Combo Apps/Snapseed Grunge Edit

Snapseed Grunge

Snapseed is the most popular editing tool and one of the most powerful apps in the mobile photography world. When it first came out I was one of the few that fused to pay the $4.99 price tag on the app. Since Google has bought Nik Software, Snapseed is FREE for both platforms iOS and Android. I posted that collage of grunge edits with Snapseed shown on the top, on Insatgram @combo_apps. One of the readers asked me if I could post a blog on how do I make these edits. So here I am ready to share with you a popular editing secret on making your Grunge Edits looks fuzzy but cool.

Demo Photo

This will be the demo photo I’ll be using for the blog post, shot with ProCamera 7 and DCkina Super Wide Lens.

Snapseed - 1

We load and open up Snapseed…if you look the 3 edits I’m going to use are Drama, HDR Scape and Grunge.

Snapseed - 2

I start off with HDR Scape first and Drama second. I usually will use the default settings on both editing tools. I will also tweak them if they look blown out or not that great. Most of the time if I shot well exposed photos I don’t have to do too much tweaking with the tools. Remember it’s important to take photo properly and edit them second. It’s the code for most photographers and mobile photographers. You don’t every want to let software and apps to save you from taking photos improperly. I always go with my gut and try to shoot really well composed and exposed photos.

Snapseed - 3

Next s the Grunge tool, what I do is start with the default first. If I don’t like the default (which is always random), I will tap on the shuffle button on the bottom left hand side until I find a style I like. Sometimes I will tap on the shuffle like 10 times until I find something I really like. Then I like to move the center of focus around in the photo> I don’t always like the blurred out vignette or right in the center of focus on my photos. Sometimes I want to emphasis a certain area, object, structure, form or person in that part of the photo. You can adjust the circle on how big or small your want it. I really wish Snapseed would do an update and add in an oval or parallel focus. I don’t always like using a circle because of how it will cover the area I want in focus. It would be nice if they added in a masking tool too, so what I edit doesn’t always look like I did it on my iPhone or iPad. Don’t worry I’m going to email this blog post to the developers and hopefully they will see what want to be added to the app.

After I am done playing with Grunge, I will do another HDR Scape to make the photos look soft and a little fuzzy. This will make your grunge photos look more dramatic and more on the Desktop side of editing. This is one way to make your photos look like you’ve used Photomatix (powerful HDR software program).

Final Snapseed Edit Demo

This is my Grunge Edit done with Snapseed. The edit is really easy to do and will make you look like a pro mobile photo editor. It will also make you look like you know what you’re doing with Snapseed.


I know a lot of people have Snapseed and don’t really use it because it’s an overwhelming app. When I first got Snapseed I hardly used it, in fact I would only use Snapseed for touch up final detailed edits. Now that I’ve been doing Project 365, I’ve been using Snapseed a lot in the last two months. So you could say I’ve finally embraced using Snapseed for heavy editing with my mobile art work.

House Snapseed Demo

Snapseed iOS
Snapseed Android

I’m glad Snapseed if FREE for both platforms.The other nice part about Snapseed is it’s universal to the iPad so you can do more detailed and powerful editing with sections of your photos. Which is something that a lot of editing apps don’t do. I hope Snapseed will be offered to Windows Phone users in the near future because of the increasing amount of people buying the Nokia 1020 smartphone. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave a question or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!

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