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San Diego, CA – August 21, 2014 – Pixite LLC announced today the release of their popular photo effects app Fragment 1.0 on Android, their first venture into the Google platform. Fragment successfully launched on iOS late last year and has a dedicated following of thousands of mobile artists on Instagram.

“We’ve received hundreds of emails, Instagram comments, and tweets asking us when our apps will be available for Android,” says Product Manager, Eugene Kaneko. “It’s been a long wait but today is the day. We are proud to announce Fragment for Android.”

Fragment allows users to see their photos through the lens of a prism, crystal, or gem, which bend and refract the images to create something new and surprising every time. By swiping through the collection of 46 prismatic shapes, users can watch their photos transform in real­time as they scroll.
After selecting and cropping any image from their gallery, first time users can immediately start editing using the Shuffle button, which chooses random combinations of shapes, colors, and effects to apply to the photo. A few shuffles will often create something immediately Instagram­worthy.
People who want to tweak their fragmented images further will find no shortage of adjustment tools. They can rotate, resize, drag, and zoom both the shape that makes the fragment as well as the image that appears inside the fragment. The effects menu, accessible by swiping up on the shape selector panel, lets users adjust colors, brightness, contrast, and other effects.

When they are ready to share, users can send their artwork to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other photo enhancement apps with just a tap. Users who want to add another layer of fragments can hit the “Refragment” button, flattening their creation and taking them through the fragmenting process again.

Fragment Screen Shot

Fragment 1.0 for Android features:

● 46 adjustable prismatic shapes
● Shuffling ­ combine shapes and effects in fun and unique combinations
● 5 adjustable effects including brightness, contrast, additive, invert, and desaturate
● 62 blend colors
● Unlimited layering through “refragments”
● Share with other great apps
● Save creations to the gallery

Device Requirements: Phone or Tablet running Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and up.

Pricing and Availability: Fragment 1.0 for Android is $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide through Google Play in the Photography category.

Follow Fragment at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Check out the Google Play Community for Fragment. If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me Have a great day and see you soon.



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