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Bluetooth iOS and Android Shutter Remote

Today I’ll be showing you a new Bluetooth Shutter Remote sold on DCkina. What’s nice about this Shutter Remote is it’s made for iOS and Android devices. I used this remote quite a few times and really love it. I love it so much that I have made this my main shutter remote and put my Muku Shuttr aside.

Bluetooth iOS and Android Shutter Remote - 2

This is what you get from the box, a shutter remote and micro USB cable to charge your remote. So when you take you remote out of the box make sure you charge it first before you start using it. When you plug in your remote, a light will turn on. You will know when the remote is fully charged after the light has been turned off.

Bluetooth Connection

Connecting your emote is really easy, all you have to do is go into your settings on your iDevice and tap on the Bluetooth. When you first get the remote you might get “keyboard” showing up on the light of item you’ve connected on your Bluetooth. Just tap on the “keyboard” and you will PG-9019 after you’ve successfully connect your Bluetooth with the remote and iDevice.

Now with Android devices I don’t have full details on how to connect with your devices because most devices have a different way of taking screen shots depending on what OS you have and device. I know with the newer Samsung devices they have the wave your hand to make a screen shot. I know your Bluetooth connections are going to be through your settings.

General Feature(s):

– Bluetooth remote control camera shutter self-timer, facilitating self photo-taking, without installing any software
– Built-in lithium battery, can take about 60000 pictures by each fully charge
– Supports 10 meters self control
– Five function keys: power ON/Off, Bluetooth pairing, camera, Android configuration, iOS configuration
– Strap hole design for easy carrying

Bluetooth Shutter Remote Photo

Here is my demo sample shot using the Bluetooth Shutter Remote, yes I know it’s boring. Now this remote only works with iPhone on board camera app, it’s doesn’t work with any other camera app. I’m hoping in the near future that app developer will make Bluetooth remotes work with their camera apps, like how smart styli work with drawing, paint and sketch apps. All it does when you try to use it with the remote is turn you volume up and down.

The Shutter Remote some in 4 colors Black, White, Blue and Pink. It sells for $24.95 which is a steal at that price. I love the fact it has a recharge battery, so I don’t have to replace a battery after leaving it one on accident. The charge lasts a long time before you have to recharge your remote. So if you plan to go on a long weekend photo taking trip, you remote will last you through the weekend and go beyond the heavy photo taking trip.

This accessory is compatible with:

– iPad Air
– iPad 4th
– iPad Mini
– iPad 3rd Generation
– iPad 2nd Generation
– iPad 1st Generation

– iPhone 5C / – iPhone 5S / iPhone 5
– iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S
– iPhone 3GS / iPhone 3G

– iPod Touch 5th Generaion
– iPod Touch 4th Generaion

– Samsung Galaxy s4 / s iv / i9500 / i9505
– Samsung Galaxy s3 / siii / i9300

– Samsung Galaxy Note III / Note 3
– Samsung Galaxy Note II / Note 2 (N7100)

– You may contact us if you have any queries or check the specification below (if any).

Instant Lens Swapping Clip for Smartphones / Tablets - 1

Next up is the Smartphone Instant Lens Swapping Clip for Smartphones/Tablets. When you want to use 2 different lens to take a picture, you normally have to detach / unscrew the first lens and replace a second lens. Sometimes it takes some time for lens swapping and the person(s) in front of you may become impatient while you are swapping your lens.

Instant Lens Swapping Clip for Smartphones / Tablets - 2

Now here it is on my iPhone and ready to attach a couple of lenses. One thing I want to tell you if you have the normal Fisheye and Wide Angle/Macro lens. You can attach two lens on this clip. However if you have larger lenses, like the 4x Telephoto or 2x Telephoto lens. You can only screw on one of those lenses because they take up lots of space and covers over the lens spot on the clip. If you’re looking for another alternative to an Olloclip or Cloth Clip lens set, this might be for you.

The Mobile Setup - 2

The only problem I have with the clip is it covers the screen. You can tilt the clip on the side to have better access to your iPhone screen. Show on the last photo at the end. It works well this way and can get to my photo apps a lot better/ The other reason why I like the clip are the price $6.95 and the clip stays on your iPhone without falling off. So you want to climb a tree and hang upside down, you can do that and not worry about the clip falling off your lens. So it’s made for the extreme mobile photographer in mind, who like to take mobile photos in a different type of perspective or point of view.

iPhone Clip and Tripod

Now you’re wondering with the set up photos, where did I get that tripod and head mount ? It’s the Universal Mini Smart Camera Phone Holder with Collapsible Tripod.

iPhone Clip and Tripod

If you’re starting out with mobile photography this is the way to go. You have what need to start off with. The price is nice at $7.15, so you’re noting making a huge investment on gear. When you want to invest in a better tripod. You can still use the tripod head on other tripods because it has a standard mount that screws on any tripod. I like the clip because it’s easy to use and I can pull off my iPhone out really easily. It’s small so you can put it on your pocket, backpack, camera bag or purse. This is one tripod set you can take anywhere with you. If you want to get the separately instead of a set, you can buy them that way too.

The Mobile Setup

Price and Product List:

Bluetooth Remote/Camera Shutter Self-Timer for Android/iOS – $24.95
Smartphone Instant Lens Swapping Clip for Smartphones/Tablets – $6.95
Universal Mini Smart Camera Phone Holder with Collapsible Tripod – $7.15
Tripod Buddy – Tripod Adapter for iPhones/Smartphones – $2.75
Super Mini Tripod (Color: Black) – $4.95
Super Mini Tripod (Color: Silver) – $4.95

OK something I wanted to share with you and an arrangement I made with DCkina. You can get a 12% discount from listed price and must purchase at least $8 USD (for product, shipping not included). The promo code is TinaRice, so make sure the item you order are $8 or more when you apply the discount code. This dose not include shipping prices.

DCkina Shipping Policies:

DCkina deliver orders to all destinations in the world, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France (Metropolitan), Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland(Swiss), Argentina, Brazil, India, Hungary, Israel, South Korea, Malaysia, Malta, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR China, Indonesia, Cyprus, Moldova,Slovakia, Croatia, Taiwan (Republic of China), Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom etc.

DCkina provides – Standard Air mail / Air Parcel – Standard Air Mail / Air Parcel with insurance – SpeedPost (EMS)

*Please note that normal transit time for US orders with standard shipping is 10 to 14 days. For other countries (or territories), it usually takes 2 to 4 weeks (could be shorter or longer depending on location and custom regulations). Please login to have your tracking information to track. Please contact our Customer Service team if your order does not arrive in 6 weeks from order date. Note that for standard shipping, online tracking is not guaranteed. If you would like to get the order in a quicker way, you may use our express service, it is a little bit higher in cost, but more secure and faster and online tracking step by step is guaranteed (only applicable to major countries). It normally arrives in 1 week for major countries (provided the custom-clearing is smooth).*

Click “HERE” if you want to find out more detailed information on Shipping, returns and refunds.

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me You can contact DCkina if you want to ask them in more details their products and shipping. Have a Happy New Year and see you soon !!!

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