Combo Apps/Harry Griffen Park Scene

imageConcert in the park setup

Yesterday I was at summer concerts at the park with my friends from high school. When I was in high school I was in band and played trumpet. This was my first introduction of belonging to a community that I’m still part of to this day. Music also helped me cope with the struggles I had growing up. It helped me cope with my abusive parents and come to terms with my homosexuality. I still have deep connections with my fellow band mates to this day. Up above is The San Diego Concert Band setting up for the concert. The conductor of the band is my old band director from high school, Roy Anthony Jr.

Harry Griffen Park Scene - 1

But before the concert, there was a picnic reunion with some band members. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone because I felt I had nothing to talk about. Now that I’m going through recovery, I feel like I’m not very useful to people. I don’t like talking about myself when I have to find a creative way of saying, “I’m not working and just writing blog posts at the moment..”

Harry Griffen Park Scene - 2

So…I had my iPhone, olloclip and Shoulderpod S1 with me and took off to take pictures. What I’m going to show are the landscapes I took at Harry Griffen Regional Park in La Mesa CA.

Harry Griffen Park Scene - 3

It’s not an easy park to get in and out of because it’s tucked away in the hills of La Mesa. This was my first time visiting this park. It’s a good size park (53 acres) with hiking trails, playground, amphitheater, canine corner and shaded picnic areas.

Harry Griffen Park Scene - 5

Harry Griffen Park Scene - 6

I was really intrigued with the hiking/jogging paths. I took a lot of photos in that area do the park. I just loved looking at the landscape of the park.

Harry Griffen Park Scene - 7

Harry Griffen Park Scene - 8

There were so many picturesque sections of the park and having my Shoulderpod was really helpful for me. I could grip the phone with two hands and take really stable pictures. I used the wide angle lens from my olloclip because I was shooting square format pictures with ProCamera 7.

Harry Griffen Park Scene - 4

I had my cane with me so I could really go to far and explore like I wanted too. But taking these photos helped me cope and realised I want to travel and take photos. All I really need is my iPhone and iPad to do this and the mobile gear which is light and easy to carry with me. Oh and a few cloud services to store my photos and edits. It’s a dream to be able to travel, take photos and write…

All the photos were taken with ProCamera 7 and edited with Snapseed and Distressed FX.



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8 Responses to Combo Apps/Harry Griffen Park Scene

  1. Tracy Munson says:

    How is “just writing blog posts” while recovering from a stroke “not working”?

    • ashcroft54 says:

      It’s simple I’m not married and don’t have any kids. They talked about Hawaii. Some of the band mates I’m close to and talk about what I’m doing. They’ll ask how I’m doing and happy to see me getting out. You just know who cares and who cares about themselves. I can really pick up on it.

      • Tracy Munson says:

        That’s fair enough, some people will care and some won’t, out of any group of people but that’s no reason to undermine what you’re doing or the goals you’re pursuing. Who cares if you’re not married with kids? Those who can only brag about their children should be the ones worrying about boring the rest of us!

      • ashcroft54 says:

        Yes ma’am !!!

  2. You’re the Master in extreme editing Tina! Thanks for sharing your great work with us. Cheers from Barcelona.

  3. Dave Soolin says:

    Wow. You have an incredible talent! I use the same apps as you,but my pictures just don’t turn out like this. I think I need to push the envelope a little more as you have done. I’m still a little insecure about my abilities at this point and afraid that things won’t look good. Appreciate your posts!

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