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235 Demo

Hey Everyone !!! Today I’m going to be writing about the Fisheye Lenses from DCKina. I wanted to a special blog post on mobile fisheye lenses. It’s also a comparison of the different degrees and style your looking to shoot. All of these Fisheyes are universal to most smartphones from Apple to Android to Windows. The top photo was taken with 235 degrees circular fisheye and edited with Snapseed.

Devil's Eye Fisheye

The Devil’s Eye Fisheye Clip Lens is the first mobile lens I will start with. This clip lens is universal to most smartphones on the market, based on where the cameras is placed on the smartphone. It’s also universal to most tablets that have a rear or front facing camera.

Devil's Eye Fisheye

This lens is really solid and you can feel it’s on the heavy side. That’s how you know the lens is made of glass and not plastic. You can screw off the lens from the clip and use the lens on a threaded case or other threaded attachments.

Devil's Eye Demo

Here’s a photo demo taken with the Devil’s Eye, now you will get this orange vignette around the edges. I saw a really deceiving video on YouTube. You can click >HERE< to watch the video. If you took the time to watch the video, you will notice the photograph tells a totally different story. I will have to admit the edges are blurry but not as bad as I’ve seen in other fisheye lens.

235 Fisheye

The next is 235 Fisheye Circular Clip-on. The fisheye lens is universal with most smartphones.

235 Fisheye

This is what the package looks like when you get the 235.

235 Fisheye

Here’s everything that comes in the box, the lens, clip and micro fiber bag. The lens is solid and made of glass, when you hold it in your hand. I was really surprised and impressed with the lens construction !!

235 Demo

This is what your photos will like using the lens. I really love the photos because the look like planets. I also like to shoot straight up and down. This is the only fisheye where the fuzzy circular edges doesn’t bother me. The only down fall is the lens does stay in place well, so I use the threaded case to hold the lens in place.

190 Fisheye

Next is the 190 Fisheye and it a little wider than the 180 Fisheye. The 190 has a solid build with a glass lens. It’s a little heavy in your hand. It comes with two lens cap and you can order a threaded case or a threaded clip with this lens.

190 Demo

Here’s my demo photo from the 190 and it’s really fuzzy and blurry on the edges. But what I like is you have room to crop out the edges, then you can use Big Photo app and get the pixel you lost form the crop. The downfall to this lens is it’s wide, so you have to make sure your fingers are no wear near your iPhone. It’s recommended you use this lens on a tripod and a flat mount and nothing to bulky.

Fisheye 190

Next is the 180 Fisheye. I use this lens a lot to shoot trees upwards because I like how the branches fan out. It’s pretty solid and like how it feels. I have a threaded case to attach my fisheye lens on.

180 Demo

Here’s a demo photo shot with the 180 and it looks pretty good. The edges are blurry, so is the Olloclip Fisheye lens. I was using this fisheye lens for awhile and really like it. It’s not as heavy as the Olloclip Fisheye but works pretty close to the same.

Universal Lens Clip for Smartphones

Now the last of the lenses is the Super Wide Angle, you can order one of these clips with the lens. You can also get the Fisheye, 190 Fisheye and Macro/Wide Angle. I’m adding the Super Wide Angle because the distortion is close to a fisheye. I also love wide angle photography and mobile photography. The distorted angles draw me in and just love the angles.

Super Wide Demo

Here’s the Super Wide Angle demo, the edges aren’t so bad and you have room to work with. You get some great distortions and pretty sharp photos. I like using this lens to shoot trees upwards too.

Fisheye Edge

I made a collage of all the angle edges from each of the mobile lenses, so you can see the difference. I will go in order from left to right. The first photo in the collage is the Devil’s Eye Fisheye. The second photo in the collage is the 235 Circular Fisheye. The third photo is the 190 Fisheye. The fourth photo is the 180 Fisheye. The fifth and final photo is the Super Wide Angle.

190 Demo

Here’s another 190 Fisheye Demo of the trees I like to shoot upward.

180 Vida Demo

Everyone loves Vida and this Fisheye shot, I shot this with the 180 and I did a black and white conversion of this photo. You can see it on Instagram @combo_apps.

Product List:

Devil’s Eye Fisheye – $12.55
235 Circular Fisheye Clip – $22.41
190 Fisheye – $ 31.98
180 Fisheye – $10.64
180 Fisheye/Macro+ – $20.85
Super Wide Angle – $15.05
Threaded Cases

OK something I wanted to share with you and an arrangement I made with DCkina. You can get a 12% discount from listed price and must purchase at least $8 USD (for product, shipping not included). The promo code is TinaRice, so make sure the item you order are $8 or more when you apply the discount code. This dose not include shipping prices.

DCkina Shipping Policies:

DCkina deliver orders to all destinations in the world, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France (Metropolitan), Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland(Swiss), Argentina, Brazil, India, Hungary, Israel, South Korea, Malaysia, Malta, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR China, Indonesia, Cyprus, Moldova,Slovakia, Croatia, Taiwan (Republic of China), Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom etc.

DCkina provides – Standard Air mail / Air Parcel – Standard Air Mail / Air Parcel with insurance – SpeedPost (EMS)

*Please note that normal transit time for US orders with standard shipping is 10 to 14 days. For other countries (or territories), it usually takes 2 to 4 weeks (could be shorter or longer depending on location and custom regulations). Please login to have your tracking information to track. Please contact our Customer Service team if your order does not arrive in 6 weeks from order date. Note that for standard shipping, online tracking is not guaranteed. If you would like to get the order in a quicker way, you may use our express service, it is a little bit higher in cost, but more secure and faster and online tracking step by step is guaranteed (only applicable to major countries). It normally arrives in 1 week for major countries (provided the custom-clearing is smooth).*

Click “HERE” if you want to find out more detailed information on Shipping, returns and refunds.

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me You can contact DCkina if you want to ask them in more details their products and shipping. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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  1. maryjane428 says:

    The reason I’m sure it’s in the silk profile is also because the bamboo rayon prints all shades perfectly. Silk often reacts to yellows strongly but I doubt that’s all the reason. I’ll send the screenshots later. It prints almost exactly the same. Thx. Hope your laptop gets relivened! -(sp?)

    MaryJane Sarvis

    “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art” Oscar Wilde


  2. eucalyptha says:

    Thanks Tina. Great blog as always.

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