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MonoColor Demo-0

Today is my first blog post since I’ve had my stroke, so I wanted to kick off the post with an app called MonoColor from the developers of KitCamera and Horizon. The photo up above was taken with MonoColor. What I like about the app are the monotone to duotone photos you get from this app. You can also get some nice split tones with this camera app. What’s nice is if you already have KitCamera you can pretty much operate this app easily. Now since I can only use one hand it’s a little hard for me shooting and operating the app with my left hand. But if you know me, I like the challenge and this will not stop me from shooting photos with my iPhone.

Camera Roll-3897

Make sure you check your settings and adjust to what file format you’re going to shoot with. Right now I just shoot 100% JPEG quality for two reasons. One I have an iPhone 4S and shooting TIFFs are really unstable. Two not a lot of editing apps can handle TIFF files when it comes to editing because the files are so huge. It puts wear and tear in your processor and your devices will crash a lot. I can’t afford to burn out my devices.

Camera Roll-3895

You also want to adjust your camera settings before you start shooting. This is pretty much my camera setup with MonoColor. I like to have all the informations on so I have an idea what my photos will look like while I’m shooting. You don’t have to turn everything on like I did here. For some people it can be a distraction while shooting pictures.

Camera Roll-3896

What else is nice you can adjust the Exposure and White Balance with this camera app. I usually just keep it the way it is unless I’m looking for some type of creative effect when shooting photos. Most of the time I just keep the controls at auto or in the middle and edit the photos after I shoot them. I usually like to under exposed my photos so I have room for heavy editing with my photo. They come out a little dark but that’s the way I like them to come out. Everyone has their own way of shooting. But it’s really important you start off with properly exposed photos and go from there, then you have an idea of what details you’re looking for in your photos.

Camera Roll-3898

At the moment there are only 5 different films and frames to choose from, that’s good for me. There’s a lot of different tones out there but I prefer to have solid basic tones to start with rather than a whole bunch of tones that aren’t that great. I’m not big into frame unless I want to preserve the photographic integrity of the image. Then I usually like to slap a frame onto of my photo.

MonoColor Demo-3

MonoColor Demo-1

Shown up above are a couple of different tones or films I used with MonoColor. They come out really nicely and remind me of old Antique photos.

MonoColor Demo-5

MonoColor Demo-6

What else I like are the editing tools that are offered with MonoColor. These are two sample demos done with the editing tools offered in the app. I over exposed my photos and tried using the editing tools to bring them back to life. I think they look pretty good but I know I could tweak them some more.

MonoColor Demo-7

Here are two samples I did with the different frames that are offered in MonoColor. They look pretty good and hopefully there will be more frames in future updates.

MonoColor Demo-4

Overall MonoColor is an excellent app, sometimes I like to be able to shoot retro to antique style of photos. It’s a great start with lot os room for future updates to come. What I’d like to see are Ambrotypes, Calotypes, Daguerreotypes and Caynotypes.

MonoColor – $.99
Horizon – $.99
KitCamera – $.99
KitCam – FREE

Requires iOS 6.0or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This app is optimise for iPhone 5/5S. If you have any question about this app please leave a comment or email me Thanks for reading and see you soon !!!



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6 Responses to Combo Apps/MonoColor

  1. Danny says:

    Great Review…Welcome Back!

  2. sueellenqb says:

    Thanks so much – and so nice to have you back! Hope you are doing well!

  3. sueellenqb says:

    Love it – so nice to have you back – hope this means you are doing well!

  4. lalaithbr says:

    Nice review! I gave a look at the app but I’m yet to take a photo with it. I liked what I’ve seen so far. The usability is very similar with KitCamera indeed… Hope you’re feeling better and better!!!

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