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Alright now that you’ve watch the video demo, I am now part of the Olloclip Crew. Now you’re wondering why did I get an Olloclip, I’ve been curious about the lens system but I did want to invest in the system. One of the reason was I was stuck on my Mophie Battery case and didn’t like the idea of my iPhone being bare with a clip system lens. Thanks to Egmont van Dyck, he was at Mac World/iWorld 2014 and gave my business card to Michele Moninger Baker.

My Olloclip 4-in-1

This is my Olloclip 4-in-1 lens system. I was really excited to get this in the mail.

What came in the Olloclip box.

This is what you get in the box, Olloclip, two lens covers, iPod Touch Gen 4 clip and carrying bag. I was really impressed on how heavy and solid the Olloclip felt in my hands. It’s heavy because the lenses are made of real quality glass. The other thing that I was always curious about is how did the clip stay in place and would it fall off the iPhone. What I found is the clip is tight and will not slip off your iPhone. The other part is if you have a thick screen protector on your iPhone. The clip will not fit, in fact the clip will push off the screen protector. I did ask some of my friends and followers on Facebook if they have screen protectors or not on their iPhones while using the Olloclip. This is what I was told, some said yes and some said no. Now if you want a screen protector on you iPhone and be able to use the Olloclip system. It has been recommended to me to get a cheap thin screen protector, some people got the at the Apple Store or order them online. The Olloclip will fit perfectly on top of the thin screen protector and not peel off while you put it on and take it off.

Olloclip Image

This is the breakdown of the 4-in-1 lens system and how it works. You can screw off the wide angle and fisheye lenses. Underneath the two lens are the macro 10x and 15x on each ends of the lenses. Make sure the 10x is screwed on the wide angle and the 15x is screw on the fisheye. Do not screw off both lenses, because you will confuse yourself on which side it get’s screw on the right macro lens. I would screw off one lens at a time. Now if you like to take both lenses off I would make a mark to indicate which is 10x and 15x, this is another way to avoid confusion when screwing the lenses back on.

10x Macro Demo

Macro 10x test shot.

15x Macro Demo

Macro 15x test shot.

Wide Angle Demo

Wide Angle test shot.

Fisheye Demo

Fisheye test shot.

Now over all I’m pleased with the macro lenses 10x and 15x. If you want to get into Macro Mobile Photographer these are great lenses to start off with. However, the Wide Angle and Fisheye are sharp in the middle and get blurred out to the edges. It’s not as bad as using a plastic lenses where it shows the chromatic aberrations and other imperfections. But I like the imperfection for artistic and editing purposes, they tend to work with making faux retro style photographs.

Camera Roll-6308

Now lets go into the Olloclip photo app, it’s free and anyone can pick it up. Even if you don’t own an Olloclip, you can use this app with other mobile lenses or make some creative photos with it.

Camera Roll-6309

After the app has been loaded up, you have these button on the top 4%, 8% and 12%. What those buttons do is zoom in a bit to take out the black vignette corners with the Fisheye. It also helps with the wide angle is you don’t like the distorted edges.

The next set of buttons are photo button, focus/exposure button and gear button. The photo button is access to your photo library. The focus/exposure button is to put off you auto focus and auto exposure like show on the button. It’s an unlock button for the AE and AF. This will help you with better control over your photos.

The last row of button are video, camera and macro. The macro button is really helpful when taking macro photos. I’ve tried it to see how well it worked. I was pretty impressed with it on how well it worked, made the macro photos come out a little better.

Camera Roll-6310

The gear button will take you to this page.

Camera Roll-6311

This is what happen when you tap on Flash & Torch.

Camera Roll-6312

This is for messing with your Crop & Loupe while taking photos with the app.

Camera Roll-6320

I wanted to show you this section of the app when you load or take a photo with the defish or de-distrot your photos. Some people like to de-distort their photos, which is a really nice plus to the app. However when I said after de-distort my photos, the app crashes. I have an iPhone 4S, so I’m not sure if this happens on iPhone 5/5S/5C. I was disappointed because this was a really nice option for cropping out your vignette corners on your fisheye photos. I like distortions in my photographs.

My Quick-Flip Case

I also got the Quick-Flip case to go along with my Olloclip system.

What came in the Quick-Flip Case box.

This is what you get in the box a case and photo-pro adapter. Now the Photo-Pro Adapter has had some mix reviews from people, I’ve tried and not to pleased with it. I would rather have the tripod mount in the middle of the iPhone and not at the end of it. It tends to tip over on a mini tripod. When you put it on a regular tripod, it tends to wiggle a bit so I get some blurry photos. Considering you’re spending $40 on a case and adapter and that was disappointing. I’m hoping that Olloclip will redesign the Photo-Pro adapter in the future ot give some balance to the iPhone on any tripod.

However, the Quick-FLip case is nice and works great on my iPhone 4S. I have no complaints with it thus far.

You can follow Olloclip on the following sites, Instgram @olloclip and use the hash tag #olloclip, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr Group and YouTube.

Product List:

Olloclip 4-in-1 system – $69.99
Olloclip 3-in-1 orginal system – $69.99
Olloclip 3-in-1 iPhone 5C – $59.99
Quick Flip Case with Photo-Pro Adapter – $39.99 Translucent Black or White
Olloclip 4-IN-1 Photo Lens for iPhone 4/4s + Quick-Flip Case – $99.99 Black or White Bundles
Olloclip Accessories
Olloclip App – FREE

Click on which iPhone model you have iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5/5S.

Click >HERE< to check out other retailers and online sites to purchase your Olloclip system for US and Canada. >HERE< for EMEA, >HERE< for Asia Pacific and >HERE< for Latin America.

1-Year Warranty

We provide a One Year Limited Warranty for all original olloclip products. All original olloclip products are warranted to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship under normal use for a period of one year from the original date of purchase. At the sole discretion of olloclip, any defective product will be repaired or replaced with the same or an equivalent product. All original olloclip products must be purchased directly from olloclip or from an authorized reseller to be eligible for and covered under the One Year Limited Warranty. A sales receipt from the original olloclip authorized reseller is required for warranty service.


Our One Year Limited Warranty does not cover misuse, accidental damage, or abuse. Any damage caused by alteration to an olloclip product or by using the olloclip product for other than it’s intended use is not covered under warranty. Damage to any non-olloclip product is excluded without any limitation. Shipping charges associated with returning any product for warranty service are not covered under the One Year Limited Warranty.

Overall the Olloclip is worth the money because of the construction, glass and design of the product. I know some people will tell me we could of told you that, but I rather experience it for myself. I’m a firm believer that the Olloclip is not hype. It’s a very well made product. What I would like to see in the future is interchangeable clips in the future since you can screw on/off the lenses. It would be a nice so you don’t have to buy a whole new lens system when redesign iPhone models comes out in the future. It would also keep customer loyalty in the future. I leave you with skateboarding video are some of the best well know PROS in the skating world. I want to thank Michele Moninger Baker, Egmont van Dyck and Patrick O’Neill for making this blog post possible. Have a good day and see you soon…



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12 Responses to Combo Apps/Olloclip 4-in-1

  1. What a wonderful and especially thorough review, covering various bases that involve the OlloClip, especially for including the information on the OlloClip app and it’s many functions.

    Thank you for crediting Michele and myself .

  2. kimartino says:

    Reblogged this on kimartino and commented:
    Tina Rice, aka Ashcroft54, of Combo Apps has written another great review! This time on the ōlloclip 4 – in – 1 lens system, the flip case, and the ōlloclip app.

  3. imapurrson says:

    Thank you for the interesting review on the Olloclip. I like the fact that you mentioned the lenses seemed of good quality, but the case wasn’t quite up to your expectations. I would love to own these lenses. What stops me from buying this product is the fact that I can’t use it with the case I have on my phone, and I’m hoping that one day it will be a possibility to do so.
    Cheers, Denise

  4. Guillermo says:

    I had the Olloclip for iPhone 4, did amazing shots and i tried Olloclip for my iPhone5 using a friends lenses, now, somehow, the shots comes out with a little bit of distortion near the outside borders, with the fisheye, i loved my olloclip on the 4, but in the 5 its not convincing me to get it, i tried the two different lenses and same thing happen. Btw, its worth the shots, at least when i had fun with the olloclip 4, i dont know, maybe it was a first generation of lenses not compatible with my cellphone. Lovely post!

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Guillermo, make sure you click on the links and follow @the_iphone_arts on Instagram or go to his website link. This Olloclip giveaway is worth it because it’s a telephoto, so no distortion.

  5. Samantha Thrall says:

    Great review.. It looks like fun! I love photographing and would love the 4-in-1 for my iPhone 4.

  6. imapurrson says:

    Hi Tina,
    It would be exciting to own these lenses! I especially love macro photography and this would be such fun to go out on a search for all things flowery, little crawly things, critters, and textures, etc!
    I hope you’re feeling stronger and much better as the weeks go on! Take good care of yourself, and keep smiling and keepin’ on.
    Cheers, Denise

  7. Andrea Davis says:

    I never new there was an olloclip app. Thanks for the review! I have a 4S phone. I hope I win!

    Thanks for doing such great reviews!

  8. Paloma Rez says:

    First of all, thank you for you’re review. I always appreciate a detailed review especially when considering purchasing a product. I didn’t know the flip case existed until I saw your review! I’ve always wanted to purchase the ollo-clip it seems like a fun gadget for the iphone. The macro lens really amazes me, I can’t believe that’s coming from an iphone. Would love to be able to win this since I love taking photos/editing and trying new things with the iphone. 🙂 I have an iPhone 5s by the way. Good luck to everyone & always a pleasure reading your reviews.

  9. You always give the most informative reviews, always mentioning the stuff I’d want to know about instead of repeating all the promotional banter read everywhere else. Thanks, Tina!

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