Project 365 Week 9

Scribbled Away 57/365

Well I’m sure most of you know what happened to my laptop with a nice little virus. It put me on hold for a little bit but I kept at it with Project 365. “Scribbled Away” is about that virus locking me out of my laptop. I felt like everything I worked hard for was slowly going away…

Scribbled Away and the apps used were, Hueless, PicFrame, ProCamera 7, InstaShake, Hipstamatic, Glaze and DXP.

Pulled 58/365

Sometimes I feel “Pulled” in all sort of direction and it makes it hard to stay focused. Boyce has a tendency to pull me apart, I’m not sure what he wants with me sometimes. I know it’s attention but I feel it goes deeper than the attention. Boyce has a hard time expressing himself and communicating. His brain is so full of things and ideas that he gets lost in his thoughts. I know I can’t make Boyce slow down or see the light but hopefully he will someday…

Pulled and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Decim8, Juxtaposer and DXP.

The Long & Winding Road 59/365

With all the twists and turns hat have happen to me in the last few years, I really do feel like I’m on “The Long Winding Road” trip to nowhere. Everything has changed so much drastically since I quit my job at Target and been blocked from talking to people I care about most. I came across a sketch app and liked the results of my photos using PicSketch. So I wanted to see how well they blend together on top of a regular photos would stack up in layers and blending. I’m not too happy with the results with blending the images together, so this will be a work in progress. I’m going down that long winding road in finding a blend that will work with PicSketch.

The Long Winding Road and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, PicSketch, InstaShake, Snapseed, DXP, PicFrame and LoryStripes.

Faded Entanglements 60/365

Faded Entanglements are about ambiguity and my past fading away. Both of which are a good things, I have to focus on “NOW” and my mobile art. This image was invited to It’s Kafkaesque Group on Flickr. The group is really cool and have some outstanding and beautiful images in the group pool if you want to check it out. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for some inspirations or enjoy some good eye candy. This was a fun edit over all and really enjoyed doing this. Some of the edits you can tell when I’m just having fun and my mind is free to wander…

Faded Entanglements and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Juxtaposer, Glaze, InstaShake and Distressed FX.

This Too Shall Pass 61/365

At the time when I did this edit it was raining really hard for a few days. Where I come from, it’s a rare occurrence for rain to hit that hard in San Diego. I also had a dream about nuns riding bicycles and holding umbrellas or walking along the road holding umbrellas as the pass me by. So I made an image of both events, but I have female stencils holding umbrellas, walking on a wire while it’s raining. Like everything in life, “This Too Shall Pass” is a constant occurrence that happens to everyone of us. Dreams and events, it’s all connected…

This Too Shall Pass and the apps used were, Hisptamatic, ProCamera 7, Juxtaposer, InstaFusion, Snapseed and Rainy Daze.

Unknown Territory 62/365

Space is something, I’ve always loved since I was a kid. It’s an “Unknown Territory” that has yet to be explored. I don’t think space is the final frontier. I have a theory that space is spec compare to something even bigger that engulfs around space. Even at the end of space, it’s not the end because there’s something new and magical that awaits us. It’s like life one door closes and the other door opens. I have to look at the events of my life like a pattern of new chapters, so I stay positive.

Unknown Territory and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Tangled FX, Glaze, Snapseed, PicFX and DXP.

Can you find them ? 63/365

“Can you find them ?” Is an edit I made into a game, to find the figures hidden within the edit. I just wanted in a play mood and was with the kids at school for Dr. Seuss Day. It was kind or an organized chaotic event, where 8 groups of kids from transitional kindergarteners to 2 graders were picked and put randomly in each of the 7 groups. They would go to 7 different stations and spend abut 25 minutes in each station. There were Hat Making, Snacks, Relay Race, Building Forts/Kicking Boxes, Animal Mask Making, Paper Puppets with Deer Heads, Movie Room featuring Green Eggs and Ham. It was fun and enjoyed helping out teachers, parents and kids at the event.

Can you find them ? and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Popsicolor, DXP, ClipArt, Snapseed and Juxtaposer.

This concludes another week…see you soon…

Faded Entanglements 60/365Celebrate 1/365Mind Exploration 2/365The Air Guitarist and Mosher 3/365Making A Wish 4/365Schism 5/365
On The Flipside 6/365Look Closely 7/365Look to The North 8/365Epic Discovery 9/365Sledgehammer 2014 10/365Masking and Hiding 11/354
Underneath The Sycamore Tree 12/365Caught In The Stars 13/365Letting Go Of Old Demons 14/365Purity 15/365The Heart Burns 16/365Please Elaborate 17/365
Paths Unknown 18/365Aeroplanes or Airplanes 19/365The World According to Imagination and Creativity 20/365Interconnections of Two Worlds 21/365Lost In The Horizon 22/365Elementary School Hideaway 23/365

Project 365, a set on Flickr.


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