Project 365 Week 5

Aphids On The Rise 29/365

A month ends and new one begins in 2014 this series of edits, I plan to try and use a variety different apps. I will probably take some photos using different camera apps. and dig in my archives of mobile photo too. When I decide to take macro photos, I look for interesting details and patterns. Sometimes I like to take photo of bugs, up close and personal. These tiny creatures that make a grown person paralyzed with fear. One of the types of bugs I remember most as kid when my mom had a garden and she hated aphids. She would get out her spray and kill them off quickly. Then would complain how they ate up her garden. I always found aphids intriguing, even the bug’s name aphids sounded cool to me. When I’m shooting I will always find these black aphids on dandelions out in the yard. Now that I have a macro mobile lens I can take photos them in great details. As long as the plant kingdom exists, “Aphids On The Rise” will be an on going thing. We need aphids to cut down the plant population to make a balance on the earth, just like anything else on this planet.

Aphids On The Rise and the used were, ProCamera 7, Glaze, Tangent, Photo Forge 2 (n/a) and Handy Photo.

Seasonal Glitch 30/365

During the month of January we had some unusual weather taking place in San Diego. For a whole week we had mid to high 80s temperatures and it was really dry on top of that. It felt like summertime. We had a “Seasonal Glitch” going on last month. It’s been a glitchy winter and Groundhog Day doesn’t work in San Diego !!!

Seasonal Glitch and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, InstaFusion, LoryStripes, Juxtaposer, Handy Photo and Picfx.

Onmipotent Presences 31/365

When you feel a presences, it’s something that follows you until reach a point that the presences can’t follow you anymore. I’ve felt all kinds of presences through out my life but one place in particular I really felt it was when I visit and stayed with a friends in L.A. My friend Tricia lived in a loft with her boyfriend in the Art District. It was an old factory warehouse turned into 1500 square feet lofts with one bathroom. We would go up a freight elevator and walk along this maze to get to her loft. What was weird is I felt a cat presences around me. My other friend at the time felt an old man presences. We were always on the go, after we shop or went to the museums or ate out. We go back to Tricia’s place. Once we got up the freight elevator and she opens’ the door. I would feel the cat. We had to hurry to get to her place before the cat would get out bu the thing was Tricia didn’t have a cat. Her boyfriend is allergic to them. It gets even more weird because I was laying on the floor, reading one of the art books I bought. Then I felt a cat rub up against my leg, I looked up and saw nothing. I asked Tricia if any of her neighbors have cats. She said no because they were the only ones living in that section of the building. The lofts were new at the time. I told Tricia what happened, mentioned Tom (boyfriend) was allergic to cats and would of had a hard time breathing. I told her Tricia you have a lot of spirits living here. That’s my little spirit story in L.A. When I looked up at the sky, that reminded me of that time in L.A. at my friend’s loft. When I feel an “Onmipotent Presences,” I can always see it in the sky. You get that warm feeling and a sense that everything will be ok…

Onmipotent Presences and the app used were, KitCamera and Picfx,

Brooding Beneath The Crevasses 32/365

I have some demons that are deep inside of me, so they’re “Brooding Beneath The Crevasses” and need to come out. I know this will take time for them to leave, but it’s time to go !!! This project is helping me to cope with life and get the things out I need gone. Something I know will stay with me but I have to learn to forgive myself in order to move on.

Brooding Beneath The Crevasses and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, InstaShake, Repix, PhotoCopier, Dynamic Light and Dynamic Black and White.

Magical Kingdom 33/365

I love looking at Koi Ponds. We have one in the backyard but no one really takes good care of it. Since I don’t have the knowledge and the money, I can’t exactly fix it. It kind of pisses me off that everyone blames each other for why it’s not running properly. My dad and my sister’s boyfriend are two men I really don’t care for in my life at the moment. If they only both could carry mirrors so they could see themselves. Anyways back to the Koi Pond, when I was in Japan I saw many different types of Kois and different pond designs. I even went to a hatchery and fed them. Kois can be quite aggressive if they’re hungry but their beauty always amazes me. They live in a “Magical Kingdom” when I would go to Balboa Park as a kid and see them swimming around over at The Botanical Garden. When I would go to The San Diego Zoo, I wanted to go see the koi fish pond there too.

Magical Kingdom and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, InstaShake, Repix and Snapseed.

Rally Placement 34/365

This is about two kids playing with a remote control car, Boyce got a birthday day present from his teacher. Well after we got it out of the box and put in the batteries. I told Boyce you can play with the car outside and Vida wanted to come along to play. I took picture of them playing together with the car. It’s nice to see them get along and play with each other nicely. Rally Placement is about two kids who are playing outside and not video games, tablets and watching TV. It’s about rallying together, some place outside and spending quality time. I know they don’t understand why I make them take walks with me and play outside but later on in life they will come to understand it.

Rally Placement and the apps used were, ProCamera 7, Tiny Planets, PicBoost, InstaShake, Photo Forge 2 (n/a), PicFrame and Snapseed.

The Portal 35/365

“The Portal” is my tribute to “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock. When I was a kid my mom would watch Hitchcock films, she’s let me watch the birds but not Psycho. I’ve seen The Birds many times and like it for some reason. In my early 20’s after my mom died, I finally saw Psycho and understood why my mom wouldn’t let me see it. She didn’t know how to explain why Norman Bates was crazy, even at the time Psycho was ahead of it’s time. I would of been full of questions of why did Norman Bates wear his mother’s clothes ? I could just see my mom keeling over as I asked her all sorts of questions about his mother complex issues. I know now The Birds was something I could grasp as a kid. My mom knew I could handle a lot of the horror movies and shows she’s watch.

The Portal and the apps used were, LemeCam Pro, Hipstamatic, InstaFusion, Repix and Snapseed.

Brooding Beneath The Crevasses 32/365Celebrate 1/365Mind Exploration 2/365The Air Guitarist and Mosher 3/365Making A Wish 4/365Schism 5/365
On The Flipside 6/365Look Closely 7/365Look to The North 8/365Epic Discovery 9/365Sledgehammer 2014 10/365Masking and Hiding 11/354
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One Response to Project 365 Week 5

  1. imapurrson says:

    Hi Tina, I found this Project 365 very interesting. The aphids is a great story of juxtaposition in regards to your Mom hating them and you being fascinated with them. Loved the spirit theme, too. So cool about the cat seemingly around you. You’re very in tune to your surroundings. Last, but certainly not least, I applaud your influences in Boyce’s and Vida’s upbringing. You are creating true lifelong memories for all of you, and helping them to become intelligent, well rounded, creative, kind, and well mannered adults! They’re very blessed to have you in their lives. Thanks you, Tina, for doing this project and letting us get glimpses into your life. I can imagine most, if not all, of the darkness being released for you by doing this, and letting sweet springlike air and sun and goodness flow into your life. Take good care, Denise

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