Combo Apps/The Forgotten and Lost Camera Apps List

Veenstra Demo

Veenstra Camera is the reason for this blog post. I was looking through my collection of photo apps. There are some I’ve forgotten and some I still use from time to time. The app resolution save is 1272 x 1272. It’s a nice app for Instagram or Facebook posts. The top photo was edited with Veenstra Camera..

ClassicPAN Demo

MissKiwi Camera Apps – these are great camera apps that have been forgotten and you can’t go wrong with these apps. When I started to take mobile photos with my iPhone 4, these were the apps I started to use and experiment with. The apps are based on the Lomography plastic cameras and other retro cameras. The photo above was taken with ClassicPAN.

ClassicPAN – $1.99
ClassicSAMP – $1.99
ClassicToy – FREE with in-app purchases
ClassicInsta – $1.999
ClassicBoth – $1.99
Squara – $1.99
FishEye Toy Camera – $.99
B&W Lab – $1.99
Storama – $1.99
AutoSampler – $1.99

Instant 110 Demo

Youthhr Apps – are another great collection of apps. The sad part is. There are more apps that aren’t supported in the App Store like Cameramatic and Snapster. The photo above was done with Instant 110.

SkipBleach – $.99
Instant 110 – $1.99 with in-app purchases
Monochromia $1.99
Phonto – FREE with in-app purchases

HDR FX Pro Demo Before and After

HDR apps were plentiful and now seem to be forgotten. There were so many of them but here is a list of some great HDR apps. The photo up above is and before and after edit done with HDR FX Pro.

Pro HDR – $1.99
TrueHDR – $1.99
HDR Fusion – $1.99
A-HDR – $.99
HDR FX Pro – $2.99 with in-app purchases
TopCamera – $2.99
HDR – $1.99

Camera Roll-4245

Other Great Camera Apps:

Spica – $.99
Retro Camera Plus – FREE
Retro Camera – $1.99 High Res Output
King Camera – FREE with in-app purchases
Camera Dream – FREE with in-app purchases
MagicHour – $1.99
Super Retro – FREE
Polamatic – $.99
HiCon Pro – $.99
HalfCamera – $.99
MonoTaste – $.99
ColorTaste – $1.99
NoFinder – $.99
Infinicam – $.99
Fotoyaki – FREE
NinePhoto – FREE
MiniaturesCam – $1.99
Lithogram – $.99
QuickPix – $1.99
CameraBag – $1.99
Lumiêre – $.99
Snappr – $1.99
aremaC – $1.99
Fusioncam – $1.99
Actioncam – FREE with in-app purchases
Photoautomat – FREE
Plastic Bullet Camera – $1.99
Hipster Lomo Camera – FREE with in-app purchases
ClearCam – $.99
QuadCamera-Multishot -$1.99

Now I wanted to mention that if you starting adding apps, you have to remember a lot of apps have either been pulled or not compatible with iOS 7. I have a load of apps that’s aren’t on the list for these reasons. Some apps are universal to the iPad and some apps have an HD iPad version you have to buy separately. Not all apps save at high resolution. If you have any question please leave a comment or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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8 Responses to Combo Apps/The Forgotten and Lost Camera Apps List

  1. Ithalu says:

    Thank you for the information. For you what are the best camera apps?

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I wouldn’t say the best because most if these apps are novelties of their former glory. Everyday there’s new mobile photographers, so it’s important to compile a list of camera apps that get lost in the sea of apps.

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  3. eucalyptha says:

    Thanks for this Tina. I have many of these apps and totally forgot about them. Will start using them again thanks to you!!!

  4. Eva.N. says:

    All I want is an update of DynamicLight HD…. 😦
    I really miss that app, since iOS7 made it unuable!

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