Combo Apps/Pushing Beyond The Obvious with Painterly Sketch Apps Part 2

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Now we continue with part two with 8 more painterly and sketch apps. The image up above will show you what type of details I’m looking for with these apps as I pile layers on top of each other to bring out those painterly and sketching details in my mobile art work. It’s about push beyond the obvious and finding creative combinations with these types of apps. We are looking at these apps to make creative texture layers, like the top image up above.

XnSketch Demo

I’m going to kick off part two with XnSketch by XnSoft. It’s a very simple app with a very simple UI (user interface). You have 20 different effects, edge strength, opacity adjustment and other simple editing tools. Your sketches saves only at 1536 x 1536, so the res output isn’t that great. But I like the results and I have my way of manipulating res output. I’ll use this app for lines to stand out in my mobile editing. I like that you can adjust the thickness of the lines to bring out details in the image. XnSketch sells for $1.99 in the App Store or you can wait for the app to go FREE. It also universal to the iPad and there’s an Android version at the Google Play Store for FREE. The image shown up above was done with XnSketch.

PicSketch Demo

Next is PicSketch and one of my favourite sketch apps. Now you wondering why, because it’s has a very luscious rendering output on your sketches. You have control over the output with sliders and background choices. The resolution is only 1600 x 1600 but I know how to manipulate and push pixel output. I like to use this app for line details in my image, sometimes for texture background. It depends on my editing mood and what kind of style I’m trying to convey. PicSketch is universal to the iPad and sells for $1.99. The image up above was done with PicSketch.

ToonPaint HD Demo

We move onto the next app called ToonPaint by ToonFX. ToonPaint is an oldie but goodie app that started the whole Cartoonish mobile editing style. It’s a great app the features tools to make your photo look like cartoons. You can colour in areas, mess with the ink lines and manipulate the photo. You have a great selection of different paper and grungy background too. It’s a very stable app and never really had any problems. The resolution save 2448 x 2448, so this makes the app great. Now if you want the iPad version you will have to get ToonPaint HD and it sells for $2.99 and ToonPaint for iPhone sells for $1.99. No in-app purchases with both versions of the apps. The image up above was done with ToonPaint HD.

PencilFX Demo

From the same developers of ToonFX, we have Pencil FX. What’s nice about this app is it’s universal to the iPad. It has some of the same tool but you images are made into sketches. You have lines controls and a nice assortments of backgrounds and paper textures. The app has in in-app purchases and resolution save of 2800 x 2800. PencilFX sells for $1.99 in the App Store. The image up above was done with PencilFX.

ArtistaOil HD Demo

Of course I have to toss in the Jixipix apps, we will start with PhotoArtistra – Oil. It’s an oldie but goodie and one of the best apps to make a detail oil painting. You start off with some really nice presets to manually controlling the edits. You can even changes your background textures and adjust the opacity. It’s a very well designed app and great for creative inspirations. The images saves are 2448 x 2448. If you want the iPad version then you have to purchase PhotoArtistra HD – Oil. All Jixipix apps have a separate iPhone and iPad version. PhotoArtistra – Oil sells for $2.99 and PhotoArtistra HD – Oil sells for $2.99. The Image up above was done with PhotoArtistra HD – Oil.

Haiku HD Demo

Next is PhotoArtista – Haiku and it’s a Japanese style of painting. It’s a representation of juxtaposing two images so it has a movement effect with your images. It has a free flow style just like writing a haiku poem. The painting are done by haiku poets and the paintings are called Haiga. That’s what the app should be called Haiga instead of Haiku. Most of these paintings are free flowing form from using a Japanese calligraphy brush, to match the poem that was written. The images will add more depth to the poems. The inks used in the Haiga are water-based and can be considered to be watercolours. Now if you want the iPad version you will have to get PhotoArtistra HD – Haiku and it sells for $2.99. The regular iPhone version PhotoArtistra – Haiku sells for $2.99. The images saves at 2448 x 2448 and the image up above was done with PhotoArtistra HD – Haiku.

Aquarella HD Demo

The third app I wanted to talk about is Aquarella. This app is the true watercolour app and pretty close to the real deal. It has some top notch presets with manual controls. It’s a very powerful app. You have different watercolour papers and surfaces, along with mixing colours and hues. You have some really great brush surfaces and controls. You can get Aquarella HD for the iPad and sells for $2.99. iPhone Aquarella version sells for $2.99. The watercolours you get from Aquarella make some really great textures for blend and layers other images and/or photos on top of each other. The resolution save is 2448 x 2448. The image up above was done with Aquarella HD.

Corel Paint It Now! Demo - 2

The last app is about generative painting apps, called Corel Paint It! Now It’s free and does have a great resolution save, 540 x 540. However if your looking for something quick and easy for posting on Facebook or Instagram. Then this is the app for you, my favourite is the Impressionism. I used to use this app a lot back in the day. It was great for doing Instagram posts. I don’t use this app anymore, but I wanted to bring it up because it’s a painterly app. There’s an iPad version called Corel Paint It! Show and it’s FREE, but doesn’t work all that great.

Now if you have any questions please leave a comment or email me If you need to express your opinions on this blog post then make comment too. Have a great day and see you soon…



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3 Responses to Combo Apps/Pushing Beyond The Obvious with Painterly Sketch Apps Part 2

  1. dalgeri says:

    A wonderful explanation of these painting apps. Some I have and are tucked away in folders and a little neglected. I will have to remedy that and haul them out, dust them off and have a play. Thank you for such in depth posts about these apps, painterly is my most favourite way to edit photos so you have given me a nudge to play with my apps. Also I have included your posts in my Flipboard magazine, Pics, Apps and Tutorials by Davinia Algeri, I hope that is ok.

  2. Jimmy says:

    One of my favorite painter apps is AutoPainter. It has styles of four famous painters. Worth checking out if you enjoy apps like these.

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