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PhotoMotion is one of the easiest slideshow apps or any program I’ve ever used in my life. The day I got the beta test build for the app I was really sick and made a quick demo just to posted something on Instagram. That first demo I did with PhotoMotion didn’t do the app justice. Steven emailed me and told me some of the things I could do in making a longer slideshow and other details about the app. So the second time I made a demo, I think I did the app justice (top demo shown up above). I was still a little sick but feeling a lot better to go outside and get some fresh air to take some macro photos. Jennifer Bracewell was another tester for PhotoMotion too. Jennifer posted her demo on Facebook which was longer than the standard 15 second limit on Instagram. We talked about the app back and fourth through comments on her video post. I told her how easy it was to operate and took not time. That’s what she loved about the app too. I will make a slideshow project with my mobile macro photos in the future. We both agree that this app is very easy to operate and will make wonderful slide projects for anyone on the go and beyond…


East Coast Pixels, Inc. launches PhotoMotion, a powerful iPhone app that turns photos into an immersive video with motion, titles and music. PhotoMotion videos focus attention, set a mood and tell a story using a photo animation technique made popular by documentary creator Ken Burns.

“Sharing a PhotoMotion video puts your friends and family into a moment and has them experience it through your eyes.” says co-founder Steve Troppoli. “It’s like you’re right there with them, telling the story.”

Users start by picking photos from their photo library. Photo transitions are then automatically generated incorporating information like face detection. The video can be instantly previewed inside PhotoMotion. All aspects of the automatically generated pan and zoom transitions can be adjusted, shuffled and previewed. Photos can have overlaid titles and a sound track. All of this control comes together in a seamless tool that allows users to present their guided vision of their photos with as much control as they want.

“It’s challenging to find 15 seconds of compelling video to share, but everyone has lots of great photos”, said co-founder Ralf Berger. “By presenting the photos sequentially, in a focused way, they become more dynamic. Adding titles and music creates a complete experience.”

PhotoMotion’s unique features:

-Manually define photo animation start and end positions
-Automatically generate random positions incorporating face detection
-Add, delete, copy and re-order photos in the project
-Add a title to each photo and define position and text style
-Select a soundtrack from your music library
-Set square, standard or widescreen format
-Save videos to your photo album, eMail, SMS, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, etc.
-Projects are saved for future re-editing.

Device Requirements: *iPhone with iOS 7.0 or later*

Pricing and Availability: <a href="PhotoMotion_ScreenShot_5_saved_projects“>PhotoMotion is $0.99 (USD) for a limited time and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo and Video category.


The first screen shot is where you start off with, after you press start new project from the start screen. You will see a list of photos on the screen. Those are the photos that will be added to slideshow. The top buttons on the screen are back arrow for backing out and starting all over again. The 3 lines button is a menu drop for these tools add photo, delete photo, duplicate photo and help. The Gear button takes you to another screen for more detailed and advance controls over your slide project (i’ll show you that screen later in the post). The Triangle button is you play button for reviewing your slideshow. The Arrow Box button if for saving and sharing your work on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and so on…

The other buttons like the pencil button will take you into another screen that I will show you next. It’s for placing the position and placement of what you want to show in your panning in and out or sliding left to right. The next button is your shuffle button for random and quick placement of the panning. Last if the play button for that photo only, so you can see how the photo will pan in and out or left to right or vice versa.


When you tap on the pencil button, I pointed out in the last screen shot. This will take you to this screen. This is where you control the pans and position them they way you want them. You can pinch to how you want to scope your photo in and out with 6 different directions. What else is nice you can play and review your edits too.


After you’re done with your photo edits you can play and replay/review your slideshows, before you post or save them.


Here are more editing tools in case you want to add a different font to you text. You can change the crossfade and have you video fit with posting on Instagram. Last you can add music to your slideshows too. I haven’t tried adding music to my slideshows but I will in the future for my mobile macro photos.


PhotoMotion will store your edits, so make sure you clean them out every once in while because this can build up over time.

Overall PhotoMotion is a great app and it bright future with lots of room to grow. I’m hoping PhotoMotion will have iPad support in the future updates. It’s a very easy app to operate and you photos/images will look fanatstic with every motion. I leave you with another demo done with PhotoMotion. Pick up this app while it’s still on sale for $.99 at the App Store. I want to give a big thanks to Steven Troppoli and his team for letting me test the builds and giving me a press kit. If you have any questions about this app you can follow and leave comments @eastcostpixels on Instagram, leave comments on this blog post or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!

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    Thanks Tina for this with us seems like a wonderful app.

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    Any codes left? Thanks.


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