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Alright now let’s talk about the Pocket Tripod by Geometrical Inc. in more details. This product is innovation in your pocket, easy to use and fits in your wallet. I really like the design and this tripod will come in handy when you don’t feel like carrying a bunch of gear with you. Ladies this will also fit nicely tucked away in one of you purse pockets. It’s really thin yet durable at the same time, which really impressed me. The video demo pretty much explains how it works in your hot little hand.

Pocket Tripod Instructions

When I got my Pocket Tripod, it came wrapped in the instructions with a screen protector. The instructions are easy to follow, includes dos and don’ts on how to operate it and two QR codes to scan.

My Pocket Tripod

This is my Pocket Tripod. I got a black one for my iPhone 4/4S. They make only 2 colours, Black and White. You have choose from iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/5S with or without a screen protector.

Fit Card

I also got one of these Fit Cards too. What it’s for is this: “We are planning to expand the Pocket Tripod product line and to introduce a series of adapters designed to work with most cases and bumpers. The Fit Card has 10 opening that have the same shapes as the openings of the adapters we are planning to manufacture. Using the Fit Card you can determine if the case/bumper you are using will will fit any of the adapters we are planning to manufacture.” You can order a Fit Card for $0.99 or we can include one for free along with a purchase of a Pocket Tripod.

Camera Roll-3960

Another great thing is you can download the Pocket Tripod app for FREE to learn more about this great product. You can play with a virtual Pocket Tripod and play with the colour lab. You can submit your colour and suggestions to Geometrical, which is really neat.

Price List:

Pocket Tripod for iPhone 4/4S Black – $25
Pocket Tripod for iPhone 4/4S White – $25
Pocket Tripod for iPhone 5/5S Black – $25
Pocket Tripod for iPhone 5/5S White – $25
Fit Card – $.99 or FREE when you order a Pocket Tripod
Pocket Tripod Giftcard – $30
Pocket Tripod App – FREE

When you order a Pocket Tripod you have 2 choices. You can order Bare iPhone or iPhone with 2mm screen protector. You want to make sure you order the right Pocket Tripod so your iPhone will fit properly in tripod slots. Only two colours to choose from Black or White.

Warranty: “The Pocket Tripod is a highly engineered product, and is made of high-tech plastics. It’s patent pending design, makes it the most original portable iPhone stand on the market. At Geometrical Inc. we are so proud and confident about the Pocket Tripod, that we’re backing it with a Lifetime warranty.”

What is covered: “The main concern of our customers is whether or not the Pocket Tripod’s circular rails (sliders) responsible for adjusting the iPhone’s angle will stand the test of time. The Pocket Tripod has been designed and manufactured with such high standards, that we proudly stand behind our product and guarantee that it will. The circular rails (sliders) are in fact covered under our lifetime warranty for the Pocket Tripod agains wear and becoming loose.”

If at anytime when using the Pocket Tripod, the circular rails (sliders) of your product lose friction to the point that your Pocket Tripod is not able to hold an iPhone at any specific angle in either landscape or portrait, Geometrical Inc. will gladly replace your Pocket Tripod with a new one of the same model.

Manufacturer’s defects and or poor workmanship are covered under our warranty. When you receive your Pocket Tripod, and unpack it, if you notice any defects that may have been missed during our quality inspection, be sure to notify us, and we will be glad to replace your Pocket Tripod for you.

Damages during shipping are also covered by our warranty. After receiving your pocket tripod, please inspect it for any damages that may have been caused during shipping. Although this is unlikely, it can happen. If any bent or broken pieces are found, please notify us of this, and we will be happy to replace your Pocket Tripod.

If any of the parts come apart, reconnect them by following the correct instructions. For any help, please contact our customer service:

Do not force any of the parts back into place, as this will damage them and will not be covered by our warranty.

Read more details on the warranty >HERE< !!!

I leave you with a time lapse video done by the designer and inventor Rambod Radmard. I also want to give a big thanks to Rambod for helping me and provide me a sample of the Pocket Tripod. If you have any questions about this product please leave a comment, email me or contact Geometrical at Have a great day and see you soon…



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15 Responses to Combo Apps/Pocket Tripod

  1. lalaithbr says:

    I wish this would sell here, but… It seems to be a very nice product.

  2. BRIDGET REED says:

    This is a great invention! Why didn’t I think of this. My first usage would be to hold my iPhone while I’m eating. I find myself looking for items to hold up my phone. Using the Pocket Tripod to take photos would be my second usage. It’s compact size would make it idea for pockets and purses. Great product!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  3. Interesting! Love seeing all the innovative products for mobile photography. Keep up the good work, Tina.

  4. This is awesome, Tina. It would fit perfectly in my wallet behind my ChargeCard!

  5. Danny says:

    Great product! Thanks for the review and chance to win this product…

  6. Pedro says:

    It doesn´t seem to be compatible with rubber bumpers, so, it’s not for me.

  7. Lan Hoang says:

    Whoa!! very innovative! I definitely cannot wait to try it out 🙂 Thank you Tina and the developers for always bring to us the most awesome apps and products! 🙂

  8. samyck says:

    Wow! This would be very handy to have since it’s so portable this probably beats my gorilla pod!

  9. CarolynHallYoung says:

    Very cool, Tina, thank you for the introduction to this!

  10. suza says:

    This tripod looks to be an amazing thing to have with your iPhone!

  11. maryjane428 says:

    Very cool design! Would love to try it out. Been doing lots of macros lately and it would be very handy I’m guessing. Thanks!

  12. Demery Jacobson says:

    I dont have an iPhone but my daughter is graduating high school & this would be a cool gift to give her.

  13. Romuel Gumiran says:

    Awesomeness!! Pocket Tripod is really a must have.. I wish to own one!!

  14. Marisa Gallego says:

    This is extremely cool! I don’t typically buy accessories for my iPhone, but this would really be handy!

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