Combo Apps/Pushing Beyond The Obvious with Painterly Sketch Apps Part 1

Abstract Moon Mix

Tonight I wanted to talk about painterly and sketching apps, now you’re wondering will it be Glaze, Brushstrokes or Waterlogue. No, it won’t be about those apps because I’ve written about those apps already. What I wanted to talk about are the apps that aren’t trendy/forgotten and trends in mobile artists trying to make their photos into paintings. Most of these artist will use an average of 6 apps to make their creations into paintings. But if you know my style in editing and making mobile art, it’s not always about the obvious with apps. It’s about pushing apps in a different direction and making it your own. The top image is a combinations of painterly apps with layers of different photos applied on top of each other, shown up above. You will noticed I used the painterly app for its texture to make a very surreal/abstract image. I also like to bring out certain details in my images with painterly and sketching apps. What I want to to talk about are textures that come from these painterly and sketch apps. What to look for in textures to apply different combinations of textures to make the edit up above. The blog will talk about 16 different painterly and sketch apps and will be a two part blog post. What you want to look for are details in the textures to apply layers on top of your images. These painterly and sketching apps will give you a glimpse of what I look for in texture manipulations. I’ll post a demo edit from each of the apps and write important details about the apps.

Artify Demo

The first painterly app is Artify by Kodama Studios, LLC. It’s an oldie but goodie, as you can see you have a very nice impressionistic style. What I like about this app is you apply the different brush strokes on top of the photo. You have 3 different paint styles, Impressionism, Salon de Paris and Great Masters. You have 3 different brush types, art paint brush, a regular pain brush and paint roller. You can change the size of the brush, color intensity and Artify Effect. I use this app on my iPad with a stylus to paint over my photo. If you don’t have an iPad that’s ok, Artify is universal to the iPhone. Resolution save is 2448 x 2448 and it’s based on the resolution of the photo itself. The app is old and in need of an update to bring to 2014 standards. If you plan to pick up this app, I would write a review and let the developer know the app needs an update. Artify sells for $1.99 at the App Store. The image up above was done with Artify.

Foolproof Demo

Foolproof by StudioMee is the next app and you see that it looks different than most painterly apps. It’s a painting app that gives you nice oily blurred textures. This app is a definite one of a kind art app to have in your collection. There’s an iPhone and an iPad version of this app and not universal. I have both versions and use them this app does high resolution saves at 3547 x 3547 which is AWESOME !!! You can make some really beautiful creations. And use your creations for great blending and layers textures to bring out some interesting details and effects. You can pick up Foolproof for iPhone or Foolproof for iPad for $1.99 each at the App Store. Now if you don’t want to buy the apps you can pick up the FREE version to test out the apps. At the end if this blog post I’ll give you a list of all the StudioMee apps. The image up above was done with FoolProof for iPad.

SketchMeeHD Demo

The next StudioMee app is SketchMee HD and they make SketchMee for the iPhone. They both also offer an in-app purchase $2.99 and it’s for PDF Export. You don’t need to get unless you have the Abode Suite Program’s and need to transfer files a lot. Right now each of the app are on sale for $.99 each, so get it while it’s cheap. What I like about the app are the tools and adjustment sliders. You can do your images in black and white or in colour. SketchMee even has a resolution save of 3072 x 3072, which is awesome and not very many apps offer that high of a save for you images. You can also create some really cool textures and bring out details really well with this app. I highly recommend this app for the art lover. It’s one of those apps that after your done with it, that’s all you’ll need. Shown up above is a demo done with SketchMee HD and I even will use this app on my iPhone too.

CleverPaint Demo

CleverPaint is a newer painterly app that’s universal to the iPhone/iPad. What the app does is you apply the painterly texture on top of you photo. You also have different painterly effects with brush sizes and you can zoom in and out of the picture you’re painting. When I use this app on my iPad, I break out the stylus and plan to be using the app for awhile. So make sure apps are turned off in the background and full battery is a must with this app. On my iPhone I just like to slap on the paint for a quick textures and not look for a detailed pant job. There is an in-app purchase for different backgrounds but I just like the two they offered. CleverPaint is $1.99 and well worth the pick up. You can mixed it up with your painterly effects with this app. The resolution save is 2048 x 2048 which isn’t bad and easily to work with when it comes to printing your artwork. The image up above was done with CleverPaint.


PhotoViva is arguably one of the best painterly/sketching app in today’s market. The reason are the mixing of different tools you can apply on top of you photo. It’s an app that has stood the test of time compared to other apps like it. I do use a stylus with this app too. It’s universal to the iPhone/iPad and sells for $2.99 in the App Store. But what else is great if you don’t understand on how to use PhotoViva, no problem just check out the tutorials online. Click here for iPad or click here for the iPhone to watch the video tutorials. What else is great if you have an Android device, no problem. You can pick up PhotoViva at the Google Play Store for $2.99. Click here is you want pick up PhotoViva in the App Store for $2.99. The only downfall is the resolution saves are 1600 x 1600. The image up above was done with PhotoViva.

Painteresque Demo

Paintereque is the next app and it’s an oldie but works really well. The app is universal iPad/iPhone and is offered on Android in the Google Play Store for $2 and App Store price is $1.99. It was one of the firsts painterly app of it kind. It render beautifully still with no crashing and works on iOS 7. This app hasn’t had an update in 3 years !!! You have 9 different painterly style and a fine tine section to make your own presets. It was one of my first painterly app and I use it once in while on my iPhone or iPad. You can look at the tope image and see what I’m talking about.

MobileMonet HD Demo

The next classic app is Mobile Monet by EastCoastPixels. For most people people it was an into in making your photos look like a cartoon on you iPhone. Now if you want this app for you iPad then you’ll have to get Mobile Monet HD, I like to use it for colouring certain areas of my photos. You can do the same thing on your iPhone with this app but you have to zoom in and out a lot. It has great tools that teach you about lines and colouring certain areas of you photo. It’s a great intro app. You can pick up Mobile Monet on the iPhone for $.99 and/or Mobile Monet HD for $1.99. You can save your image at 2448 x 2448. The top image was done with Mobile Monet HD.

AutoGraffiti Demo

The last app for part one of this blog post is called AutoGraffiti by . I wrote a blog post about Graffiti apps and this was one them. This app is universal to the iPad and has no in-app purchases. What I like about it is it does stencil art really well and the closest thing to Banksy. You get pretty good resolution output of 2048 x 2048, 5 great hue ranges and 5 different brick wall backgrounds. You can also leave a tag of some kind on your graffiti stencil work. There are a lot of different fonts you can choose from to apply a tag on top of your creation. AutoGraffiti sells for $.99 in the App Store. The top image was done with AutoGraffiti. This concludes part one of this blog post, if you have any questions please leave comments or email me And if you wanted to me to look at other painterly or sketching app, please leave a link to iTunes in the comments and your opinions. Have a good night and see you soon and check out the StudioMee app list below.

StudioMee App List:

FoolProof – Free Version
FoolProof for iPhone – $1.99
FoolProof HD – Free Version
FoolProof HD – $1.99
SketchMee Lite – FREE
SketchMee – $.99
SketchMee HD Lite – FREE
SketchMee HD – $1.99
PaintMee Lite – FREE
PaintMee – $.99
PaintMee HD Lite – FREE
PaintMee HD – $1.99
SketchMee 2 – $1.99

All these apps offer in-app purchases…



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