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What you just watch is video demo of Plastica, it’s a great alternative if you’re looking for other options in taking retro type of photos. I’ve been having fun in the last couple of days taking sample snaps with Plastica. What I like most about the app is easy to use, refreshing and great results. There will be other things I will talk about through this blog post about the app. So sit back, look at all the screen shots and read all about this wonderful app.

Camera Roll-3932

Plastica has gone through a few changes since it’s initial run, some of the demo videos I’ve watched even shows how the app operates differently through some updates. I wanted to let you know that they app will get an update after they’re done with Picture Show. The developer told me Plastica will go through some major changes in design and will add more to the default lenses. I’m hoping he will add more to the default films as well. This is what Plastica looks like after the app has been laoded, as you can see I took a screen shot of what I was pointing at the time. You will noticed on the top left hand corner it says “NO PHOTO” that is where you photo library of you Plastica photos will be stored. The Gear button on the top right is is for changing your camera settings, lens and film selections and saving your favorite film and lens combos. On the bottom right corner is the Down Arrow button are other cool camera tool options (not shown), you can add to enhance the photo, swivel to the front face camera, flash, WakeUp-Shot (take 5 snapshots automatically when you wake up the app) and a shuffle button. At the bottom of the view finder is your zoom in and out slider.

Camera Roll-3933

I tapped on the NO PHOTO and now you will see a photo I took of the grass. Your photos are stored here and saved on the camera roll. Now over time you should clean out film roll from time to time. What it does is stores you photo and take up space on your iPhone and eventually give the app a lag of some kind while shooting. But the other nice thing about the film roll is in case you’ve backed up and cleaned out your photos on your iPhone. You can always go back to the film roll and find that photo you shot and save it on your camera roll again.

Grass Demo Plastica

Here’s my grass photo I took with Plastica.

Camera Roll-3935

Camera Roll-3936

These are you Lens and Film choices. If you want to open them all up, this will cost you but it’s a lot cheaper than Hipstamatic and you get more for each of the series. There’s the 100 Series, 300 Series and 500 Series. Each of the series will cost you $.99 and you get 3 films and 3 lenses, so that will cost you an extra $2.97 which isn’t bad.

Camera Roll-3937

Camera Roll-3938

Make sure you check you settings before you play with the app, important one is the switch on the high resolution. I had some trouble with the resolution output. But after tweeting the developer back and fourth, we fixed the problem, now my photos will save 2048 x 2048. I also change the body color of the camera app, since blue is my favorite color. You can change your camera body to 4 different colors, Black (default), Brown, Dark Green and Light Blue.

Plastica Demo -1

Plastica Demo - 2

Plastica Demo - 3

Plastica Demo - 4

These are some of the sample photos I took with Plastica with Panda-Eye Lens and D-100 Film. What I’m hoping is the future the developer will add in a couple of black and white films as the main part of the app, instead of an in-app purchase. This will add a broader mix and not everyone is willing to buy into the series of films. I’m hoping for a grainy high speed contrast black and white film.

Plastica Demo - 5

Some of the photos with the D-100 film looks, washed out from the sun light. Even with the photo washed out it gives the photo a whole different type of aesthetic vibe to it. I feel like I’m looking at a photo that has been taken out of the developing tray too soon. Plastica sells for $.99 at the App Store if you want to pick it up and has 3 in-app purchases for $.99 each.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

I’ll conclude the blog post with a video of a classic photo app called PictureShow. Even the iPhone being used in the video demo is old school and I love it !!! It’s one of the best retro camera apps on the market. If you don’t have I recommend you pick it up at the App Store. I’ve also been informaed by the developer that Picture Show will get an update in the near future. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me Have a good day and see you soon…

Plastica Demo - 6

almost conceptualFairytale ForestThe sleep of reasonThe ChoiceScenic Winter
Altri OcchiThe heart of the tulipGetting ready for his photoModern Woman #3The Yellow RoseVincent
FinallyCamera Roll-101151#2014/365...........:).      IPHONEWilbur-by-the-SeaNothing like a brisk walk in the park



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  1. eucalyptha says:

    I like the soft colours in this app. I will sure get it after I buy an iTunes card.

  2. Pablo Caride (PiMball_) says:

    Looks great!!!

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