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My a Grip&Shoot

This is what I got in the mail, a seal package.

buy_page_white 2

What’s inside are Bluetooth grip, 2 iPhone cases 4/4s & 5/5S, a carrying case that attaches to your belt or pant waist, a nylon wrist strap.



Now if you want something universal or you have an Android phone, you can order a JawZ clip grip. This clip grip is great for people who have OtterBox Case or own a Galaxy Note 3. I don’t know if it work with Note 3 with an OtterBox case together. It’s worth a pick up especially when you want to use an Olloclip, DCKina lenses or other type of clip/case lenses. The iPhone cases that come with package are really limited especially when you’re into using mobile lenses. It does come with JawZ when you order the whole package.

Camera Roll-3903

Camera Roll-3904

Ok, so the only app you can use at the moment is The Grip & Shoot and it’s FREE. The app is really use to sync with the grip. All you have to do is load the app and look for the message box. Then tap on the message box and you’re ready to shoot.

Grip&Shoot Demo - 1

Grip&Shoot Boyce

Here are a couple photo I took with the Grip&Shoot app. It’s more of a point and shoot app with no real settings to the app. There a few but I’m hoping in future updates they will add in some manual controls in the camera app. You have to use the Grip&Shoot app with the grip. The reason is the app runs the newer Bluetooth version that uses less battery power. So no other apps will run with the Grip&Shoot but the developers have offered on their website to work with other developers to work with their product. I think this is a great idea, so if any app developers read this blog post. Please check out the Grip&Shoot Website. We all need extra battery power without mobile devices.

Olloclip Macro 10x with Grip&Shoot

Olloclip Macro 15x with Grip&Shoot

Now I tested the Grip&Shoot with my Olloclip, I just used the macro lenses. What I noticed is it’s great to take macro photos with Grip&Shoot but not so great with the wide angle or fisheye. The olloclip is a little on the heavy side so it made it hard for me to shoot with the lenses because I can only use one hand. I don’t think it would be a problem using two hands. You can only use mobile lenses if you got the JawZ. The iPhone cases makes it impossible to use most mobile lenses.

Removable Stand, Black

You can also slide off the bottom tip so you have a mini table top stand with your iPhone.


There’s a screw at the bottom where you put on a cold shoe or spare grip adapter. The Grip Adapter can be attached to any Device Stand with a ¼”-20 thread such as the Square Jellyfish, Glif, or Joby Micro Stand. This can help you attach an iPad Mini to the GRIP&SHOOT!

That was a video demo on how to connecting the Bluetooth grip to your iPhone.

Here’s how to change the battery in the grip. Overall this is a well made product just the technology hasn’t caught up with the grip yet. I like hoe the grip feels in my hand. This will be great with shooting games along with camera apps. It is a little pricy but it’s great product. It works with Android Smartphones.

Product Price List:

Grip&Shoot – $99.95 Black or White
JawZ – $14.95 Black or White
Grip Adapter – $2.95 Black or White
Coming soon are extra Adapter and Cold Shoe.

Grip&Shoot App iOS – FREE
Grip&Shoot App Android – FREE

You can also purchase Grip&Shoot on Amazonand FREE shipping.

Click here for warranty do the product.

I want to thank Ben Zaheski for the product and emails involved. If you have any question please leave a comment it email You can also contact Grip&Shoot for more information HERE. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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