Combo Apps/Mobile Masters The Proof Event

Mobile Masters

At Macworld in January 2013 we talked about mobile photography crossing the threshold of viability and acceptability. We gave you a broad look at possibilities and personalities in the mobile movement. Since then more of the mass market have begun to understand that the mobile photography medium has truly unleashed a vast new genre of art, products and services.
During this years Mobile Masters at Macworld/iWorld 2014 we plan to offer you proof of this maturing market. Through attending this all day event you will learn the best ways to approaching the mobile medium for capturing, processing and sharing your images.

The three key speakers and their special guests are some of the most passionate and experienced artists in this emerging genre of photography. This crash course will help you tune your mobile skills to get your photos noticed.
Dan Marcolina, Jack Hollingsworth and Kevin Kuster are all very accomplished professionals in photography, design, production and art direction. It is from this advanced background that they have researched and refined the best shooting, apping, and sharing mobile work-flows. They will not just teach you HOW they do things by WHY they do things. This way you learn from the inside out in this intensive all day workshop.

Mobile Masters

Jack Hollingsworth (photojack) is easily one of our industry’s most well known names in World Lifestyle, Travel, Portrait and Stock Photography for over 25 years but for the last 3 the iPhone has been his preferred camera. He has pushed the bor- der of distinction between “real” and mobile cameras and loves to talk about what he has discovered in his travels.

Hollingsworth’s presentation, “life is a photo opp”, will zip through 100 tips, techniques and tricks for shooting mobile photography as you meander and move through the routines, rhythms and rituals of life. He will enlighten you to new ways to think about capturing images in mobile vs DSLR cameras. From how to best handle the mobile device too revealing unexpected iOS 7 camera app secrets.

He will also discuss and demo 30 mobile photography accessories that have helped him elevate his own game. But more than that Jack will give you his proven techniques on seeing, composing and capturing memorable images.

Dan Marcolina is the creator of Mobile Masters and has over 25 years of experience in design and digital image manipulation. He is considered an Adobe Photoshop master and the work from his design firm Marcolina Design Inc and his fine art photography work has been published worldwide.

In 2010 his new passion for the mobile medium inspired him to write “iPhone Obsessed” the iconic first book on creating images with multiple apps. And since then his iTunes iPhoneography ebooks and workshops have been called the best resource for learning the art of mobile photography.

Dan applies his imaginative technical design skills to intermixing apps and ideas for a very diverse range of looks. He will open your eyes to many new and unknown apps and dive into showing you the best hidden creative features in some of the most used apps.

Most importantly he will put it all into the context of his creative process. While dissecting the app stacking work-flow of his favorite images he will share with you his inner dialogue of why he took the image and why he makes the app choices he makes. He will show you how to wrap your head around the mobile work-flow and retain image quality through the process. He will help you organize your apps and think about taking images with the post app process in mind.

You will discover that the refinement of these personal choices around sculpting the final image are key to one’s unique vision. Dan is famous for his rapid-fire delivery but will slow it down and dive deeper in this brand-new presentation.

Kevin Kuster will present and moderate this third leg of the day. He is currently the Chief Photo Editor for the largest photographic Instagram community in the world, #jj or @joshjohnson. Josh Johnson and Kevin have created one of the most beautiful and consistent destinations on Instagram. The #jj community has more than 500,000 members and their #jj hashtag is one of the most popular and used hashtags in the world. They have also been very successful in extending the reach of their imagery to physical exhibitions and help promote compa- nies like FIAT, Alt Hotels and Chrysler.

Kevin is a Board Member and the Senior Creative Director for Watts of Love, a not-for-profit organization providing LED solar panel lights to the poorest of the poor in third world countries. For 18 years prior, Kevin was employed at Playboy Magazine as the Senior Photography Editor and Managing Content Producer.

Kevin will discuss the importance and strategic use of mobile photography and social media that helped launch and brand Watts of Love. He is excited to share his personal and IG success story and to moderate a group of the very best social photo experts around the same table.

Representatives from Hipstamatic/Oggl, Instagram, Flickr, Eyem, Adobe Behance, iPhone Art, P1xels and others will be invited to present. They will each tell us of their unique position in the marketplace and share some little-known facts, features and stories behind their products. They will also give the top five ways to get more followers and likes in their portals.

Mobile Masters

Florian Meissner from Eye’em
Lucas Allen Buick from Hipstamatic/Oggl
Dov Quint From Polaroid Fotobar
Knox Bronson from Pixels
Patrick O’Neill from Olloclip
Maxime Domain from Radium One
Caroline Tien-Spalding from Arcsoft
Adam Fried from Simply Color

Dilshad Corleone
Shinnya Umetsu
Bob Weil
Christian J Sweet
Dewy Thomas
Paul Toussaint
Karen Divine
And More Artist to Come…

Additional Featured Topics:
How to Best Prep your files for printed output.
Live examples of the many output methods and surfaces possible including metal canvas glass etc
Creative Techniques and examples with the Olloclip Range of Lenses Winners of the Mobile Masters PROOF Contest Revealed
Creating Creative Tools — The Future of Apps

Additional Activities We Are Planning:
Multiple Prize Give Aways Morning Photo Walk
Private Evening get together for speakers and attendees with food and drink available for purchase…

Mobile Masters

• 8.15am -9.30am Photo walk around the surrounding area
• 10:00am – 10.10am Opening kick off (Dan Marcolina)
• 10.10am – 11.30am CAPTURE: Best use of phone as camera (Jack Hollingsworth)
• 11.30am – 12.10am Phone accessories to enhance your creative approach
• 12.10am – 12.25am Creative uses of Olloclip Lenses (Patrick O’Neill)
• 12.25am – 12.45am Prepping mobile files for output to get the most out of your printing (Simply Canvas – Adam Fried)
• 12.45am – 1.00am Inspirational Shorts: A group of quick videos with inspirational tips and inspired products
• 1.00pm – 1.30pm LUNCH BREAK purchase food from expo vendors and More Inspirational Shorts…
• 1.30pm – 1.45pm Mobile Masters Winners Announced / eBook Preview EDIT: with Dan Marcolina
• 1.45pm – 3.00pm Edit Special Guest: Paul Toussaint
• 3.00pm – 3.10pm Edit Special Guest: Dewy Thomas
• 3.10pm – 3.20pm Edit Special Guest: Christian J Sweet
• 3.20pm – 3.30pm Creating Creative Tools — The Future of Apps Panel hosted by Caroline Tien-Spalding from Arcsoft, with Lucas Allen Buick from Hipstamatic, Maxime Domain from Radium One and one more TBA
• 3.30pm – 4.30pm BREAK
• 4.30pm – 4.45pm SHARE: JJ + KK Story — Kevin Kuster
• 4.45pm – 5.30pm Get Your Pictures Noticed — Sharing Panel hosted by Kevin Kuster with Florian Meissner from Eye’em, Lucas Allen Buick from Hipstamatic/Oggl, Dov Quint From Polaroid Fotobar, Knox Bronson from Pixels
• 5.30pm – 6.30pm Closing or Overflow time
• 6.30pm – 6.45pm Closing or Overflow time
• 7.30pm – 10.00pm Private get together at a nearby restaurant for speakers & attendees with food & drink available for purchase.
TICKET PRICES $325 for this whole workshop event !!! LIMITED TIME OFFER: Buy one admission and get one half price !!!

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