Project 365 Week 7

Noise In My Head 43/365

My brain lately has been on overdrive lately and looks like this at the moment. Just a noisy mess of constant activity, I tend to think too much and go off the deep end. The “Noise In My Head” is about taking care of the kids and watching my sister. It just makes me wonder why did she even have kids ? She feels the kids are here to torture her or find new ways to drive her crazy. How quickly my sister forgets how bad of nightmare she was as child and the things she did. I sometimes reminder, think back when you were a kid and some of the messes you made. The kids don’t bother me so much, I just know they’re full of energy and would like some attention. Only if she paid more attention to them instead of playing games on Facebook. I know my sister doesn’t know I’m biding my time at the moment. I won’t always be there, eventually she will have to deal with her kids. But I am glad to be around the kids to help them, I’ll be on Boyce’s case a lot. He thinks I don’t like him. I know he will see it when he gets older, just for now he’s not getting it.

Noise In My Head and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Glaze and ScratchCam.

The Relevance of Being 44/365

Everyone wants to belong somewhere and have some kind of relevance in existing. It’s part of the human condition. Most of the time people will go to great lengths to find some sort of way to make it all work. Even I struggle with “The Relevance of Being” and ask those questions of the meaning of life. Hopefully next year I can go down deeper in the rabbit hole to find myself and other things. Right now I just have to figure out how I can do the things I love and make money doing it.

The Lego heads I got off Google. I did a image search for Lego Heads and found a couple of transparent heads. The Relevance of Being and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Snapseed, Juxtaposer, SunkenWorld and Stackables.

One Heart Still Remains Broken 45/365

My Valentine Tribute for the project. This is universal to most everyone in the world, there’s always “One Heart Still Remains Broken” out in the world. Even my heart is still broken from everything that happened to me last year. Something I want to share with you because not a lot of people know this about me. I don’t get close to anyone but if I do then it’s pretty deep. When my heart does break, it takes a long time for me to get over it and start the repairs of mending it all back together. I’m the type of person that when I love someone…I really love that person. This is why love is so hard for me.

The hearts are an image I Google and you can see the watermarks in this image. One Heart Still Remains Broken and the app used were, ProCamera 7, InstaFusion and Alayer.

The Beauty Of The Back 46/365

The image that people are wanting to know about the story. The Beauty Of The Back is about the time I lived in Japan. When I was living there Ruri’s parents house has this doll statue with her back facing and hanging on the wall. It the first thing I noticed and was always intrigued by the doll with her back facing and hanging on the wall. I ask Ruri if that statue meant the back is beautiful. She was really surprised that I knew what the the doll was trying to represent. I told her it’s obvious with want it means because your culture makes these elaborate beautifully well made kimonos. The back of them always had these amazing well stitched design or artwork, depending on occasion of what the kimono was going to be worn for. When I look at the wedding dress, I’m always wanting to look at the back of the dress. That back of the dress is always some elaborate design. Because when the bride walks down the aisle and you see that back of her and the front is always covered. I always felt the back of the woman was and still is more beautiful than the front of the woman. I just like to look at the lines and curves and admire the beauty of the form.

The Beauty Of The Back and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Clipart, InstaShake, DXP, Pixology and PicFrame.

Lost In The Underglow 47/365

I am always “Lost In The Underglow” of pixels manipulation. I enjoy pushing pixels around while I to mobile editing. What I like to see is how far can I push a pixel and the results after pushing them around. Most of the edits are not always planned, I just look at a photo and start playing around with apps. I want see what types of combinations work and what doesn’t. A lot of the edits I do are “happy accident” and on the fly. I let my subconscious do the work for me, so the my edits don’t always look so contrived. Most of my body of work I’ve done with photography to mobile art editing has been done this way. I like to let things naturally happen. This way I don’t think and run into artistic blocks. My art work is always a progression and constantly changing (just a woman changing her mind) and always based on my mood of the day. I also get bored doing the same thing over and over again. The element of surprise is gone. I can predict the outcome of the edit manipulation. You could say my edits are on the A.D.D. side, since I have it.

Lost In The Underglow and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Thicket Classic, Glaze, Tangled FX, Decim8, DXP and Orasis.

Alternative Spring 48/365

This is my dedication to Suda House and Summer Camp. I was trying to make the image look like a Gum Prints mixed with intense color saturations. Back when I was taking photo classes, there was one class only offered during the summer called Alternative Process. Suda even has a book called Artistic Photographic Process if you want to check it out. When I took Alternative Process it open up my creative skills as a printer. We would do all different kinds of printing styles, starts from enlarged negatives to photocopier art and so on. Suda started to call the class Summer Camp because you felt like you were at Summer Camp. The next summer I took the class again, she gave out patches and certificates at the end of term. It one of the best classes I took because I was allowed to play and experiment. Each day should teach a process and then we could go play. At the end of the session we had to have 8 to 10 images done and show out work in the class critique. What an amazing experience. “Alternative Spring” was when she started to offer the class in the Spring Semester. When I was at my friend’s (Jonathan) birthday party last summer, Suda was at the party. She talked to me for awhile, always concerned about my life path. She offered me to take Alternative since the class number changed, I could take the class again. Now Suda offers the class in the fall now too. She told me I could do what I want and don’t have to follow the class and offered to print my Mobile Art Work. Not bad for a community college…I made a promise to Suda I could put Grossmont College on the map, when I become well known.

Alternative Spring and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Stackables, PhotoToaster and Snapseed.

The Age Of Innocence 49/365

This is about returning to “The Age Of Innocence” because of being around Vida so much. I was with Vida on one of her play dates with one of her classmates. Her friend decided to play dress up, Vida picked out The Little Mermaid dress up. Vida is on a mermaid kick and loves anything mermaids at the moment, Tinkerbell is over for her. I took photos of her in the dress up costume. I knew I was going to use it later in a future edit. Then on my way back from taking Vida and Boyce to school, I found this incredible mushroom growing in the grass near the sidewalk. This was a definite and not maybe “PHOTO OP” moment. I wanted to make the edit look like time has passed and more on the romantic point of view because of Vida. It also made me think about Alice in Wonderland while I was doing this edit. I didn’t have any caterpillar photos so I used my macro pill bug photo instead. All in all everything seem to work together well, I ended up having my own way with the outcome of the end. What I learn from this edit was substitution can be another source off creativity. Vida helping me to create some fantastic imagery with her innocence of being 5 going on 6.

The Ago Of Innocence and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Juxtaposer and Stackables.

I hope you enjoy the edits and the stories…see you next week !!!

Brooding Beneath The Crevasses 32/365Celebrate 1/365Mind Exploration 2/365The Air Guitarist and Mosher 3/365Making A Wish 4/365Schism 5/365
On The Flipside 6/365Look Closely 7/365Look to The North 8/365Epic Discovery 9/365Sledgehammer 2014 10/365Masking and Hiding 11/354
Underneath The Sycamore Tree 12/365Caught In The Stars 13/365Letting Go Of Old Demons 14/365Purity 15/365The Heart Burns 16/365Please Elaborate 17/365
Paths Unknown 18/365Aeroplanes or Airplanes 19/365The World According to Imagination and Creativity 20/365Interconnections of Two Worlds 21/365Lost In The Horizon 22/365Elementary School Hideaway 23/365

Project 365, a set on Flickr.



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  1. imapurrson says:

    Thank you, Tina, for another interesting 365 blog. So glad Vida and Boyce have you to help them through things right now. Always fantastic edits, too! Keep on keepin’ on!
    Cheers, Denise

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