Project 365 Week 10

Providing The Atmosphere 63/365

First off I want to thanks Egmont van Dyck for letting me use his photo of the painter. He going through a remodel in his house, so that how he shot the painter in his house. “Providing The Atmosphere” comes from the title of one of my favorite Swedish Bands of all time, Cloudberry Jam. I discovered the band during my time in Japan. It was when The Cardigans broke out and Swedish Bands were kind of coming out on their own again since ABBA and other great bands. The painter is providing twinkling stars to the atmosphere.

Providing The Atmosphere and the app used were, ProCamera 7, Juxtaposer, Snapseed, Brushstroke, Repix, PicFx and DXP.

Origami For Believers 65/365

My nephew Boyce is into Origami and has gotten a new book. He rushed into something that was over his head and ruined a piece of paper. Then started to get mad and take it out on everyone. After Boyce calmed down, I sat him down and talked to him. First when you’re learning on how to do Origami, you need to practice on regular paper and your basic folds. I showed him how to make even folds and using a ruler. All the things I was taught in Book Making Class. After Boyce understood and could see what I was talking he found a page on basic folds. I told him to master those basic folds first, then we can work up to the Mach Jet you like so much. “Origami For Believers” is a way I can connect with Boyce, teaching and understanding the ways of slowing down and taking your time. Master the simple basic fundamentals before you move onto the complicated stuff…

Origami For Believers and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Juxtaposer, Brushstroke, Snapseed and PicFx.

Bringing Imagination to Life 66/365

Boyce and Vida will go on walks with me and they will find what they call “treasure” along the way. Boyce found an orange feather duster, so Vida wants to clean the world with her magic orange feather duster. Along the way we walk up a really high wall and Boyce is playing with his Lego Robot and Vida…well…you know…she’s dusting it off. You say both kids are “Bringing Imagination to Life” with they’re vivid and wild stories they are both depicting on the wall. It’s quite comical to watch them both, but for me it’s a photo op…

Bringing Imagination to Life and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Brushstroke, Glaze, Snapseed and ImageBlender.

A Weed Wackers' Paradise 67/365

Some of the house around the neighborhood can look like “A Weed Wackers’ Paradise” just like our front yard. I’m not sure what Brandon’s (sister’s other half) idea of landscaping is to be honest. Brandon watches a few shows on HGTV, some You Tube videos and looks at Home Depot. Then talks my dad into something he has no intention of finishing and do a half ass job along the way. I kind of wish Mike Holmes would come and redo the bathrooms Brandon remodeled. It’s like a nightmare coming back to my dad’s house. What even make it more special is how my dad let’s me know how useless I am and will never do anything with myself in this life time. Then I just look at the badly remodeled bathrooms, the solar panels on the roof that never get’s cleaned, the tankless water heater that no one knows how to operate, the jungle front yard and those poor koi fish in the make shift pond they’re in. I look around and just smirk at all the crap my dad was talked into. This is what I say to my dad, well I know I can finish my projects and go back to blogging and making art…smiling…

A Weed Wackers’ Paradise and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, InstaShake, Snapseed, Alien Sky</strong> and PicFrame.

Awakened From Spring Fever 68/365

Spring is here once again and everything is in full bloom. Another thing that is is in full bloom are allergies. For Vida this means runny nose and congestion, and waking up grumpy and stuffy too. I’ve been making her blow her nose a lot before we go to school. Each morning when Vida’s wakes up, she has “Awakened From Spring Fever” and becomes Darth Vader with her breathing…

Awakened From Spring Fever and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Juxtaposer, PicBoost, Repix and Snapseed.

Grasping Fate 69/365

We are always looking for what fate has in store for us, sometimes we ask people to decide our fate or we go and look for our fate. But once we have our fate and what’s in store for us, we try really hard “Grasping Fate” with our hands and it just runs through our fingers. One thing I have learn over time is to expect everything and leave your expectations at the door. So now I have to leave my fate alone and just d what needs to be done in order to make myself happy.

Grasping Fate and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Brustroke, Snapseed, ElastiCam and Juxtaposer.

Snail Submission 70/365

When I go walking with Boyce and Vida, I find some interesting things to photograph, like a cluster of snails inside a tree. So the kids were “take a picture, take a picture…TINA !!!” Then I decided to make them look like they were eaten by the snails for something fun and a B Movie type of editing, called it “Snail Submission.” This was a really fun edit and had a good time making it. I showed the kids and they liked it said it was funny. Sometimes you just have to relax and try something different and go beyond your usual editing practices.

Snail Submission and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Glaze, Juxtaposer, Snapseed, and Photo Forge 2 (n/a).

See you next time…

Faded Entanglements 60/365Celebrate 1/365Mind Exploration 2/365The Air Guitarist and Mosher 3/365Making A Wish 4/365Schism 5/365
On The Flipside 6/365Look Closely 7/365Look to The North 8/365Epic Discovery 9/365Sledgehammer 2014 10/365Masking and Hiding 11/354
Underneath The Sycamore Tree 12/365Caught In The Stars 13/365Letting Go Of Old Demons 14/365Purity 15/365The Heart Burns 16/365Please Elaborate 17/365
Paths Unknown 18/365Aeroplanes or Airplanes 19/365The World According to Imagination and Creativity 20/365Interconnections of Two Worlds 21/365Lost In The Horizon 22/365Elementary School Hideaway 23/365

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