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I want you all to meet Birthe Havmoeller. Birthe hosts an independent website called Feminine Moments. You can read about her vision and website below.

Birthe’s Vision:

My dream is to create a strong platform for lesbian art – a virtual space for artists, curators, gallerists, publishers and art lovers to mingle. I believe that amazing things will happen, when we, lesbians, out artists, gay women, queer women and feminist artists start sharing our creative visions, our love of art and enthusiasm about making art and feminist culture.

I launched Feminine Moments in 2003, because I couldn’t find a single site, which promoted contemporary art by lesbian and queer women artists; And made the international community of out women artists visible. I find the many different creative projects explored by lesbian and queer artists around the world very inspiring for my personal life as a Danish lesbian and a fine art photographer.

Feminine Moments' lesbian spring logo

July 2010. think that it is time for a bit of storytelling. I created Feminine Moments because I felt that the world – especially the lesbian and queer communities needed a coherent body of resources about contemporary art made by lesbians and queer female artists. This art blog is non-profit and a labour of love. I wanted to do some positive storytelling about lesbian/queer art instead of supporting the deep sigh of sorrow by many queer writers, curators and art critiques: ‘The lesbian artists are invisible. We can’t present them and their works of art…’ and the sigh of relief by the museum directors and gallerists, who don’t have to say: ‘No we don’t present nor do we want to present “lesbian art”. It is too… lesbian, political, feminist, explicit and incorrect… for our favourite (target) group of visitors.’ – I hope that you enjoy my art blog.

Chicano Park-8

Now it’s my turn and you’re wondering why am I promoting this website ? It started with a simple Google Search I was looking for a list of lesbian artist, preferably Indian. Birthe’s website was the first on the list so I started to look through it. I was really impressed with her comprehensive list of lesbian, bisexual and queer artists. The list of artists is a little intimidating but insightful. It’s really nice to have some kind of directory of a list artists I can look up and find them on the web. But it doesn’t stop there, I saw you can submit your work and be featured on Feminine Moments. You know I had to email and see if I can submit my work to this website. I got a response right away !!! Birthe even looked through my Flickr photostream and you all know that’s a lot of photos too look at. I want to post my Project 365 work but Birthe liked the Chicano Park photos. Since Project 365 is a work in progress and not half way done, I decided to go with her recommendation. After trading a few emails back and fourth, I finally get the email that the blog post is up and ready to read. When I got the email and read the article. I shared it with Egmont van Dyck first. He liked it so much that he shared it on his Facebook Page and his timeline. Just click >HERE< to read about the article I was featured at Feminine Moments. I am honored to be put among a list of Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer artists. But most of the readers know I’m pretty open person, like to say what’s on my mind and enjoy making connections with like minded souls.

Now if you’re lesbian, bisexual or queer (like me) and you want to submit your mobile photography or art…you can contact Birthe Havmoeller at There is a Facebook Page you can follow too but clicking >HERE<. What Birthe does is amazing and impressive, it shows she has a labor of love. What I really love about this is site if I don’t feel alone anymore. I can go out and make a connection with a like minded soul. I don’t consider myself feminine or female but I am HERE and QUEER !!!

Wokingham town hallTomorrow today.Robert Barber House built 1830 Kings Mountain NCFade Into YouLe Grande TourFlying fingers
xoSigns of spring finally? 2Perfect DayUntitledMy What Big Teeth You HaveSunday Morning Still Life #17
Waiting #8"The Limelight"Mt Lunar Eye 92 - FiveSint-Martinus Kerk in Asse IMG_3093.JPG
IMG_3052.JPGOn the fuzzy side of the street 20Out in the streetsThe Windmill, Nr. Elwick, Co. Durhamlive it upOne of those days



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