Combo Apps/Olloclip 3-in-1 Macro Lens System

It’s all about the macro system when it comes to mobile photography. If you love taking macro photos only or the type that doesn’t use the wide angle/fisheye lenses, then the Olloclip 3-in-1 Macro Lens System is for you.

Olloclip 3-in-1 Macro Lens iPhone 5/5S

This lens system only comes for the iPhone 5/5S, but…

My Olloclip 3-in-1 Lens System

They have it for the iPhone 4/4S version so I could write about it. In the second photo on the right are all the items that come in the box. You get the Olloclip lenses, 2 lens diffusers, 2 lens caps, iPod Touch Clip and a micro fiber bag.

3-in-1 Macro Lens System

Now there are 3 different macro lenses, 7x, 14x and 21x. The 7x and 14x unscrew/screw off each other. When you use the 7x macro, the diffuser does not work on top of the lens and that’s fine. The diffusers come in handy for the 14x and 21x. I’ll explain why in the nest set of photos…

7x-14x-21x Demo Photos

Here are demos taken with the 3 macro lenses, I start with the 7x from the left, 14x in the middle and 21x on the right. What’s cool is you start off with the whole dried flower to an abstraction of the dried flower. I really like taking abstract macro photos because I love the tiny details and textures brought to life in macro photography.

Now back to the diffusers, they come in handy for diffusing light evenly. It’s also a very helpful guide in taking macro photos too, like shown in the video.

Olloclip Macro System Collage

I wanted to share a collage of photos I’ve taken with the 3-in-1. The camera apps I used were Hipstamatic and ProCamera 7.

Overall the 3-in-1 Macro System is one of the best set of macro lenses I’ve used so far. These lenses are well constructed glass, very durable and worth it’s weight in gold. You get beautiful mobile photos. I can’t wait to go out and take more photos with this lens set. If you have the Olloclip app, there’s a macro setting you can use with the app. All you really need are 3 different macro lenses and Olloclip has done it for you with the 3-in-1.

Product List:

Olloclip 3-in-1 Macro Lens – $69.99
Quick FlipCase iPhone 5/5S – $39.99 Translucent Black, White and Clear
Olloclip Accessories for extra or replaced parts
Olloclip App – FREE

Click >HERE< to check out other retailers and online sites to purchase your Olloclip system for US and Canada. >HERE< for EMEA, >HERE< for Asia Pacific and >HERE< for Latin America.

1-Year Warranty

We provide a One Year Limited Warranty for all original olloclip products. All original olloclip products are warranted to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship under normal use for a period of one year from the original date of purchase. At the sole discretion of olloclip, any defective product will be repaired or replaced with the same or an equivalent product. All original olloclip products must be purchased directly from olloclip or from an authorized reseller to be eligible for and covered under the One Year Limited Warranty. A sales receipt from the original olloclip authorized reseller is required for warranty service.


Our One Year Limited Warranty does not cover misuse, accidental damage, or abuse. Any damage caused by alteration to an olloclip product or by using the olloclip product for other than it’s intended use is not covered under warranty. Damage to any non-olloclip product is excluded without any limitation. Shipping charges associated with returning any product for warranty service are not covered under the One Year Limited Warranty.

I want to thank Patrick O’Neill and Janali West for letting me write a review on 3-in-1 Macro Lenses. If you have any questions about this product or anything else, please a comment to email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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6 Responses to Combo Apps/Olloclip 3-in-1 Macro Lens System

  1. Steven gamez says:

    Wow this soooo great I take a lot of micros n the old olloclip isn’t cutting the mustard yes!! Love blog love ur ig feed 🙌🙌👌👌

  2. imapurrson says:

    What beautiful eye candy you’ve created with the 3-1 Olloclip! All of the pictures are gorgeous! Love the detail in which you spoke of these lenses and all that comes with it. It’s good to know that you think they’re of good quality. You always such give a well written review, and that is very much appreciated! Lucky me, to have found you as soon as I joined IG! 😍👍😊🙌

  3. eucalyptha says:

    Now this looks great. I already read about it on the apple page and asked a collegue to bring me 1 back from the States. She could not find it in any apple store. Maybe I can order 1 online. Cause this looks like heaven to me!! Olloclip really knows how to make people happy. !!!!!!!!

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  5. lalaithbr says:

    Loved the images! It’s a pity they didn’t have this when I bought mine. I almost always only use the macro lens in my Olloclip.

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