Combo Apps/Chalk It Up !

Flower Before and After

JixiPix apps are used a lot in my editing creations, I like to use their apps in the most obscure way possible. I want to push their apps beyond the artistic niche. Chalkspiration is one of their apps where I can push the creation to another level, like shown up above. The edit up above came from my alternative processing days.


This is where the inspiration came from, I made solarized prints with matte photopaper and used colored pencils (Prisma Colors for the waxy base)to color on top of the photos. I know the top demo is monochromic but you get the gist of where the concept came from.

Demo Photo

This is the demo I’ll be using to make my chalked up creation.

Camera Roll-4830

Here’s what I do I load my photo and start with Chalk 02 with auto settings first on the top screen shot. Then second I make my adjustments shown. I pump the green blackboard and add in the details. On your iPhone, you won’t get that made detailed settings like the iPad version of Chalkspiration HD. So just worry about the top section and the bottom section, where there’s None, Round and Square. It doesn’t matter what you use, just remember it’s all preference to your liking.

Camera Roll-4831

Then I make another edit with Chalkspiration with Chalk 07. You can see the adjustments I make with Chalk 07.

Chalkspiration Demo

I make two Chalk edits. It’s a must you do two edits because you need them for layers and blending on top of the original photo. Now you can play with Chalkspiration, make up two different chalk edits of your photo. You don’t have to do it this way, so think of it as a guide to start with before you go off the deep end. I just got lucky with the two different edits to make them work with DXP.

Camera Roll-4832

Next is blending the layers together with DXP, I start with Chalk 02 (green) edit first. Then I load the original photo and use Color Blend Mode. It should look like the last photo in the screen shot.

Camera Roll-4833

Then you load up the Chalk 07 (black) layer on top of of the original two. You will use Overlay for your next blend. If you don’t like the results, Softlight works too and it’s just a little bit lighter than Overlay, Multiply works too but the images comes out really dark.

Chalk It Up ! Demo

This is my finished edit with Chalk It Up !

Convention Center Before and After

Now you’re wondering what works, architecture works well with Chalk It Up ! Make sure the photos done have a tons of details, those edits tend to look muddy with chalk outlines. It’s important to have shapes and forms to make the edit work.

Street Walk Before and After

Street Photography works really well, now make sure you don’t have a ton of details. Shapes and forms are what you looking for and random placement of people doing whatever adds character to the image. This happens to my sister and Vida walking through Balboa Park on Easter.

Flower Before and After

Macro flower photos work the best and just takes your artistic photos to a whole new level. What else is great is you don’t have to struggle with black and white or monochromatic editing when you Chalk It Up !!!

App List:

Chalkspiration – $1.99
Chalkspiration HD – $2.99
DXP – $1.99

If you have any question please leave a comment or email me I want to thank JixiPix for giving me a code for Chalkspiration. Have a great day and happy editing !!!!



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5 Responses to Combo Apps/Chalk It Up !

  1. lalaithbr says:

    Thanks, Tina. This was really helpful. Liked the edits you did. 😉

  2. stickyquote says:

    Awesome edits Tina!

  3. eucalyptha says:

    Jixipix make great apps. Haven’y tried this one yet but it looks great. Thanks for the tutorial. I def will get this app

  4. rvgram says:

    Awesome review and tips!

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