Combo Apps/Rechargeable Apex Fine Point Stylus

The Rechargeable Apex fine point active stylus uses innovative circuitry to deliver a realistic pen-to-pad writing experience on iPads. Featuring an integrated lithium ion rechargeable battery, 2.3mm tip, pocket clip, and more, this stylus is the premier tool for digital note-takers and artists alike.

The Apex does not require Bluetooth or any specific applications to function – simply pick it up, turn it on and let your ideas take flight !!!

Rechargeable APEX Fine Tip Stylus

This is my Rechargable APEX Fine Point Stylus by LYNKtec. This stylus has a new type of technology with a fine tip, no more rubber tips and no more Bluetooth connection with limited app selection. I’m really excited about reviewing this product because it my first smart stylus to test out.

What you get in the box

These are the items I got with the stylus. Not shown is the top cap undone and the extra nib inside the cap. The picture below will show the cap and extra nip.

Camera Roll-4967

Precise Fine Point Active Stylus
2.3mm tip delivers a realistic pen-to-pad writing experience on all iPads and many other tablets.

Built-In Rechargeable Battery
Integrates a lithium ion rechargeable battery for extended life. Charge the stylus using the micro-USB to USB cable included in package.

Automatic Shut Off Feature
Power saving circuitry automatically shuts off after 30 minutes.

Press Button on Clip for Easy On/Off
Button on clip changes colors when battery is charging, low, or depleted.

Replacement Nib Storage Inside Cap
Includes spare conductive polymer nib for extended use.

Works with Any Application, No Bluetooth Required
No special software, attachments, or cables needed to function.

Compatible with iPad 2/3/4, Air, Mini, and More
Works with all iPad models as well as many other popular Android devices.

Tayasui Sketches Demo with APEX stylus

This was the line test I did with stylus on Tayasui Sketches. I also tried other app, Paper by Fifty Three, Procreate, ArtRage, SketchBook PRO, My Sketch Paper and other art/drawing/paint apps. You can even play games with this stylus too. If you run out of nibs you can order replace pack of 5 for $4.99, come in soft or hard nibs. The stylus had to be on to write on your iPad or other tablets.

Overall the technology of this stylus has room for improvements and will over time. I tried using it hard pressed then soft pressed and seems to work great. Pushing in the micro USB was a little tight and hard to push down into the stylus and pulling out the micro USB was tight too. I’m sure over time it will get easier, since my right hand is weak from the stroke. I also had a hard time with the on and off switch not turning on right away. The charge time on Rechargable APEX Fine Point Stylus is quick, so you don’t have wait endless hours for charging the stylus. I recommend when you buy a pack of replacement nibs, get the hard nibs.

In my opinion, I feel this stylus is great for drawing, sketch and drafting. When you paint with the stylus sometimes turns off or heavy note taking seems to turn off the stylus too. Again this is new technology and Apple has a way of making people use their finger rather than a stylus. Overtime Apple is going to have to change because Samsung does make the stylus to tablet pairing work very well together. Sometimes having better app to use with the iPad doesn’t cut it when the finger is the best instrument or tool when using the iPad. Since APEX Fine Point Styli aren’t Bluetooth connected, you don’t have to worry about your iPad or iPhone battery going down so quickly.

I do like how the stylus feels in my hand. It has a solid and durable feel when using it. I feel like I have an expensive pen in my hand.

Levitating Stand for APEX

If you want, you can get order the levitation stand to go with your APEX Styli. You have to get it separately for $14.99.

Stylus with Stand

This is what it looks like standing up, when put together. It stand up your stylus really nicely and has a heavy bot ton to keep your stylus up. It snap the stylus in place so it doesn’t fall off the stand. For me this stylus is great for my weak right hand, it’s teaching to write again.

Product List:

Rechargable APEX Fine Point Stylus – 69.99
APEX Fine Point Stylus with case – $59.99
APEX Fine Point Stylus – $49.99
Levitating Stand for APEX Stylus – $14.99
Carrying Case for APEX Stylus – $9.99
Soft Nibs 5 pack – $4.99
Hard Nibs 5 pack – $4.99
iPad Case with APEX Holder – $39.99

Now if you want to order the Rechargable APEX Fine Point Stylus, there’s a special going on right now for this stylus and other products. Click >HERE< for specials and deals on LYNKtec products. As Always, Enjoy Free Shipping on U.S. Orders of $50 or More !!! For refunds and cancelations please click >HERE< and contacting LYNKtec click >HERE< for information and inquires.

I want to thank Mandy and LYNKtec for letting me review their products. If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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    It appears to be a good product. Thanks for the post!

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