Combo Apps/How I Organise My Photo Apps

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Hey everyone and HAPPY 4th of JULY !!! Today I’m going write about how I organised apps. Up at the top are where I share my photos, test apps and the apps I’m going to write about. The reason why I’m going to show you what on my iPad because on my iPad the apps stay in a permanent location. On my iPhone I’m always constantly changing the apps around because I try them out and delete most of them. Toward the end of the blog I’m going to give you some tips on howitzer keep them organised.

The music folder is for making music for slideshows. With copy right infringements on the rise, I’m teaching myself on how to make my own music with LaunchPad, Figure and a few other apps to go along with LaunchPad. I’ve even made a SoundCloud account so I can load my music up. I only have one tune on there for practice. It’s also another creative outlet for me because I started with music as my first art medium.

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I’m going to start off with the camera apps. I don’t have a whole lot of camera apps. The reason is I don’t take pictures with my iPad but when I do I use ProCamera HD for iPad at the top left hand corner. If I want to take black and white I have MPro because it’s universal to the iPad and stable. I have FieldCam and planning a 4 x 5 camera type project. The ProCam apps are for Vida and Boyce when I explain to them how a camera operates. They ask me a lot of questions when I take photos. Most of the other Camera Apps are for editing purposes and there’s a folder of more camera apps. Some of them are iPhone only but I can use them on my iPad. They come in handy when I want to change up my editing style.

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I have a folder just for photo utilities. The folder is full of slideshow, file transfers, filer formats and cloud services. It’s important to keep these app separate from your regular photo and art apps. I also have a folder called Paper & Notes not shown. That’s where I keep writing and drawing apps at, like IA Writer to Procreate there. This is most for apps where I would use a stylus or type out my thoughts and ideas.

Camera Roll-4902

Here are my editing apps, I also have a folder at the bottom right hand corner full of more editing apps. What’s showing on the page are the editing apps I use the most or they have a tool I really like and want them accessible. Editing app in my opinion are tools or textures you apply on top of your photo with tools. I try to keep them together.

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When it comes to JixiPix and Appnotix, I keep them on one page. It just make sense to keep them together. They’re just great apps for all kinds of different types of editing.

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I keep all the apps that have an effect or an applied effect to them. Now some people will argue that Editing and Effects are the same types of app but I think they’re two totally different types of apps.

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This is my Art Novelty page, basically these apps have novelty artistic effect to them. They have an iconic appeal to them. Some are great by themselves or they’re great for layer, blending and masking effects.

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Regen Art Folder is where I keep all my retentive art app. These are app that constantly regenerate computerised art. What I do is take screen shots do the art process to use as texture layers and blending the on top of photos. Now if you want to read more about these apps and check out a list click >HERE< of an older blog post I written about these apps.

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The Montage folder is where I keep my collage, font art and labelling apps. I like to keep them in one place. I’ll have apps like PicFrame to Over in that folder.

These are my rules for organising apps into pages and folders. Now take this as a rule of thumb and everyone has their own way or organisation. There is no right or wrong way but you don’t want a chaotic mess on your smartphones and tablets either.

1. Try to keep your app in categories, like I did up above. How you categorise them is up to you. You can use this blog post as a guide to help you.

2. Make sure once a month you go through your iPhone or iPad and clean out your apps. I have over a thousand apps. I don’t have all these apps on my iPhone or iPad because lack of room or I don’t like them. So as a rule of thumb if haven’t used it in month then get rid of the apps.

3. Do not try to keep track of every single one of your apps. This will frustrate and give you a giant headache. So if I come across an old app in my collection and forgot about them. I will download the app and try it. If I like it then I’ll keep it around a bit and if I hate it, I’ll delete it. We are all guilty of getting apps we hate, especially me because I write about them.

4. Keep it simple and fun when you organise your apps. Don’t get lost in categories and sub categories when keeping your photo and art apps together. There are all kinds of ways or organising these apps and no wrong way to putting apps together. Even CHAOS can be organised !!!

I hope you find this blog post helpful. If you have any suggestions and leave a comment. Please be helpful and constructive with your suggestions. I know everyone has their own way of doing things. You can email me your suggestion too, Have a Happy 4th and see you soon !!!



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7 Responses to Combo Apps/How I Organise My Photo Apps

  1. lalaithbr says:

    Hi! I liked your way to organize your apps. I mostly do the same, but I keep most of them in separate folders. For example, Jixipix apps and montage apps, I have a separate folder. Good tip regarding to delete the apps the we don’t use in more than a month. I have an iPad 3 and iPhone 5 both with 64Gb and mostly they are always full, specially the iPhone.

  2. Enrique says:

    The 4×5 field camera project sounds VERY interesting. The only one available at the moment is, as you mention, Fieldcam. In the analog era (still live and well) I enjoyed 4×5 photography so, whenever there is a 4×5 digital project I fall for it! Ha!When will we hear more about it?

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  5. eucalyptha says:

    Great tip Tina. Thanks for this!!

  6. All this ways of organising apps looks great. Thanks for sharing all of them and would love to see other kinds of apps as well.

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