Combo Apps/Wayman Stairs Video Tutorial

Tutorial by Wayman Stairs (IG:@wstairs)

First I open up the original image (dark gray sky) into clever painter and scribble away. Then I open that image in Fragment and select random, till I get some shapes that I like. Now I can import all three images into art studio, using the first image as my base layer. Selecting the image with the rectangles, I use the straight line drawing mode (edit/drawing mode) and choose the eraser function. I can now erase in a straight line. Now I have just the shape and a grey background, I add a drop shadow (filters/stylize/drop shadow) so that the shape looks like it is separated from the background image. You can adjust the angles of the shadow by playing with the sliders.

Next I use the circle select tool (Left Tool Bar) to select and erase the areas around the circle shape. If you need to change the selection to the outside portion you can use the inverse function (select/inverse). I repeat this for the outside portion, as well as inside and then repeat the shadow process previously stated. Then I move the first shape layer so that is on top of the circle layer and make the original background visible.

Next I wanted to add a little more color to the image so I added a new layer of clouds. Then I selected the layer button on the bottom left of the screen and changed the blending mode to overlay so that the clouds and the previous image blended together and both showed thru.

Now it is time to import my statue image. I erase all of the background using the eraser function and then adjust the color (adjust/Hue/Saturation/Lightness) by lowering the saturation and also increase the contrast (adjust/brightness/contrast/exposure) to help bring out the natural shadows in the statue.

Next its time to bend and twist my object (filters/distort/elastify) using the elastify option. I like to use this option cause I can manipulate the image any way I wish with the swipe of a finger. I then import a previous png file I created in Art Studio of an egg. I want to put the egg on top of the statues head so I use the transform function (Edit/Transform Layer). Using this function I can bend and twist the viewing aspect of the image so that it looks like the egg is actually on top of the statues head by dragging the corners of the box. Then I distort the egg like the statue to make it look like the egg is running. Finally, I added small details to the egg and statue like sharpening (filters/sharpen).

Now I wanted to make the figure look as if it was a celestial being so I wanted to make it glow. I selected the white color from my palette and then selected the glow function (filters/stylize/glow). I chose normal glow and adjusted the sliders to the max on both options. Lastly I resized the image for maximum output (image/resize) and using the bicubic option (max square size in Art Studio is 2448×2448). My image is complete and ready to be exported to my social sharing sites.

Instagram: @wstairs
EyeEm: @wstairs
Flickr: w_stairs
Twitter: @wstairs
Facebook Page: Wayman Stairs Art
Website & Store

Bio: Born and raised in the Central Valley of California, Wayman Stairs’ love of surrealism has transformed how he uses his iPhone and iPad as a canvas, instead of just digital devices. Now currently living in Madera, California with his wife and two boys, he works as a physical education teacher and coach.

Wayman’s love of the surreal is evident as he transforms a normal scene into abstract dreamscapes. Taking things that are real and tangible, then creating something unusual and fun by blurring and distorting the lines of reality.



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