Combo Apps/The Problems Made with Meld

A Fairytale

The app Meld came out over two weeks ago, what started as hype ended with hype. I’ll show you some of the things that bothered me about the app. How the developers bite off more than they can chew. Why it’s important to write reviews and/or contact developers to give them honest feedback. So I’m going give an overview of the app and you decide for yourself.

The top image was edited with Meld. You can’t get that layer texture anymore because the update removed the layer texture.

Camera Roll-4889

Let’s talk about Meld’s operation, this group of screen shots are group this way because I posted on Instagram how to change the resolution. After you change the res, you have start your edit all over again. Now they only show you how to operate the app once with and outline overview and that’s it. Your on your own after that because there are no real directions or a guide to help you how to operate the app.

Camera Roll-4891

You have three choices of the type of layer you want to apply on top of your photo. You can pick what transparency you want, take a picture or choose from your library. I highly recommend making your own texture or acquiring textures from Creative Commons sites or buy them from image stock sites. They removed them, so you have no choices until they update the does bother me that you have people pay for an app. Then do an update to remove items and not tell anyone why you did the removal. But if you’re curious you can click >HERE< and read Meld’s Twitter feed to find out why…I wanted to mention that Merek Davis had nothing to do with their removal but the tweets tell another story.

But the best part is the developers are expecting you to hash tag all the transparencies you apply on top of your creations, like you’re going to remember to do that. I feel they could put in a code to auto hash these transparencies when you load them on Instagram directly. I’ve never ever had to do this when I use other editing apps, so why should I do it now. It makes me feel why bother using this app, when I can use Matter and get better results.

Camera Roll-4885

The next thing I wanted to bring up was the masking tool and how backwards it is. Last time I checked pencils write, brushes brush and erasers erase. Well the pencil/brush erase and the eraser writes/brushes. Now I know you can do this on other apps but usually you’ve inverted the tools for this to happen.

Camera Roll-4890

Now I don’t know about you but these are how big to huge the tips are when you write, brush and erase. I find this really ridiculous. I know editing on and iPhone or iPod Touch can be a pain but this isn’t going to make masking any better. Even on the iPad, this is way ridiculous. You want to say come on guys, who do you think edits on their mobile devices !!!!

Camera Roll-4877

Camera Roll-4878

This is really annoying and just plain stupid !!! You only allowed 4 layers. Then you’re forced to flatten your image to add more layers. Again, COME ON….even DXP allows you to pile more than 4 layers on your photos or images. I figured if you’re going to pay $2.99 you shouldn’t have these limits with an editing app.

Camera Roll-4871

After you’re done save, you can save your creation.

Made with Meld Demo

This is my saved image but I want to show the icing on the cake that pissed me off to no end.

White Edges

See the white edges, this really annoyed me big time. I thought they had beta testers ??? Obviously they were listening to their testers or no one tested the app on the iPad to noticed this. This is a big faux pas in my opinion because now I have to use another app to hide the white edges. There are some people who don’t like to put a frame on their images. Also if you wanted to print out your image, you’ll have these ugly white edges.

Making My Own Universe

I used PhotoToaster to hide the white edges. The thing is I should have to use any app to cover a developer’s over site.

There are nothing simple or innovative with Meld. It was like they took bits and pieces of other apps and slapped them together with no realistic concept. Overall save your money and don’t buy this app, if you did buy the app demand a refund, write reviews or contact the developers ( ). So far the developers have been out of touch, even their IG account @madewithmeld is a ghost town. I also feel Meld owe the public, Apple and Google a huge apology for giving app developers a bad name, exploiting mobile artists/digital artists, having bad beta testers, and ripping off the public…



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8 Responses to Combo Apps/The Problems Made with Meld

  1. Absolutmel_ says:

    Just read through your post. I have to admit that I was tempted to jump on the bandwagon…but something held me back. New! Buy me! Something shiny! I wasn’t feeling it.

    I have found better luck layering with Layrs. They’ve had a few quirks, but have moved past them (IMO).

    I was waiting for your review. I knew you would be the voice of reason.


    • ashcroft54 says:

      Your welcome and I’m hoping people will write reviews and contact the developers. It wouldn’t sure prize me that the tweets will get deleted soon.

  2. lalaithbr says:

    I was one that unfortunately bought this thing called an app. I can say that I don’t ask for a refund because I sincerely don’t know how to begin. Because if I knew that I had the basis for this I would do it. They don’t even answer our emails anymore…

  3. Marc Bestgen says:

    Hi Tina! Sorry i don’t know where to contact you here so i write, i’m back online after a year , are you all right? I read now a bit your blog again -Marc

  4. bogdansky says:

    I find the masking tool to be actually very convenient. That’s because, if you did not know, you can zoom when in masking mode. And you can zoom to something like 1000% so you’ll have no problem fitting your finger anywhere. It is by far the easiest and most accurate masking tool I’ve seen on mobile platform, and it beats Photoshop Touch hands down.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I think most apps beat Adobe Touch hands down, but you’re still limited to layers and the mask brush is still way to big with really bad adjustments. I’ve deleted the app since the developers haven’t really done any reply improvements with the app. I would rather use the Pixite apps since the idea of Meld came from that concept. Good luck getting in touch with the developers.

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