Combo Apps/My Macro Easter 2014

Balboa Park Botanical Macro-8

HAPPY EASTER BELATED EVERYONE !!! Yesterday I went to Balboa Park with my sister, Boyce and Vida. I took my Olloclip 4-in-1 lens system with me to macro photos inside the Botanical Garden.

Balboa Park Botanical Macro-14

Inside the Botanical Building has always been my refuge since I was child, it was one place where my mom would pull out her glad sandwich bag and her Bonsi tree clippers from her purse. The start cutting the flowers and other cutting to take home and grow them in her garden. I would be the one running all over inside the botanical building far away from my mom, so she could do her little thing. My sister would follow me along as we created the chaos inside the building. Then my mom would call me and lecture me for screaming and running all over the place inside the garden. I would have this sorry look on my face but deep down I would be smiling on the inside. I grew up in this garden house and have the deepest appreciation for this place.

Balboa Park Botanical Macro-20

My sister was walking around taking photos and keeping the kids with her while I was taking photos. She would point out certain flowers to me so I could photograph them. Then she walked away with the kids and let me be so I could go and take my pictures.

Balboa Park Botanical Macro-21

I was kind of struggling using the Olloclip Macro 10x lens from the 4-in-1 because it was a new learning curve. It was a lens I haven’t yet mastered using, some of the photos are a little blurry but that’s ok. The photos will remind me that I need to learn and be better at taking macro photos from a different lens. I was used to the DCkina lens that I had been using for the last few months.

Balboa Park Botanical Macro-9

There was a lady with her Canon DSLR and zoom lens. She saw me taking photos with my Ollolcip and asked me if that was worth it ? I told her let me show you. I showed the lady my photos and she was really impressed but wanted to get a 100mm Macro lens. She told me that she could get up close to the photos better. I told her ok, but you won’t get the details you want because I had a Sigma 105mm Macro lens on my old Olympus E-510 DSLR. I told her how I shot with a lot of different types of cameras. The iPhone is the only camera I use now and hardly ever use my Canon DSLR. I told her to spend the $70 and get the olloclip 4-in-1.

Balboa Park Botanical Macro-33

What I really love about shooting mobile macro is all that beautiful natural Bokeh (Japanese for blur) you in the background of the photos you shoot. It just makes your mobile macro photos look extra magical.

Balboa Park Botanical Macro-16

The beautiful texture of pollen from a flower in total bloom in the springtime can be the stuff where dream are made of and a pillow of softness where you want to lay your head down and go to sleep. The mundane things in nature we take for granted are some of the most beautiful things you can find.

Balboa Park Botanical Macro-30

Just being in that Botanical Building has always made me happy, I always feel I’m present when I walk around inside the garden. I can hear all the people talking and snapping away with their cameras. Some are shooting upward because of the lovely design and patterns of the building, then you see the serious photographers with all their gear trying to make those tight shots work for them. Some of the serious photographers look frustrated and some are smiling because they got the shot. I think the ones who get frustrated should some on a Wednesday when less people are there and it’s a little more quiet. All in all it was a great learning experience, I know I need to practice more on my mobile macro photography, but I know in time I will get better at shooting and that’s key to be a better photographer. If you want to see the rest of photos you can click >HERE<. Have a great rest of the week and see you soon !!!

***All photos were taken with ProCamera 7, using the Olloclip 10x macro lens and enhance with the iPhone on-board app***



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2 Responses to Combo Apps/My Macro Easter 2014

  1. eucalyptha says:

    Great photos Tina and great story. Thanks for sharing.

  2. blaquira says:

    gorgeous shots!!!

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