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A few days ago Stackables for iPad was released and of course I had to ask why a separate version from the iPhone version ? Why not make Stackables universal to the iPad ? This is what Samer Azzam had to say about my questions. “There isn’t much difference in terms of functionality, however, the iPad version has been completely redesigned and fully optimized for the larger iPad screen. So it really does offer a much more enhanced experience for iPad users. We’re currently working on another update that will be released soon and we would love to feature some of your formulas in it. Do you think you could contribute a few ?” I did get a copy of Stackables for iPad and played with it. They will be a break down of how the app operates. I’ve also been asked to contribute some formulas, so be on the look out in the future for my formulas. I will also be making some suggestions during the blog post…so read along.

Stackables for iPad

Let’s get started with the break down. So when you start up the app, you will get a larger version of the start up screen compared to the iPhone version. It’s really nice to see this made to fit on the iPad. I like to be able to see what I’m tapping and not hope I’m tapping on the right top button. I’m going to load a photo instead of taking a photo.

The button list:

Camera button is for shooting a photo, if you don’t want to upload a photo.
Photo button is for the upload your photos from your camera roll.
? button is for contact us, video demo and enable help tips.
Heart button is for writing a review and rate this app. You can also post your feedbacks on the review section.
Shopping Cart button is for buying other apps you might not have ProCam XL and ProCam XL 2 for the iPad.

Camera Roll-4468

Now we are start with my photo of “Boyce in a tree” and the default setting with Stackables. You will noticed the tips are posted on the app so you know where to start and what buttons to press with the app. If you look on the right hand site you will a collection of different textures scroll up and down with your finger until you find the right texture to apply on top of your photo. Now if you look at the bottom right hand corner and you will see it say Normal. That is where your blending tools are at. After you picked the texture and blend to your liking make sure you tap on the layers+ button. It’s really important that you do this if you don’t you will loose that edit going to the next section of editing tools. I’ve done this a lot with this this app. One thing I don’t like and throws me off is after you save the layer. Then it will automatically go to the default texture. I find when that happens it throws me off going to the next section, because I feel like I just lost what I just edited. I’m hoping in the future update the developer will take out that auto default system out. I would rather just save what I picked and tweak and see the final results. That’s the only thing that bothers me with Stackables for both devices (take that default out please).

Other updates I would like to see in this section is a rotate button. I like to able to rotate the textures to see if it helps the enhance certain area of the photo when applying the texture on it. A rotate button is almost a standard in layering and blending apps. Another great tool that would be great is a pencil and eraser button, sometimes I want to pencil/color in the textures or erase certain areas of the photo when I apply textures on top of the photo. These two updates would be ideal for the iPad version of Stackables. It would also make the app a more powerful editing app of it’s kind for the iPad.

Camera Roll-4469

The next section is all about hues and making your photo look more on the retro side. You can apply different hues or monochromes on top of your photos. This will give your photos a very dramatic effect to them. Just scroll up and down with your finger to find the perfect color scheme. Then at the bottom where it says Normal. You can change the blends to your licking too and mess with the opacity slider at the bottom of the app.

Camera Roll-4470

The Gradient section is bay far the best gradient tool I’ve ever seen with it’s different shuffle button. I don’t think there is an app that eve does this with their gradients. It’s one to be able to rotate the gradients but the shuffle really blew me away. I would like to see a rotate button add for the layered gradients to be able to flip the colors from one side and the other. But by far this is one of the best gradient tools I’ve seen so far in the mobile editing.

Camera Roll-4471

You can also apply simple designs and colors tints on to of your creation. Which is another cool feature about Stackables. It has the same shuffling button on the top left hand corner to change them in three different styles. I’m sure in the future the developer will add more styles and designs and rotate.

Camera Roll-4472

Then you have your normal standard settings such as brightness, contrast, exposure and so on. There are also White Balance, Gamas, Highlights, Shadows, Red, Blue, and Green. This is for really fine tuning and bringing out details in your creations.

Camera Roll-4476

Another thing you can do and is standard in most powerful editing apps is drag and drop layers. You have this feature on Stackables on both version.

Camera Roll-4473

The Formula button at the end is something I will go in more details about. If you tap on it you will get that message, so make sure that you’ve saved your creation before you tap on that button.

Camera Roll-4482

After you are done with your creation you have these save and share options.

Boyce in the tree demo

This is my final results with using Stackable for iPad.

Camera Roll-4481

If you like your formula you can save on Stackables but tapping on the save your formula button on the top and typing in the same of your formula.

Camera Roll-4496

Let’s go back to the save your formula, now you see I have saved mt two formulas using Stackables. You have 3 different options in the Formula section. The first button with a GEAR on it is the presets that come with the app. The second button with a STAR is for people whose formula’s have been featured to be shared with the public. The third button with the HEART are you own private formulas.You can also have all your formulas you’ve made go between your iPhone and iPad.

Flat Sunprint Style

This formula is called “Flat Sunprint Style” and will be available in the next Stackables updates coming really soon. I just got the email and conformation from Samer. He even tested the formula on some of his photos. So if you plan to submit your own formulas to share, make sure the formula works with other photos. When you edit photos not all formulas will work on your and everyone else who has the app. It also helps to have really well exposed photos. Don’t rely on app to make your photos look outstanding.

Stackables Demo

Overall Stackables is one of the best layers and blending app I’ve seen so far. It’s stable, has high resolution output and very creative editing tools. This is one powerful editing tool !!! However, there are a few updates I would like to happen with Stackables for iPad over time. I really like Stackables for iPad, because I can see the details I’ve missed on my iPhone. I can take off the iPhone version off my iPad now. Stackables for iPad is on sale for $.99 for a limited time. This app can only be used on the iPad and will not work on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Below are some other apps you can check out that Samer and Majed (his brother) have developed for the iPhone and iPad, if you don’t own them.

iPhone App List:

Stackables – $.99
PhotoFusion – $1.99
ProCam – FREE
ProCam 2 – $.99

iPad App List:

Stackables for iPad – $.99 SALE and limited time !!!
ProCam XL – FREE
ProCam XL 2 – $.99

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me I want to thank Samer Azzam for giving me a copy of Stackables and Stackables for iPad. I leave you with Stackables video demo for the iPhone. Have a good evening and see you soon…



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15 Responses to Combo Apps/Stackables for iPad

  1. Danny says:

    Do you prefer Stackable over Mextures app?



    • ashcroft54 says:

      I prefer Stackables and DistressedFX over Mextures. I have mixed feelings with the developer (Merek Davis) ever since the whole Alayers controversy, his concept of hard work and stealing at the moment. His latest update 2.0 has made my stomach turn when he decide to have the same type layout and concept of VSCO.

  2. lalaithbr says:

    Nice review, Tina!

  3. Joseph says:


  4. Bridget says:

    So, this is how it’s done. 😳. I was wondering how this edit was done. Thanks Tina

  5. finnicle1 says:

    it seems pretty similar to the iPhone version then, just that you can see details a bit better. I too would like a pencil eraser or some sort of masking

  6. Thank you for the interview Tina. Well done.

  7. juryjone says:

    Great article! Do you have any promo codes available?

  8. dawnser says:

    fantastic app! i use it on my iphone and really love it! also great review and blog. thank you very much

  9. imapurrson says:

    I love Stackables on my iPhone! Would love to edit with Stackables on the iPad that I finally got. Your reviews are always thorough and informative! Thank you Tina, for being an awesome blogger!
    Cheers, Denise

  10. Esperluete says:

    Button to rotate textures and gradient exists, on the lower right

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Thanks I found the rotate button. The only reason why I couldn’t find it was because it’s so small on the iPad. I think it needs to me bigger and clear of what it is.

  11. How does the mask function work? Thanks richard

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