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truefilm demo

Today I’m going to talk about truefilm an app that gives your photos a film look to them. I was a film photographer first so that’s what drew me to the app. I wanted to see how true to film with this app. I’ll do an overview of how the app operates and give you my honest opinions toward the end of this post. To the developer if he reads the opinions and suggestions, don’t worry I’ll be kind but very critical.

The top photo was edited with truefilm.

truefilm demo

I’ll be using this photo for the demo with truefilm. It was taken with ProCamera 7 and SquidCam macro 15x lens.

Camera Roll-4202

We open up truefilm. You have the normal options of taking a photo or loading a photo from your photo library.

Camera Roll-4203

I load up the photo and you will see all of these buttons. The two arrows left and right are for reloading your photo (left side) and save your edits (right side).

Camera Roll-4221

These are all of the function of the bottom buttons. You have a lot of different tools at your disposal. You even have a smoothing and clone tool. The clarity tool is pretty good and impressed that it doesn’t blow out details and shadow details. You also have a pretty good selections of frames.

truefilm quad filter edits

One of the most important tools in any photo editing apps are the filters. Now the filter are originally very subtle, retro-ish and midtone-ish. But I like to push it and go for really contrasty and stark looking photos. I was talking to Egmont last night and told him the heavy influences for black and white photography came from Lens Work magazine. My color influences came from Joel Meyerowitz, Paul Outerbridge, William Eggleston and Sandy Skoglund. These photographers have been engrained and stick out in my mind the most. But I’m also heavily influenced with graphic novels, comic books, manga and graphic arts, it was what I grew with during the 80s.

Camera Roll-4215

I wanted to talk about the history because it’s one of its best features on this app. When you want to go back a few layers or made a mistake, just tap on the last button on the bottom right hand corner. You will see a flip book style of layers you’ve applied onto your photo.

truefilm clouds - 1

Here’s the photo I saved before using the history button.

Camera Roll-4216

Then I tap on the history and flip a couple layers back.

truefilm clouds - 2

This is my saved photo from flipping through the history. Overall I think truefilm has a good start but missing key components to make the app true to form. What it needs is film grain section. To me film grain is what makes your photos dramatic and the fact you’re using film. Clarity is not a grain tool. Other things are the zoom in and out when you’re smoothing out or cloning your photos isn’t smooth and slider to change the opacity of the filters. Truefilm is a great starter app for beginners or if you’re starting out with Mobile Photography. It has a nice price of $.99 in the App Store and iPhone Only.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or email me. I want to thank Marvin Lee for giving me a code to write about truefilm. Have a great day & see you soon !!!



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4 Responses to Combo Apps/truefilm

  1. lalaithbr says:

    Nice to know about this app. 😉

  2. Ithalu says:

    Thank you for the information about the app 🙂

  3. Thank you for making us aware of the application. Obviously not having the app on my iPhone, I can only comment as to what your own findings are.
    I am in full agreement with you about a slider, so one can change the percentage of the effect and so make it more customizable and less cookie cutter. Unfortunately too many developers leave out this function, believing we all want to apply 100% of the effect.
    I am wondering if this application is trying to do too much by also providing post processing tools, rather than just focusing on converting the image to various kinds of different film filters.
    Grain is essential, but so is also having the ability to adjust contrast and saturation. I do like hearing the app permits one to zoom in and out to view ones edit. What was not mentioned, is this application iPhone only or universal.

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