Combo Apps/GoSmart Freedom 300M Stylus

Last year I wrote about the GoSmart Professional 200M Stylus, this year I’m going to be reviewing the GoSmart Freedom 300M Stylus. The 300M stylus has that artistic feel in your hands.

GoSmart Freedom 300M Stylus

Here’s my 300M in the box and screaming to get for a workout and review.

Freedom 300M Stylus - 1

There’s the 300M out of the box and sunning on a rock.

Press Photo

The design of the 300M reminds me of a rocket or a dart. It’s really a cool and innovative design.

Freedom 300M Stylus - 2

This is the famous see-thru, flexible, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coated tip. Which give the stylus it precision on your iPad or any tablets. It’s very durable and can take on heavy painting and vigorous note taking.

When you order a replacement tip, that’s how you replace the tip. Just take your time removing the tip and just place it back in, twist in place and you’re good to go…

Freedom 300M Stylus - 3

The “M”” behind the 300 means magnet and are the magnets. These are rare earth magnets so it will stay on your iPad with cover on we the screen. GoSmart also makes a non-magnet version of this stylus and has “M” after the 300.

Tayasui Sketches Demo

The first time I’ve written on my iPad with my right hand and a stylus since I had my stroke. It was really easy to write with and could control the writing and the lines. It makes really good contact on the iPad with a little bit of a delay. It’s best when you do a lot of art work or heavy note taking to give your iPad or tablet a rest and let cool off a bit.

Vida with Freedom 300S Stylus and iPad

And here’s…Vida playing with my iPad and using the Freedom 300M Stylus. As you can see, Vida knows how to use Tayasui Sketches very well. The stylus is getting a workout from a 6 year old.

Vida'a Rainbow

Vida and Capri

These are Vida’s art work from using the Freedom 300M Stylus. It’s really amazes me that I gave her a few instructions and she figured out how to use the stylus and app. I call Vida, “The Sponge” because she absorbs things so far.

Product List:

GoSmart Freedom 300M Stylus – $22.95
GoSmart Freedom 300 Stylus – $19.95
GoSmart Crossover 400 Stylus Pen – $28.95
GoSmart Replacement Tips – $6.95

The stylus caps come in four colors, Red, Blue, Black and White. The cap is rubberized, so it’s easy to put on and take off. You can order these stylus on Amazon too. For more information, click >HERE< and click >HERE< to contact GoSmart if you have more questions about their products.

I want to thank GoSmart and Michael Douglas for helping me out and sending me the Freedom 300M Stylus. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!!



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7 Responses to Combo Apps/GoSmart Freedom 300M Stylus

  1. lalaithbr says:

    It’s so gorgeous. If it’s usefull too… It’s a complete product.

  2. This product looks very cool. Would love to be a beta tester and would really love to win the giveaway!! But good luck to all and if I don’t win may be on Christmas wish list

  3. Ithalu says:

    This product looks very great!! Good luck!! 🍀

  4. kimartino says:

    Very kool! I loved your review Tina! This looks different & very durable!

  5. eucalyptha says:

    Thanks for this blog Tina! It looks like a great stylus and I would love to win it.

  6. Nanashi Satori says:

    Ever since coming across your instagram, I’ve been loving your reviews … I’ve been using a cheap stylus and now wondering if a better quality stylus be more better … Thanks for the site and keep up the grat work … It’s appreciated!

  7. Pamela Sweda says:

    Your blog is a wellspring of fantastic info… Many thanks, Tina! Oh, how I would love one of these!

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