because they can vary. For more information click >HERE< and scroll down the page for FAQs and you can contact Square Jellyfish for more information.

If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me Have a great day !!!



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13 Responses to Combo Apps/Square Jellyfish Jelly Flashlight Remote

  1. Nanashi Satori says:

    This might be more convenient and less awkward than using an app that snaps a pic by whistling at it 😊

  2. Ithalu says:

    Nice remote 👌

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  4. maryjane428 says:

    I’ve been dying to try one of these. I keep having reasons to need one. Would love to win! Thanks for all you do Tina!

  5. samyck says:

    wow this would really help for night photography

  6. Anne says:

    Cool review! I’m a little concerned with the iOS and Android switch though, I just hope it could withstand switching back and forth. This kind of nifty gadget will always get asked to be tried…. and borrowed. 😊

  7. Pamela Sweda says:

    Great review! This is on my “must have” list.

  8. imapurrson says:

    Looks like a handy lil’ gadget! Nice to have a flashlight included with it! 👌

  9. I have been thinking about getting a remote and this looks great. Would be good if it worked with Hyperlapse.

  10. Kimberly says:

    Looks like a great addition to have! Thank you Tina!

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