Combo Apps/Twisted Tangled Trees


The twisted branches of a tree can be quite magnificent and have the ornate forms of it’s curves. There are really one of the most amazing things in nature we take for granted. I don’t consider myself as a “Tree Huger” but I know with out trees in the world we are killing our planet and depleting our source of oxygen. This project stared with curiosity…that turned into a project. A project I wasn’t really looking for, that pushed me to find a creative way of using a Super Wide Angle and Fisheye Mobile lenses. 100% of the photos are taken with ProCamera 7 and 99% are just straight from the camera with no filters or editing. Except for the top photo which was edited with Snapseed. The photos were taken with either a Super Wide Angle or Fisheye Mobile Lens from DCkina.


I like how a tree can take shape in human form and look like a giant hand trying to catch whatever is flying toward it. This photos I took reminds me of baseball season…


This photo looks like a skyscraper of a couple of buildings or two points trying to merge together.


I call this one “The Gathering” where three trees are gathering together for a meeting.


Some trees can look like they’re doing the splits !!!


They can also look like they’re intertwined together to form a union of being one.


What else is nice about using the mobile fisheye lens is even with blurred edges, they give these tress some of movement. You feel like they are animated or in motion. I found something creative with using the imperfection of the fisheye lens to my advantage. Now the fisheye lens has turned into a secret weapon added to my creative arsenal of handy tools. If these photos were super sharp I think they would loose it’s feeling and be a totally different series of photos.


These trees here looks like they are rapidly growing into one huge tree. As they race and shoot up into the sky.


Some trees can look like an Octopus with it’s long arms that look like tentacles. It looks like it’s swallowing it’s prey right in front of your eyes.


Shooting them in square format is also an effective way of making these upward tree shots work to my advantage. I wanted to felt posting the tree straight form the camera was the best way to express these photos I took with my iPhone. Normally I’m going to do a lot of heavy editing on them. I will over time for my Project 365 and the number of photos are going to grow with this collection over time. This side project is also helping me find a new perspective in life and mobile photography.


Twisted Tangled Trees, a set on Flickr.



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