Combo Apps/Square Jellyfish Earbuds and Universal Case and Stand

That was the video demo of the Square Jellyfish Earbuds Case and stand you just watched. You could say this is one of the most ingenious products for the all around person with a iPhone or any smartphone. What I like about it is the multifunctionality features, design and colors of this product.

Square Jellyfish Earbuds/Universal Case and Stand

Square Jellyfish offers two types cases for you earbuds. There is the Apple Earbuds or Universal Earbuds, so you have a choice and not stuck with the one kind of earbud cases and stand. Both case/stand are compact and the same size and ready to go with you anywhere and anytime.

Earbuds/Universal Cases and Square Jellyfish Earbuds.

In the first photo you can see the different design between the Earbuds and Universal case/stand after I opened them both up. Now here’s something cool that Square Jellyfish offers you can purchase separately. They offer earbuds if they’re broken, you can’t find or lost your original Apple earbuds. The cost of the earbuds is $5.95 on Amazon at the moment they’re out. I have a pair as you can see pictures (shown in the second photo). The sounds on the earbuds are not bad and at a price you can’t beat to replace your Apple Earbuds.

Square Jellyfish Earbuds Case and Stand

This is what it looks like when you wrap your earbuds in with the case/stand. It was a little tricky but you do get the hang of it. What I like most is even if the plug sticks out you can still close the case shut. If you do use this case as a stand, the case will fold back and fit in two notches that snap in place. I tested the stand like shown in the video ad it does work well.

Square Jellyfish Universal Case and Stand

This is what the Universal case looks like with your earbuds. I couldn’t find my Sony Buds to try and fit them in the case for this demo. Now the case is worth getting for jr. high to college kids because of the simple design and colors. What I like most is the Square Jellyfish didn’t just settle on iPhone and went for all smartphones. If you have an Android or Windows smartphones then this case and stand if for you too. The Case/Stand comes in 5 colors, Blue, Black, Lime, Magenta and Pink. It’s tough, simple to use, small to fit in any back, pocket or purse. The Case/Stand sells for $9.95 and you can order them on Amazon. If you’re Prime member you will get the free shipping, check for more details on Amazon for shipping costs and other details.

I will leave you with how to video on how to use the earbud case/stand. I want to thank Elizabeth Martin and James Chun for giving me sample to review their products and providing me with thorough information. If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me You can also contact Square Jellyfish “HERE” or called them at +1-510-490-9926 for questions about their products or more detailed information.

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