Combo Apps: Flip Book Animate with Decim8

I made this edit over a year ago. I really couldn’t show it off because Instagram didn’t have video uploads. When they finally did the uploads, it was and still is only 15 seconds. This was the first time I came up with piling edits to give my image a animated flip book flow. Decim8 played a big factor in piling up images for the animation flip book. I’ve also made other flip book animations with my edits and written a post about the edits. but I made these before the Flipagram innocent.

The apps you’ll need are Fliptastic and Decim8. You can get Flipagram but the pissed me off and you can read “HERE” to find out why. PicTrip is another app you can get to do the flip book animations.

Camera Roll-4123

First make your images with Decim8, by changing up your edits. I will two or three glitch formulas and change them by picking or taking off different types of glitches. I will do one to four different type of glitches at a time.

Fly Decim8 Demo

Here are a couple do demos I made with Decmi8. When you make your Decim8 images, I’ll make about 60 to 80 images. You want to make sure you have lots of room in you iPhone it iPad when you make the edit and flip book. Also it helps to make sure you don’t have any apps running in the background and Just Decim8 running only. I will do about 30 to 40 edits with Decmi8 and then turn off the app to cool down my iPhone or iPad. Then start again 5 minutes later after my iDevice has cool down. This will prevent from crashing of the app and over heating of your iDevice because of the massive processing going with Decim8.

Camera Roll-4134

Next is putting your flip book together, I load up Fliptastic. What nice about this app is Fliptastic will always leave off where edit last. So when you leave to go do something and you iDevice shuts off, that’s ok because Fliptastic will save where you left off last. One of the few apps that will do this, so you have to start all over again.

Camera Roll-4135

I’m going to tap on where I left off last, to show you how I loaded up my images. After I’ve loaded all my images I will tap on the “NEXT” button on the top right hand corner.

You will also notice it has the 15 seconds lock for Instagram. Another nice tool that comes in handy.

Camera Roll-4136

Make sure you have your transition set on Crossfade or None, so you have that flip book flow.

Camera Roll-4137

You can also use the music that came with the app. I used “Party On” for my flip book animation. Some things I want to address about picking music from iTunes. It’s not a good idea to use music that your bought because of copyright infringement. Facebook will delete your slideshows when you load up your slideshows or movies using songs that you bought. Now you think it’s stupid or unfair but it’s not. The reason is I know you don’t want anyone to use your photos or mobile art edits and post them on Instagram and other social media. So why should it be ok, to use a singer’s/song writer’s music ? That’s what you have to think about, when you use music with your flip book or any type of movie.

The second screen shot are all your save and share options.

This is my “Fly On The Wall” flip book. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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