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ToonifyMe was designed to engage users and delivers a responsive and animated caricature replacing other simplistic cartoon apps that just deform your portraits or rely on manual cycles to complete. By using just a single portrait photo, ToonifyMe analyzes the features of your face, and creates a unique caricature in a fast, fun, and interactive way.

Building off a dynamic interface, ToonifyMe incorporates simple user inputs, (a few swipes on the screen) to add even more variety and motion to your caricature, further enhancing the image and creating a lasting memorable portrait. Additionally, users can paint their caricature in styles like Charcoal or Watercolor and create new poses with humorous head shapes that are sure to bring smiles, with caricatures unique to each user. The application allows endless design possibilities and gives users a fun way to compare and share them with friends.

It’s never been easier to share ToonifyMe caricatures as either photos or videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other services. With the amusing animations, clicking on the intuitive sharing icon will be a natural part of your ToonifyMe experience. Built as a standalone application for iOS, ToonifyMe uses the latest technology from MotionPortrait Inc., to analyze and animate your face photos.

Camera Roll-5598

The top motion video was done with ToonifyMe and clipped together with Instagram. You will see what I had to use Instagram to clipped all the clips together. I had loaded a Hipstamatic photo of Vida to test and play with the app before writing about it. Now let’s tap on the 3 dots on the top right hand corner.

Camera Roll-5599

When you tap on the 3 dots on the right hand corner you will get this menu page. Tap on the settings button…

Camera Roll-5600

When you tap on the settings button, you get an on/off switch for the animation or the motion on the portrait.

Camera Roll-5601

The share button and you will see a camera to video switch toward the bottom and near the share button. If you flip it up to video that is where you portrait will move and blink randomly.

Camera Roll-5602

You can change the and manipulate the face when you tap on the shape button, like those Funhouse mirrors and the carnival or fair. You only have 3 different options at the moment. I;m sure in future update there will be more of selections of fun facials.

Camera Roll-5603

The filters are what you apply on top of your portrait at the moment there are only 5 different filters to choose from. I’m hoping in future updates you will have more options and because to control the opacity when applying the filters on top of the image.

Camera Roll-5604

When you start with the app, the camera is the default setting. If you want to use you photos from the camera roll, you have to tap on the pictures button on the right hand bottom corner to get to you photo library. I had the camera pointed up the ceiling so I could take the screen shot and show where to get your photos on this app.

Camera Roll-5606

Like someone has quoted…this software or app is very clever. You can only use portraits because it has face recognition written in the app, so if you try and use a photo of a rock on you hand…you will get that error message. This is an app for portraits only, so if you use photos that only have inanimate object or things in them. The error message will pop up and the app will make you get a new photos with a person’s face showing. Masks don’t work to well with this app and you have to show the full face completely.

However you can get away with Hipstamatic’s Salvador Lens with portraits, which will make your portraits very trippy and very surreal looking alien. Boyce wasn’t too happy about this but I told him, “it was in the name of art and you will thank me someday.” If you do these video clips, the animations are only 4 seconds long at the moment and you will have to find an app that will clip your clips together. At the moment I’ve been using Instagram to put my clips together. You can use up to 4 clips if you want to load them up on Instagram. ToonifyMe is iPhone only and doesn’t support the iPad at the moment. For all you Android users, Toonify will some out later this year on Android OS.

Overall ToonifyMe is a app of it’s kind and fun to play with, you can pick up this app for FREE at the App Store. Right now the developers would like feedback on the app for future updates and improvements. It wouldn’t surprise me in the future that you will see a PRO version of ToonifyMe in the App Store. MotionPortrait was one of the six companies to presented at Macworld 2014 this past weekend, so I see big things happening with this company in the future and beyond. I would pick up ToonifyMe while it’s FREE and give them constructive reviews and thoughts at the App Store review. The only way apps get improved is if you write reviews to contact the developers via email. I want to thank Chamin Morikawa for contacting me and letting me know about their cool app. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me You can also contact MotionPortrait >HERE< if you want to give them feedback or you have concerns about ToonifyMe….have a good evening and see you soon.


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