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Sticky9 was once called Stickygram and that’s ok. The company is based out of London, UK. They make one of the coolest products out there. I’ve been a long time follower and fan of the company. I finally got the nerve to ask them for a sample of one of their best selling products. The set of 9 little photo magnets. I’m going to show you how to order.

Camera Roll-5002

You go online at

Camera Roll-5003

Scroll down to 9 little set of magnets and tap on create magnets.

Camera Roll-5004

Connect to your Instagram account or get your photos from your desktop. It’s just easier to connect to you IG account. I connected to my person @ashcroft54 account because most of my art is posted on the account.

Camera Roll-5005
Camera Roll-5006

I picked out Jigsaw style, so you know what it looks like and it’s something different. There’s also making your photos into wall art and that’s $75.99. The wall art is mounted and framed with 9 different photos. You have to pay the premium shipping if you decide to go that route. There’s is FREE world wide shipping on the 9 little magnets set.

My Sticky8 Mail

Today I got my 9 little magnets from Stick9. When you order your magnet, you have two sizes, 15cm x 15cm Medium $14.99 or 21cm x 21cm Large $19.99. You can get the done in two styles classic 9 different photos or 1 photo jigsaw/banner style.

My Sticky9 little set of 9 magnets

Here are my beautiful set of 9 magnets, mobile art work of Vida and Boyce from our walks together. These magnets are printed on a matte surface, which I really like because scratches and scuffs won’t show up as much. Over time when they fade, they will look like retro art magnets. You can break apart your sheet by bend and folding where the creases show.

Overall if you’re looking for something to give as a gift to anyone or want to share you art in another point of view. Sticky9 is the place to get this done. It’s fast and easy to order your set of 9 and two style to choose from, little set of 9 or jigsaw. Their customer service is great and very responsive, even with the 8hr time difference. It’s one of the best way to show off your photos or art, that doesn’t cost you an arm and leg. There cute and kids love them, your friends will love and you will love them. I’m really please with my 9 little set.

Now if you would like a 15% discount on your order just type in this code, FRIENDY8D5. The discount only works on your first order. After you get your order confirmed, then you will get your very own code. The discount goes toward credit for your future orders with Sticky9. FREE worldwide shipping !!!

*The shipping wait took about 7 business days from the UK to California. I’m sure during the holidays this will take a lot longer. So if you plan to give them as Christmas presents, I would order these in November before Thanksgiving to get them in time. *

If you have any questions please leave comments, contact Sticky9 or email me For terms and conditions about Sticky9, click >HERE<. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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