Combo Apps/The AWESOME Return of Simply B&W

Simply B&W has been handed over to James Moore of Fotosyn. It has been redesign and updated to iOS 7 standards. The story about Simply B&W can be read >HERE<. I don’t want to go into it because I want to talk about the app in the “NOW” and my story of testing it. James Moore asked me if I wanted to test his app, I said “YES” !!! The reason is James and I go back when I was struggling with Combo Apps. It was a time where I almost wanted to quit but James gave me the motivation to keep on going. How I met James was a contact on Flickr who told me to follow and talk to him. What was funny is I already was following him but didn’t know he was an app developer. I’ve reviewed his other app Geló and Bleach Bypass. He was also the first developer to give me promo codes to giveaway. I made a slideshow with Fliptastic to show you the edits I’ve made with Simply B&W. As you can see I really love using the app, so sit back and read about why I love using the app.

Camera Roll-3965

The app is loaded up and I’m showing you the settings and how the app operates.

Photo Demo

This will be the photo I’ll be using for the tutorial with Simply B&W.

Camera Roll-3965

When you load your photo up, you have presets you can use if you don’t want to use the manual controls. I don’t use the presets because I prefer to do the manual settings with Black and White photos. Now the presets are great if you’re in a hurry, on the go or want to load them up on Instagram or any other social media.

Camera Roll-3964

Next is the Filters and what the filter does is bring out details and tones of your black and white photos. The reason you need color filters for black and white photo photography is to block out certain colors of light to enhance the details and tones. Back in the day when you shot B&W film you needed these filters to shoot with and they screwed onto your lenses. These color filters came in handy.

Camera Roll-3965

These are the samples of how the color filters work. This is what Simply B&W secret weapon in making beautiful black and whites. These filters are powerful and the best I’ve seen so far in any black and white photo app in the market. This is also where the magic happens with black and whites. I like the green filter so I’ll be using that in my edit.

Camera Roll-3967

Next is the sliders, Brightness, Contrast and Grain. These are the most basic and all you need to edit your black and white conversions. You don’t need anything fancy, just simple effective tools. The Grain is my fave and I’ll add grain to my black and whites. I’m used to the grain from shooting black and whites films, like Ilford HP5, Fuji Neopan 400 and Kodak Tri-X. You can see before and after screen shots of how I used the sliders.

Camera Roll-3968
Now we move onto the next section and it’s broken down in two parts. The first part is the vignette. Vignette adds drama to your black and whites. I love to add vignettes to just about most of the photos to drown out the corners. You have two types, black vignette or white vignette. I mostly use black and rarely use white. White vignettes to me is great for making your photos look dreamy or foggy. I like my black and whites dark and dramatic.

Camera Roll-3969

Part two is your choice of borders, you have three choices None, Black and White. I feel you only need two frames colors. What would I like to see in the future is a slider where you can adjust the width of the borders like you can with the vignettes.

Camera Roll-3965

Then we save our creations. You have other save options too if you want to save, post or email the photos.

Simply B&W Demo

This is my creation made with Simply B&W. So if you want to make beautiful black and whites with one app, then Simply B&W is the app you will ever need. Simply B&W is FREE in the App Store and universal to the iPad.

I want to thank James Moore for letting me beta test Simply B&W. If you have any questions please a comment or email me Go pick up Simply B&W and have a great day !!!


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3 Responses to Combo Apps/The AWESOME Return of Simply B&W

  1. imapurrson says:

    Hi Tina,
    It’s nice to hear how you started off with blogging! Glad that James Moore helped see you through the rough patches. Thank you, for the helpful info on Simply B&W. I’m always looking forward to what you have to say, be it either apps, or photography accessories. Thank you for being here, Tina, for you’re very much appreciated by me! 😊
    Cheers, Denise

  2. Danny says:

    Thanks for the review. I used the old version on some of my first iphone images. It was one of my favorite apps. I’m downloading new version now…


  3. Thanks for the updated review. I believe I had that app way back and am now inspired to try it again 😉

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