Combo Apps/The Cool Cam Effect

The Cool Cam Demo

Camera Roll-4161

Ok, let’s load up Cool Cam and get started. When you load the app up you will see a menu after the load screen. The menu is simple and explains itself. I’ll dhow what the buttons do in the next screen shot below.

Camera Roll-4162

Now the first two buttons are pretty obvious of wha they do, the top button is camera and the second button is load from your photo library. Those screen shots are not shown but I’ll have the bottom 3 of screen shots shown instead. The first screen shot is from the tool button. This will tell you how to operate the app. It’s pretty cut and dry but you will always have this info in case you forget on how to operate the app. The second screen shot is from the “i” and give you information about the developers. It also tells you about the concept of the app. The third screen shot is the gallery. The gallery is from photographers from Instagram that were edited with Cool Cam. They have the name of the photographers with their Instagram name so you can look them up and follow them.

Camera Roll-4163

Now let’s load a photo and start editing…if you noticed it’s simple. You make your photo fit into a square. The reason for the square is you can load them onto Instagram. I know for some people it’s a deal breaker but most of us it’s great and it’s works. You have 10 different photo effects. All you have to is tap on the button. Some of the edits are in Portuguese because the developers are in Brazil. And some of the button are in English, just play with the buttons to find the effect you like…

What I would like to see in the future is the ability to pile the effects on top of each other.

Camera Roll-4164

The next set of are about Onda. The “O” (Onda) button is the only one where you can double tap and get 2 different effects. I’m hoping in the future the other buttons will do a double tap edit. Shown up above.

Camera Roll-4165

Now after you’re done with your effects, you have two basic edits. Brightness and Contrast, it’s all you really need and nothing more. As long as you take well exposed photos, you won’t need the other editing tools. Something else I forget to mention was the arrows at the bottom left and right sides. Those are you previous and next button after you’ve cropped, add the effect and edit your photo. The last screen shot is the save screen. When you see that screen your photo is already saved to your camera roll. These are just other options where you want to post your creations. The save resolution is 2048 x 2048 and that’s not bad coincide ring the app is FREE.

Ok instead of showing you the finish results of the edit demo, I made a slideshow of all the different edits from start to finish. All the edits were made with Cool Cam, so sit back and watch the show. The slideshow was made with PicTrip.

Cool Cam Boyce

Next I wanted to show you a quick edit using Cool Cam, Glaze and DXP. First I took a photo of Boyce with Hipstamatic ( Jane and Blancko C16).

Glaze Boyce

Next I used Glaze with edit from Cool Cam. There’s a section of paints I like to use because it gives me the best results for piling on layers and blending them together.

Cool Glaze Boyce

Then I combine the layers with DXP and used Difference blend to get this effect. It’s a very simple edit Combo to go with a very simple app.

The Cool Cam eBook - 1

The Cool Cam eBook - 2

The last thing I wanted to talk about is The Cool Cam eBook. These are two screen shots from the eBook. You can pick this book up for FREE !! It’s a 100 images from photographers Milton Montenegro and Marcia Ramalho. This ebook is really nice look at with beautiful images done with The Cool Cam app.

Item List:

The Cool Cam App
The Cool Cam eBook

Requires iOS 7 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and optimised with iPhone 5/5S.

To view the eBook, you must have an iOS Device with iBook 1.2 or later and iOS 4.2 or later or a Mac with iBook 1.0 or later and OS X 10.9 or later.

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment to email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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