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When I was searching through Google for mobile photography gear I came across the Beastgrip. I was so impressed with the video and campaign. I emailed Vadym Chalenko that night and asked him if he had any samples to write a review about. Not only did Vadym email me back right away, he asked me what smartphone I was using and what colors did I want my Beastgrip. He said it would be a few days because he had to make me a Beastgrip and wanted to make sure it would fit my iPhone 4S.

My Beastgrip

I got my Beastgrip in the mail about a week later from Chicago. The color I picked was gray body with blue edges. I didn’t take photos of the extra parts the came in the box. What you got the Beastgrip, hex wrench, extra screws and extra long aluminum tubed for larger smartphones or phabelts.

Beastgrip Section 1

I took photos of the different sides of my Beastgrips. As you can see it has all the essential screw in mounts, tension screws for adjustments and coldshoe slide for a Bluetooth or headphone jack flash or a video microphone.

iPhone 4S and Beastgrip

After you watched the video in how to put in your smartphone in the Beastgrip, you can see I have my sister’s iPhone 4S in the rig. Like I said my Beastgrip was already adjusted and ready to fit in my iPhone 4S. As you can see in the photo, my sister’s iPhone 4S fits perfectly in my Beastgrip.

Beastgrip Section 2

Sorry about the photo on the right hand side is blurry. What I wanted to show you is how easy it is to plug in the headphones jack a shutter remote on one photo. The second photo on the right is for plugging in a power bank battery unit so you can keep your iPhone charged when the battery gets low. Or if you want to keep your iPhone in the Beastgrip you can plug your iPhone to your laptop or desktop to transfer photos and videos or charge your smartphone to plug in the wall. I can still use my iPhone and slide it to camera apps I like to use while using the Beastgrip.

Beastgrip Section 3

For now I’m using a magnet lens from DCkina that’s a fisheye/macro lens. It’s on of my most used mobile lens. The magnet lens does stay in place but will move around occasionally. What I’m hoping to get are some 37mm threaded lenses in the future. So the lens that will stay in place better and something larger to test out. Eventually I would like to test out my DSLR lenses and do some write ups photo essays in the future. You could also by 37mm close up macro filters and other filters to screw on top of the lens mount.

Vaydm also recommended these lenses to me because he’s use these lenses on his Beatgrip.

Neewer High Definition Auto Focus 0.45x 52mm Wide Angle Lens
Fotodiox Metal Step Up Ring Anodized Black Metal 37mm-52mm
Opteka 0.43x HD² Full Fisheye Lens
Xit XT2X52 52mm 2.2x Telephoto Lens

You might want to check out these brands and their websites: Neewer, Fotodiox, Opteka, Xit, Inon, DCkina and Kenko/Tokina. You can also shop at Adorama, B&H Photo and Amazon.

This is how Vadym puts together his Beastgrip, each rig is 3D printed and put together by Vadym himself in his workshop. Overall the Beastgrip is one well made product, I was really impressed with out it felt in my hands. This was a rig I’ve been looking for, to use with my mobile gear. It’s light weight and very durable. All of the Beastgrips are made and assembled in the USA. The materials used to make the Beastgrip are all from the USA, high quality and done on a 3D printer. Vadym assembles each Beatsgrip in his workshop, so they are made to order. All Beastgrips work with iPhone (don’t recommend this with iPhone 3GS), Android (most not all) and Windows Phone.

Beastgrip Demo Photos

What I love most about the Beastgrip are shots like these are made possible. I can put my iPhone on the ground now, take POV (point of view) shots with my hyper niece and nephew and not worry about my iPhone getting scratched up or kick around. The kids can see the grip and know where to go without kicking my iPhone. I could never really do these kinds of shots with my DSLR camera, so my iPhone and Beastgrip made it possible to take mobile photography to the next level.

The cost of the Beastgrip is $75. There are 3 body colors Black, White and Gray and 9 secondary colors Black, White, Gray, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Yellow and Purple. If you missed our Kickstarter campaign, you can purchase Beastgrip using secure PayPal checkout. US orders ships FREE. Add $5 for Canada and Mexico orders. Add $18 for other international orders. Usually Ships Within 2-4 Business Days.

If you scroll down you can sign up for the newsletter, contact Vaydm or follow Beastgrip on the following social networks or click on the follow here instead: Facebook, Instagram and tag your photo #beastgrip, YouTube to check out the video, Twitter @beastgrip, Tumblr and Flickr. Check out the Kickstater campaign >HERE< !!!

I want to give a big thanks to Vaydm Chalenko for giving me the opportunity to review his Beastgrip smartphone rig. I leave you with a video, if you want more information about the video just click >HERE< for more information. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me Have a good evening and see you soon…



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5 Responses to Combo Apps/Beastgrip

  1. rjllane says:

    Hello Ashcroft54 / Tina.

    Thanks for the post about this device. I am interested! Can you indicate if …
    1. It will allow me to keep the OtterBox Defender case on my iPhone5s and still mount it in the rig?
    2. Screw into a standard tripod mount?
    3. Is the screw mount fundamentally a 37 mm screw ring?
    4. If a ring can be screwed onto the 37 mm ring itself to step it up to a 52 mm screw mount?

    Many thanks for any help with this …. MomentsForZen

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