Project 365 Week 6

Hidden 36/365

Some things can be “Hidden” in plain site and can not be found. Some times the obvious can get lost in it’s surroundings or in this case your collection, this is about making discoveries when we find what’s been hidden for a prolong periods of time. I have so many apps to the point I’ve lost count with what I have in my collection. I know I’m not alone either. Underneath the hidden grass, you can always find buried treasure but in this case buried apps.

Hidden and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Pro Camera (n/a), InstaShake, AlienSky, Snapseed and PicFrame.

Crimes Against Folklore and Make-believe 38/365

This image about how people seem to have problems with folklore and make-believe. They will find something in a book and take it to heart. Usually what they take to heart has nothing to do with them but it’s something that has been projected onto them. “The Crimes Against Folklore and Make-believe” is about my time I spent with a fellowship group. It was the first time I really sat down and read the Bible out loud to a group of people. We would read the verses and then discuss what it meant or our own interpretation. Of course I went there with an open mind and to be nice to my friend at the time. It was really enlightening to read the Bible out loud and grasping the words as I read them to the group. What was disappointing is watching these people as they go to church and explain that you really need to go to church to be in touch with “The Word.” I asked, then why do you struggle with these words if you go to church to understand them ? It felt like they were looking for answers in the book and they had no faith in themselves and God. One person in the group even said that philosophy screwed him up…!!! The only person who screws you up if yourself and no one else. If that person screw you up and any books screwed you up, it’s because you let them. Even in The Good Book we have free will as our choice. You can be shown a path but you have to walk down that path and stick to the path. That is universal to all religions and philosophies from the beginning of time. It that simple saying…you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. In my opinion the Bible is Folklore and Make-believe but the stories have morals to them. If anyone tells me that it’s the absolute truth, were you there when all those stories took place ? NO !!! All true stories are base on actual events, they are interpretations of the past. It’s time to live in the presences.

The Crimes Against Folklore and Make-believe and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, InstaShake, Juxtaposer, LensLight, LoryStripes and Handy Photo.

A Glitch In Nature 37/365

There’s “A Glitch In Nature” and it’s obvious. We live in a society where our food has been totally been modified to the point that it’s become very unhealthy. Kind of like the ad for high fructoes corn syrup, which was one of the most misleading commercials I’ve seen in my life. But I like how he’s comparing process sugar to and over process corn syrup. You don’t see the guy comparing it to honey and other natural sweeteners. Bottom line is you can’t really compare nature to prefabrications of nature.

A Glitch In Nature and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Decim8, DXP and Picfx.

Motion Split 39/365

Sometimes my life feel likes a “Motion Split” right down the middle. I’m caught in the middle and unsure of how to let go sometimes. I worry if I do let go, I’ll forget. If I forget that can also be a good thing too. Someone (a friend) told me it’s time for forgive and move on, so I can heal…I think she’s right.

Motion Split and the app used were, ProCamera 7, Mirrored, Tangled FX, Decim8 and InstaShake.

Finding and Achieving Fulfilment 40/365

Right now I’m trying to figure out what to with my life, One of the most important things I need are “Finding and Achieving Fulfilment” in order to be happy with myself and in life. I know I’m getting close just haven’t figure out how to do it. Project 365 has been helping me find that achievement, so I can be fulfilled in the future to come.

Finding ans Achieving Fulfilment and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Juxtaposer, Artree, InstaShake, DXP and Mextures.

The Boy Inside Me 41/365

The Boy Inside Me is about me and my gender issues. My mom wanted a boy as her first born child but instead she got a girl name Tina Lee Rice instead, so she thought dressing me up as boy would be OK until I was 5 and had to go to school. The problem is my mom didn’t realized what she did was irreversible. I knew I was always different, even in the lesbian world I feel different. However I did look into sex change operation and talked to a lot of transgenders (female to male and male to female) people all through my mid 20s to mid 30s. What I realized with talking to them is they are one of the bravest people I’ve ever met in my life. First you go through one part of being ostracized with the straight community. Then you go through it a second time in the lesbian community. It’s rough going through it the first time but going through it second time really takes guts. After talking to transgender people and looking into the process you have to go through all of the steps, I still wouldn’t be a whole person. I wouldn’t have all the parts, just 2/3 of it. It’s harder for a girl to become a boy rather than a boy to become a girl. That’s when I decided to except with what I have and make the best of it. Sometimes the boy does come out in me and that’s ok…

The Boy Inside Me and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, InstaShake, Juxtaposer, LoryStripes, Dynamic Light, DXP, Photo Toaster and Picfx.

Frolic In The Fields Of Exploration 42/365

I will end the blog post with a happier note and w whimsical edit done with a Lego Minifigure that Boyce gave me. Sometimes exploring can be fun and whimsical, like some of photographic adventures. “Frolic In The Fields Of Exploration” is about taking chances and right now that is what I’m doing, taking a chance on life. If I fail, then I know I can improve and try to make them successful in the future. I try to chalk up all the bad experiences as something I needed to learn in order to move onto the next project or chapter. I do write the story of my life, so it’s time to make it fun again !!!

This concludes this week’s project, sorry for not posting this sooner. I have been a little depressed, some stuff happened and been trying to keep up with the kids. I am feeling better and starting to get in the groove of writing and posting again.

Frolic In The Fields Of Exploration and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, InstaShake, Juxtaposer, Lorystripes, Fragment, InfiniFX, Color Thief and Distressed FX.

Brooding Beneath The Crevasses 32/365Celebrate 1/365Mind Exploration 2/365The Air Guitarist and Mosher 3/365Making A Wish 4/365Schism 5/365
On The Flipside 6/365Look Closely 7/365Look to The North 8/365Epic Discovery 9/365Sledgehammer 2014 10/365Masking and Hiding 11/354
Underneath The Sycamore Tree 12/365Caught In The Stars 13/365Letting Go Of Old Demons 14/365Purity 15/365The Heart Burns 16/365Please Elaborate 17/365
Paths Unknown 18/365Aeroplanes or Airplanes 19/365The World According to Imagination and Creativity 20/365Interconnections of Two Worlds 21/365Lost In The Horizon 22/365Elementary School Hideaway 23/365

Project 365, a set on Flickr.



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  1. imapurrson says:

    Hi Tina,
    Your 365’s are always very interesting, and I thank you for sharing your life’s journey, and your very cool edits. Glad you’re feeling better about things. Keep smiling!
    Cheers, Denise

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