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DCkina Lenses

Now before I start the blog post is a lot of you know about the virus I got on my laptop. At the moment my laptop is still out of service, so for now I’m using my sister’s old desktop computer. We got it up and running yesterday. During that time, when I didn’t have my laptop I did some reflecting. You’ll see it in my weekly Project 365 post in the near future. I’m kind of feel like I’m chained down with using a desktop. But one thing that didn’t stop was taking photos with those DCkina lenses up above. I’ve been working hard with them back and fourth with emails. I have video and photo samples taken with these lenses. Toward the of the blog post, I will show you a really cool surprised from DCkina…

Lens and Case Pack

When you get any of the lenses with a threaded case, the pack will look something like this. Depending on the model of your smartphone you’re going to do use for your mobile photography.

Lens and Case Pack 2

You open up the package and it will look like this. What do you get is a black threaded case to fit over your iPhone, the lens (2x telephoto) and two plastic covers for the top and bottom of your mobile lens.

Photo Demo No Lens

We start off with standard no lens camera shot. This was shot with the on board iPhone Camera App.

Super Wide Angle Demo

This is the Super Wide Lens demo shot. It doesn’t have the edge to edge sharpness but I found a happy medium with shooting squares with ProCamera 7.

Super Wide Looking Up At The Tree

This is what I found works with me shooting with the Super Wide Angle Lens. Shooting the photos as square is great because it cuts off the blurry edges and I still get that wide angle look to my photos. This was shot with ProCamera 7.

Here is my Super Wide Video test and yes you get the blurry edges. But if you use video apps like Super 8 and Vintage Scene, then the lens will add that extra retro style to your videos. Which is a really nice effect.

2x Telephoto Lens Demo

This photo was shot with 2x Telephoto lens, as you can see you still get the blurred edges and a slight haze in the left hand corner. It did bug me a little but this also reminds me of using Hipstamatic with certain films and lenses.

Hipstamatic 2x Demo

Here you go shot with Hipstamtic and works well !!!

Hipstamatic Jasmine 2x Demo

Now here is a Black and White shot done with Hipstamtic and the 2x Telephoto Lens. It came out really beautifully. Not having the edge to edge sharp edges has worked really well with using the retro camera apps.

This is my 2x Telephoto Video Demo, again you have the blurred edges and that’s ok.

4x Telephoto Lens Demo

The last demo photo was taken with the 4X Telephoto Lens and it’s really blurry. You can see the chromatic aberration shown up really well with the 4x Telephoto Lens. I was a little disappointed with results…

Koi Pond 4x Demo

…but I took those lemon results and turned them into lemonade Lo-Mob photos !!!!

Flowers 4x Demo

This was shot with Lo-Mob Sliders and look how beautiful it came out !!!!

My 4x Telephoto Video Demo…overall if you’re looking for lenses you want to shoot with Hipstamatic, Lo-Mob, Plastic Bullet, Leme Cam Pro or any other retro style camera app. These lenses are the way to go. Especially when you’re looking for plastic lens results without using editing apps. It’s always best to shoot your effects first and edit them later. Shooting with lens and filters are the way to go when shooting photos, no app is going to give you that organic, realistic effect. These lenses with the threaded cases are at a really great price !!! Some people expect to get super sharp mobile photos with these mobile lenses and it’s not going to happen. Unless you’re will to spend a lot of money or use your DSLR lenses to get your super sharp photos.

These DCkina Lenses are really nice for what they do and have no problem dropping money on them. I’m having the best time taking mobile photos with these lenses. For the first time I’m more relaxed in taking photos and not trying to tune the world out. So I’m seeing clearly for the first time, finding beauty in the details and making the best with what I got. Plus I would rather carry a bunch of mobile lenses over my DSLR lenses. What else is nice if you can buy the case with the lens and buy the lens separately in their DIY section. They also have lens sets and custom sets too. You can really mix and match a lot of their mobile lenses that they have to offer. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2 and Note 3. You can buy threaded cases for those smartphone. They also have threaded cases for the iPad Air and iPad Mini.

Products and Prices:

Replacement iPhone 5s / 5 Back Cover for our Threaded Lenses – $6.95
2X Telephoto Lens and Back Case for iPhone 5 / iPhone 5s – $15.80
4X Fixed Zoom Telephoto Lens and Back Case for iPhone 5s / 5 – $20.98
Super Wide Angle(0.5X) Lens and Back Case for iPhone 5s / 5 – $15.05
0.28X Fisheye + 0.68X Wide Angle Lens Combo for iPhone 5s / 5 – $30.45

OEM iPhone 4 / 4s Back Cover for our Threaded Lens – $6.95
4X Telephoto Lens and Back Case for iPhone 4 / 4S – $20.98
2X Telephoto (Zoom) Lens and Back case for iPhone 4 / 4S – $15.80
0.5X Super Wide Angle Lens and Back Case for iPhone 4s / 4 – $15.05
180° Fisheye + Wide Angle (+ Marco ) Lens for iPhone 4 / 4s – $30.45

OK something I wanted to share with you and an arrangement I made with DCkina. You can get a 12% discount from listed price and must purchase at least $8 USD (for product, shipping not included). The promo code is TinaRice, so make sure the item you order are $8 or more when you apply the discount code. This dose not include shipping prices.

DCkina Shipping Policies:

DCkina deliver orders to all destinations in the world, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France (Metropolitan), Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland(Swiss), Argentina, Brazil, India, Hungary, Israel, South Korea, Malaysia, Malta, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR China, Indonesia, Cyprus, Moldova,Slovakia, Croatia, Taiwan (Republic of China), Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom etc.

DCkina provides – Standard Air mail / Air Parcel – Standard Air Mail / Air Parcel with insurance – SpeedPost (EMS)

*Please note that normal transit time for US orders with standard shipping is 10 to 14 days. For other countries (or territories), it usually takes 2 to 4 weeks (could be shorter or longer depending on location and custom regulations). Please login to have your tracking information to track. Please contact our Customer Service team if your order does not arrive in 6 weeks from order date. Note that for standard shipping, online tracking is not guaranteed. If you would like to get the order in a quicker way, you may use our express service, it is a little bit higher in cost, but more secure and faster and online tracking step by step is guaranteed (only applicable to major countries). It normally arrives in 1 week for major countries (provided the custom-clearing is smooth).*

Click “HERE” if you want to find out more detailed information on Shipping, returns and refunds.

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me You can contact DCkina if you want to ask them in more details their products and shipping. Have a Happy New Year and see you soon !!!

Now I leave you with a demo test blooper…

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